New Hair Straightening Crème Set

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Perfect straight results

Long lasting protection

Moisturize and adds shine





The set including :


One piece x 300ml hair straightening cream step 1


One piece x 300ml  hair straightening cream  step 2


Can use at home and in just need 5 seconds, it straightens your damaged hair!




Longing for straighter, smoother, softer hair?

PURC Hair straightening cream set are popular option do at home and salons.

If you’re thinking  about  trying it, you should know this:


PURC hair straightening cream is the strongest of the relaxers and can give the most dramatic results

for hair straightening. When this hair straightening chemical is applied, it penetrates into the hair and

changes its structure. It seeps to the inner layer of the hair shaft that provides the strength, elasticity

and shape for straightened hair. Use of deep conditioning and dangling products is recommended so

as to smoothen out the hair and prevent damage to the hair cuticle. Limit the use of hot blow dryers

and styling tools. Remember that hair straightening must be followed up with extra special after care.


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What Is hair straighening cream? 

How to work:

1. Shampoo the hair first, blow to almost dry.

2. Apply the step 1 into the hair evenly (1-2cm from scalp)

3. Check the integrating situation after 15 minutes.

4. If the integrating is enough, rinse it in time and blow dry.

5. Divide the hair into sections; straighten the every section in 90 degree, repeat 3-4 times.

6. After the straightening is finished, apply the step II into to hair, rinse hair after 10-15 minutes.






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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for New Hair Straightening Crème Set
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    I use to get the Japanese hair straightening done all the time and I would drive pretty far just to get it done.Then I thought about trying it myself and well it came out as If I got it done professionally.Love it!!! Very happy how it came out.The only down fall is the smell but it was the same smell I would smell when I went to the salon so it wasn’t an issue for me.
    I heard from friends that it is very good, so I decided to give it a try.And it turns out to be as good as I can imagining.My hair looks no longer fuzzy, but also very natural.It’s easy to use, but you need another people to help.
    This product worked great! I'm very happy with my results.Worked like a charm. My only tip or secret is to use 350 degrees on the straightener.Not 180 degrees. When I did 180 degrees it hardly worked by the next time I tried it I used 350 and got my hair exactly the way I wanted it.36 people found this helpful
    This product really straightened out my hair.I am Asian but I have wavy and frizzy hair, so I wanted my hair to be straighter.It has been almost 2 months since my first application and my hair is still very straight and soft.However, I could not stand the smell of this product.It has a very strong chemical fragrance that will last about a week on your hair.However, I do think it worths the money!
    For Straightening Creme Set, I followed one of the customer's suggestion of the "knot test" process check method, which is to check your hair by tying a knot every 10 minutes to see if it is ready.I let Straightening Creme Set stay on my hair for 45 minutes.The smell is horrible but the outcome is very good.
    I wish i know this product since before i love the result it make my hair so smooth and really straight better than salon i went to and i did it on my own.I will definitely buy again.
    I have naturally curly fine hair!Frizzy around my face always.When it’s humid and hot it’s the frizziest!Had my hair straightened before! This is soo easy and IT WORKS!!Sorry I didn’t have before photo! And It’s Silky Sodt with no product! Wash with purc shampoo and conditioner! LOVE LOVE It!
    Ive straightened my hair in the past with different brands.I tried this one and really liked it.My hair isn't that curly but I have the frizz to deal with.This product took care of it.I read some of the reviews on the smell of straighteners.But seriously, no straightener smells good. haha Funny thing was about this one is it lightened my hair alittle bit.Over all, I really like how it turned out! I would buy it again.
    I've been using this product for years.I know how to use this properly so I don't damage my hair.If you do it right, it actually improves the hair quality.It's expensive to get this treatment done at the hair salon.This is an affordable way to straighten your hair without damaging your hair too much.Make sure you watch a lot of videos before you do it!
    Really Really Good!I bought it at PURC then took it to hair salon,no stronger smell,works perfect.Super smooth and very well product.
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