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purcorganics - argan oil

Argan Oil. Our products are packed with additional ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair. Our products are sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free.

*Occurs naturally in essential oils.

  • Natural Ingredients
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PURCorganics - animal tested
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Frequently Asked Questions

Moroccan Argan Oil is a vital oil that is extracted from argan tree nuts, found exclusively in the Soccus Valley in southwestern Morocco. It is rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin E and phenolic compounds like CoQ10. Argan oil is one of the best hair oils that can prevent the ageing of your hair follicles and boost hair growth.

Moroccan Argan Oil will intensely moisturize your scalp and stimulate hair follicles to boost hair growth. The oil also initiates the transcription of genes that promote the synthesis of keratin and strengthens your hair follicles. Argan oil is ideal for repairing dry, damaged hair and also effective in treating excessive hair fall.


  • Argan oil contains omega-6 fatty acids in the form of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is one of the key ingredients that helps in building a lipid layer over your hair that prevents the loss of moisture. This prevents dryness and keeps your hair soft.
  • Oleic acid is the most abundant omega-9 fatty acid present in argan oil. Oleic acid too participates in forming the lipid layer on your hair. Additionally, it penetrates your scalp and increases the blood circulation which helps in faster hair growth. Also, increased blood circulation provides sufficient amounts of nutrients and oxygen, which help in improving general hair health.
  • As you might know, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that degrades free radicals and removes them from the scalp. Since argan oil is a rich source of vitamin E, it reduces oxidative stress and prevents hair damage. This repairs brittle hair, reduces hair breakage and repairs split ends.
  • Vitamin E also regulates sebum production and keeps your scalp moisturized without secreting too much oil. It improves blood circulation that helps your hair grow faster and become shinier.
  • Just like our skin, our hair follicles too age and grow old. The ageing of hair follicles mainly occurs due to the loss of keratin synthesizing cells, known as keratinocytes. Argan oil contains Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which is a phenolic compound that helps in the synthesis of keratinocytes. This, in turn, increases keratin production and strengthens hair follicles. Basically, argan oil prolongs the life of hair follicles and adds more volume to your hair.

Here’s a detailed list of ingredients that go into formulating the Moroccan Argan Hair Oil.

  • Argan oil-  Argan Oil is rich in linoleic and oleic fatty acids, which help in retaining moisture in your hair. These mono-unsaturated fatty acids form a protective lipid barrier that prevent water loss from your hair shafts and keep them hydrated. This property combats dryness and frizz, which are some of the most common hair problems. Argan oil is also rich in Vitamin E that acts as a powerful antioxidant. It fights against free radicals that accumulate on exposure to pollution, UV rays and harsh chemicals. The oil contains phenolic compounds like Coenzyme Q10, which helps in the synthesis of keratinocytes to strengthen hair follicles and prevents ageing of your hair follicles.

Argan oil is packed with potent nutrients and should be applied thrice a week. If your hair is extremely damaged or if you are suffering from thinning hair, you can use it for four to five times a week.

You can use argan oil thrice a week for better hair growth. 

After applying your shampoo and conditioner, take 4-5 drops of Moroccan Argan Oil and apply it to slightly damp hair. The argan oil will seep into your scalp and provide your scalp with nourishment.

Argan Oil is excellent when you wish to color your hair

Step 1- Before coloring, take a few drops of argan oil and massage your scalp.

Step 2- Mix 2-3 drops of argan oil to your coloring mixture and apply to your hair. Argan oil allows your hair strands to absorb the hair color more effectively. 

Caution- After you have applied the Moroccan Argan Oil, do not rinse your hair before applying the hair color.

Moroccan Argan oil starts showing results within just two weeks of application. If you stick to a regular oiling routine, you will see major improvements within a month.

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Reviews (42)

42 reviews for Moroccan Argan Hair Oil
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    Jô Jantsch R.
    AS Everybody leaves a areview in english, I will write mine in portuguese...Bem, comprei e estou usando este produto há uma semana. O meu cabelo, que tem escova progressiva e luzes adorou o óleo, ficou super macio e sem nenhuma oleosidade, também ficou sem frizz e super fácil de pentear e secar. O óleo é tão bom que decidi me arriscar e passar no rosto e no pescoço, minha pele (por causa do inverno) estava super seca e sem vida. E, já no primeiro uso notei que ficou mais aveludada, em uma semana de uso, não tive problemas com espinhas e nem com oleosidade, inclusive testei com maquiagem e em 12h nenhum brilho, está super aprovado, tanto para o cabelo quanto para a pele. *Gostaria muito que vcs pesassem em fazer um shampoo e um condicionador com esta qualidade para uso diário.
    Henrietta Webb
    The goods came quickly packed was good each jar separately in the puffy. Thanks to the seller. Until i was
    Ryan Little
    Arrived as the seller described Thank you, when the experience I will evaluate
    Gabriel Hodges
    Order received before the deadline not yet essyer I leave a supplementary comment
    Ann Rose
    Delivery 30 days to moscow. Packed well. Everything came in safety. The smell is pleasant. Glass bubble, metal caps. Later i will finish whether there is an effect.
    Lida Gibbs
    Yes, it does not fat, it makes it soft. For a few days on the face did not see the effect. Iherb oil like more
    Pauline Flores
    Packed well, nothing spilled. Smells good, the bottle is not small, the dispenser works. At first glance everything is good, purchase is satisfied
    Cody Bowman
    Very nice smell! Oil is universal in its application. The hair is noticeably softer, beautiful shine. The skin is smooth, moisturized. Quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy traces. The face did not try, it is written that reduces wrinkles. instruction on the Russian.
    Isaiah Hayes
    The goods reached the city. Kharkiv for about 1 month. I came to ukrpost office. Packed in a box. Ordered 2 units in 100 ml. The oil is pleasant, after it the effect immediately is, the hair becomes soft and shiny, obedient. Effect, sorry, not cumulative, you need to use constantly to maintain the desired kind, but it's worth it. I recommend unequivocally.
    Ella Guerrero
    I order already the 4th time, the quality is excellent, thank you very much
    Ophelia Freeman
    I loved it. i highly recommend it. Very soft and silky hair. I'll ask for more
    Willie Aguilar
    It was packed so well just to protect items inside. Smell is pleasant. I tried it only once, after few weeks will give additional review.
    Juan Bell
    I am very happy with the purchase. The smell is pleasant, the hair becomes very soft and smooth. Reduces hair volume. Enough 3 drops, on the tips of the hair. What i need. I advise you. Very well was packed.
    Matilda Figueroa
    Oil very well packed. Shipping niecały month. Recommend
    Beulah Vega
    Second order. Excellent oil. The smell is amazing. Consumed very economically. 5 stars. Thank you. Best recommendations
    Henry Jordan
    Delivery 3 weeks. Packing is good. The smell is great. I ordered earlier small, i use on wet hair. Comb well, miracle did not happen. But i think it's no worse than hair. The ends are smaller.
    Ellen Boyd
    Received the parcel very quickly. Packed well, in a puffy bag and still soft but tight case. I tried to use, pleasant aroma and hair very pleasant to the touch and silky .. I liked everything. Thank you for the goods. I recommend the purchase.
    Nina Andrews
    The product corresponds to the description when forming the order.
    Mario Chandler
    A great product!. As soon as i get there i tried on the tips of the hair this leaves light soft and the waves of my hair marked. I totally recommend it. Very good packing.
    Jeanette Diaz
    It came well packed and wrapped in a pimp. The smell of oil is magical. After the sample i will add a review
    Earl Reed
    Everything came perfectly and reliably packed! The oil is chic and very pleasantly smells, keratin has not tried yet, i'm sure that it is also good! Despite the fact that the parcel was lost in the mail, the seller immediately reacted and quickly sent another! Thank you for that! With pleasure i recommend the product and this store!
    Jorge Guerrero
    Thick glass bottle, the pump works well, the oil is thicker than usual, (not like the virgin argan oil texture) it also has a good smell.
    Kevin Knight
    The package is well packed, nothing is broken, not spilled. The jar looks prestigious. There is a shelf life. The oil itself is thick. Smells delicious, nice. I tried on my hands, very well moisturizes and quickly absorbed, leaves no traces. I have not tried it on my hair yet. While you like everything.
    Andrew Bush
    Incredibly cool hair oil! I use a month and already ordered a second one, because i liked the oil very much! The consumption is economical, and the volume of the bottle is large, enough for a long time, i'm exactly enough for six months. I apply on the tips and length of the hair, after washing, on still wet hair (you can and on dry). After use, the hair is soft and smooth, the tips are as if after a haircut. The place moisturizes and nourishes the hair well, while not heavier and not greasy. I really like this brand, i bought keratin, and masks, and shampoos, always satisfied with the quality, i recommend buying!
    Melvin Allison
    Excellent oil, take a second time (enough for almost a year-i use mainly for face and hands), well packed, everything came whole. i recommend! prosperity to the seller!
    Hettie Saunders
    Good product, my mom used it for a week and she can already tell the difference in her hair. He'll still use it.
    Ricardo Morris
    High recommended seller. Fast and safe shipping! Excellent quality product!!
    Matthew Steele
    Packed on conscience, bottle big, thick oil, smells delicious
    Gordon Ruiz
    First i vroudrai aliexpress seller, thank made to pay the swap m'avoir product qualit & eacute; 0.01 cents to more than i have recu purc argan oil my very quickly one week it was very good package emball & eacute; in carton with bubble paper and round & eacute; product's scotch aplliquer agreable easy a good product for me
    Claudia Mcguire
    Unbelievable I won the argan oil 100 ml in the application "freebie" on Ali. i never and nothing выигрывала until this moment and did not hope that you can win. and here it is a miracle for 13 days oil in my hands. I previously used in oil only a smaller volume of 10 ml. I can say with confidence that oil is just super. use for hair and face and body. the hair is shiny and easy to comb and the skin becomes smooth and velvety. Oil is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue.
    Sophia Flowers
    I think all as I am surprised the fact that aliaekspress prepared a lovely surprise for their customers!!!) honestly did not believe it is really possible I decided just to apply and a few days later suddenly it was reported that if I was ready to pay the order of course i will happily paid. I was very happy, that was one of счастливецей, after application there was a few tens of thousands of. I expected order looking because of this oil I wanted very long!!))
    Martha Mendoza
    Finally, I waited for her there. thanks for a great product. I fell in love with this oil it is very high quality. Oil has a nice texture and a light scent. hair styling weights and smoothness gives them and shine and also keeps them moisture. thank you for what i got the list lucky and became the owner of this wonderful oil bodies. the bottle has a dispenser is very convenient to use. in the Khanty Ugra came for two weeks with a small. i have previously used in oil and grateful for such a great gift.
    Nannie Schmidt
    Packed was sooo well: the bottle in the bag is inserted into the package that i have in the photo, all this is wrapped in a double layer of pup and embedded in a pup bag. Nothing leaked. Oil of thick consistency, yellow color with not a sharp smell. On my photo hair before washing and after leveling with a hairdryer. The product was applied to damp hair. Hair does not weight. They become soft, obedient. My "dandelion" smoothed out!!! This is certainly far from lamination, the hair at the ends is still like fluff. But the effect is much better than it was before.
    Derrick Castro
    I liked the oil. Delivery month to the leningrad region.
    Sophie Wise
    Delivery a little more than a month. The bottle is whole, the oil is thick, perfumed (the smell is pleasant).
    Ina Lawrence
    The oil is 100 pure . had problem in order was resolved immediately. the oil helped me and my daughter's hair fall. we were loosing them badly. zero problem now.just use minimum once in week on scalp. can also help in overall look. styling.
    Mable Fernandez
    Argan or not i do not know. But he's acting awesome on his hair. Hair really became softer, better combed. Absorbed perfectly how many not lei. Hair does not fat.
    Christina Joseph
    The oil is absolutely amazing!!!! Leaves my hair so soft and with a so good scent!!! Thanks seller!!!
    Belle Stewart
    I love hair oils, and this is especially! To apply it enough a little 2-5 drops, depends on the area of application and density of your hair. The dispenser is convenient, through the tube with the help of pressing you will achieve the amount you need without problems.
    Darrell Reeves
    Excellent condition, i arrive within the estimated time, thank you very much to the seller, rich aroma
    Alejandro Gibbs
    Delivery-month, track tracked. Packed perfectly: the box, inside in the pup, so the bottles are whole. Instruction inside in the Russian language including. Oil take not the first time, for the ends more. Moisturizes and makes hair more well-groomed. About the activation of hair growth-exaggeration, of course, but the cosmetic effect is definitely. On sale took for 520 rubles. for 1 bottle.
    Eunice Doyle
    What a beautiful argan oil, it makes the hair soft and silky. I love it so much that I put all the washes of my hair, it allows me to wash my hair once a week, safe of course if I did sports :-) :-). By the way the sellers are very competent and very nice, I highly recommend this store.
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