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100% Organic & Vegan

Made with fresh organic fruits, essential oils, and a lot of care

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Fresh Ingredients

purcorganics - Cyclomethicone
purcorganics - Leveling agent
purcorganics - Water quality stabilizer

Water, glycerinum butyrospermum parkii (shea butter oil)*, Deionized water, Leveling Agent, Water Quality Stabilizer. Our products are packed with additional ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair. Our products are sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free.

*Occurs naturally in essential oils.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Safe Synthetics
PURCorganics - animal tested
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Frequently Asked Questions

A hair wax primarily is used to set hairstyles for long hours, moisturizes the hair and keeps it firm in all conditions. With PURC Hair Dye Wax, one can style and color hair stands at the same time. It can fully fill all purposes of setting and coloring temporarily; which gives a cool, sexy and modern look.

PURC Hair Dye Wax stays for longer hours and is safe to use. This wax can be used to style hair on vacations, parties, events, special occasions, and all-night events.

Since it is a color wax, the maximum time for which it can stay is 24 hours. Moreover, keeping any hair products for longer can result in hair damage. Though PURC hair wax is made from non-harming ingredients, you should only use it for a day at maximum.

After applying the product, try not to touch your hair, or else it can disturb the firmness and the color might stain your hands.

The procedure for using hair wax is extremely simple. First make sure that your hair is all dried and not wet, as the product will not stay on wet or damp hair. Blow-dry your hair completely, if it is damp; next, take small amounts of the product, just about a coin size works well. 

Comb your hair and create the hairstyle you want to set with the product. Apply the product with your hair and style along making sure you use small amounts at first. As the hair wax is tinted to wax color, it leaves an exemplary shine. Once you have worked your way out styling and setting your hair, you can apply more amounts to intensify the color.

Let your hair rest for a minute or two after the final touch of the product. Once it is dried well, you are good to go!

There are no specific rules that need to be followed to wash off the hair wax. PURC hair wax is washable and general shampooing works out well for its removal. Remember to generously wash your hair to remove the product completely.

Then apply conditioner to replenish moisture and smoothness. Once your hair dries, it will return to its natural color and texture.

PURC Hair Dye Wax is vegan and made of 100% organic elements. Therefore, even if it gets on your external skin there is nothing to worry about. Here is what you can do to remove the product if it gets on your face or skin.

Take some makeup remover on a cotton pad. Then wipe the area gently where the hair wax is stained. In a few seconds, you will notice the product is off your skin. Also as mentioned earlier, since the product is all-natural, it will not cause rashes or redness of any kind on your skin, hence there is no need to panic.

Yes, we make all efforts and ensure to keep PURC Hair Dye Wax in stock every time.  However, if an unexpected increase in sales is witnessed the product might go out of stock. Our team works hard day and night to make sure the product does not remain out of stock for more than 2-3 days.

Therefore, you can relax and shop for PURC Hair Dye Wax anytime you want to. Also, our consumers are always welcomed to request an out of the stock product and reach us for more information and help.

A single pack of PURC Hair Dye Wax has a net content of 100 ml in. All our products including the PURC Hair Dye Wax is shipped worldwide

Deionized water

Deionized water is one of the main ingredients of PURC Hair Dye Wax. It is a fluid solution without radical ions and hence is safe to use. It is efficient in giving a cooling effect. It is an excellent solvent, therefore used in making the hair wax. 

Leveling agent

The leveling agent is an organic substance added to enhance the thickness uniformity, especially for a hair wax product. It gives the wax its required smoothness and consistency.

Water quality stabilizer

Water quality stabilizer is great at reducing bacterial contamination and pathogens, especially in a liquid-based natural hair product which is likely to get infected or prone to fungal attacks. Water quality stabilizer is also responsible for maintaining the color of the hair wax, by protecting the silver ions from not diffusing in the air. 

Other ingredients that complete PURC hair wax includes, single and double stearic acid, glycol ester, hydrogen peroxide, and phosphoric acid.

Most hair products like hair gels or hair wax are made of chemicals that can lead to severe hair problems like dry hair, hair damage, and roughness. Most of us love using styling products but not at the cost of hair damage. With PURC Hair Dye Wax you can be sure of natural goodness, and no harmful chemicals.

Feel the difference with PURC hair wax, made from vegan and organic elements which styles and defines your hairstyles for every event so you stand out and shine.

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