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Reverse Sun-Damaged Hair With 5 Easy Steps

Reverse Sun-Damaged Hair With 5 Easy Steps pattern
Reverse Sun-Damaged Hair With 5 Easy Steps PURC Oil Bottle Icon 4
Reverse Sun-Damaged Hair With 5 Easy Steps pexels garon piceli 848277 39ba90b1

Remember when you were told to stock up on sunscreens to protect your skin from damage? Apparently, the sun damages the hair too. Now that you know, the PURC Sun protection series has you all covered to protect those lush waves of your hair. But before jumping in and making your Rapunzel story come true, here’s all you need to know about sun-damaged hair and hair repair.

While we often follow a strict regime for the maintenance of our skin, we forget to do so when it comes to our luscious hair. Sun protection is just one step in the big world of hair care that we need to keep in mind, especially now that the world is experiencing the negative effects of ozone depletion.

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  • The Woe Of How Sun-damaged Hair Looks:

    The last time you stepped out into the scorching sun, you probably came back home feeling exhausted. Your hair probably has a similar story to narrate. This becomes very clearly visible when one has sun-damaged hair and you can identify it by these signs.

    • Suddenly noticing your hair has changed colour? That must be the UV rays reacting with the melanin to lend a different shade to your hair.
    • Run your hands through your tresses and if you find the once smooth texture to now be replaced by a grainy, brittle roughness, your hair needs immediate care. PURC sun protection can be your go to option.
    • Split ends and strands breaking frequently could be another way sun damage manifests itself.
  • A Study In Cause Of Sun-Damaged Hair:

    There is a very strong scientific context to how sun damage is caused. Cuticle, which is the outermost layer of the hair, is meant to safeguard the core from external factors including radiations. But consistent exposure to UV rays causes hair impairment as the amino acids react and lose their protective potential. Eventually, the core is harmed and the damage starts showing.

    PURC Sun protection series, after extensive research, has created products that will help in hair repair from the onslaught of the glaring sun.

  • People Who Need To Take Special Care:

    Some people are at a greater risk of facing the consequences of sun-damaged hair. Light-colored hair is more prone to the risks of UV damage while thicker-quality hair and darker shades provide more resistance against the heat waves. Being outdoor exposes one to more rays of the sun and this affects the hair quality more than people who usually spend their time indoors.

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A product from PURC sun protection range Moroccan Argan Hair Oil will strengthen your hair and protect the shine of your hair. Made with argan oil rich in fatty acids, it prevents water loss thus maintaining the hydrated condition of the hair. With an extra layer of sesame oil, it ensures that any unwanted itchiness, irritated scalp is taken care of. The oil is extracted from the argan tree nuts found in the exotic southwestern Morocco.

Using natural products, it promotes the creation of keratin and strengthens the hair follicles thus having a positive impact at the root of the hair.

The Key To Repair Sun-damaged Hair- 5 steps To Master

The more you unsee the damage, the deeper it will go. From identifying the damage to using the right treatment for it is a long and tenacious journey. Here are five simple ways and some related products that you can adopt in your everyday life to get back your glossy waves and be the shine of any party.

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  • 1. Oil Treatment-

    The age old practice of oiling your hair never fails. With life becoming fast, we often skip this step in a need for a quick fix for hair. Choosing the correct hair oil and maintaining a regular regime is essential. Made with natural ingredients meant to revitalise hair and boost blood circulation, PURC’s Sun Protection Hair Essential Oil has a special UV protection that will prevent damage and hydrating agents will work towards making your hair smooth.

  • 2. PURC Hair Treatment Mask- :

    Always a safe bet is a hair mask. A protective and regenerative method, hair masks provide with the much needed nourishment. A hair mask developed with all the right ingredients, Sun Protection Hair Treatment Mask by PURC is a powerful moisture retainer. Easy to apply with little time commitment, you can use it on a regular basis,be it a working day or  your day off. It is an effective solution for dry and damaged hair with its essential hydrating agents.

  • 3. Replace Chemical Sprays With Heat Protectants-:

    Using chemicals frequently for your daily maintenance and managing your hair can have long-term consequences. With this Peppermint UV Damage Hair Spray, you can now manage your hair while protecting them. Cool, right? With a natural sunscreen, it is a lightweight mist and when applied to the hair prevents discoloration. Massage it gently through your dampened hair and you have yourself a winner. Made with real mint extract and Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, it blocks the harmful radiations from the sun and nourishes hair cells naturally.

  • 4. Avoid Heat Styling-:

    In today’s fast world, while styling tools have made it possible to get any hairstyle possible, from bouncy curls to glistening straight in a matter of few seconds, it has severe effects on the quality of the hair, which is worsened more under the heat of the sun. To protect your hair, give it a rest from your regular styling rush.

  • 5. Using Ultra-Moisturizing Shampoo-:

    We usually pay little heed to the shampoo we are using but choosing a shampoo with high moisturizing agents and a conditioner to support it, can help on a long term basis because of a regular dependency on it.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There is a reason this quote is indeed true! Sun-damaged hair if not looked after can be damaged beyond repair. Proper care might not always ensure full results. It is therefore important to keep certain things in mind-

  • 1. Begin your hair regime before the months of summer hit. The earlier you begin, the better result it will show.
  • 2. If you frequent the pool, remember to rinse away the chlorine from your hair after every swim.
  • 3. Apply nutrients and vitamins directly to nourish your hair whenever required.
  • 4. Massage your scalp and follow a scalp treatment procedure to get the best results and also to strengthen the roots of your hair.
  • 5. An additional pointer, you can cover your head in a stylish way and make a statement while protecting your hair. An oversized hat or a bohemian scarf will make heads turn your way and protect your hair from excessive exposure to the harmful rays.
  • 6. Follow hair treatment processes in your homes, ones that suit your needs and time.
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Sun damaged hair can look limp and lifeless but fortunately with PURC’s sun protection series that ranges from treatment mask to peppermint spray, you will soon have lush waves cascading down your back that will leave everyone speechless. Come now, who doesn’t like flipping their hair once in a while and live their Hollywood moment. Don’t have to wait for it any longer, go traipse down the red carpet of your own!

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