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10 Tips On Celebrating An Eco-friendly Halloween

∙ Marie Tomsen

eco friendly halloween

Spooky season is right around the corner! Let’s talk about some ways to celebrate Halloween 2022 in an eco-friendly way. As October rolls around and the season begins to change, we’re all excited to go trick-or-treating and decorate our houses. But have you ever thought about how you can make your Halloween this year more environmentally conscious?

There are many ways to make eco-friendly choices while also celebrating with friends and neighbours. Here are some tips on how to have an environmentally friendly Halloween.


One of the best parts of Halloween is going around your neighbourhood and collecting or giving out candy and other treats. You can avoid creating waste by ditching store-bought chocolate that is wrapped in plastic wrappers. Instead, you can opt for making your own sweets and wrapping them in food-safe brown paper. This lets you customise your ingredients to be allergen-free and it’s a fun and interactive activity that the whole family can participate in.

PURC halloween


  • Homemade granola with chocolate chips – a nutritious snack that you can make from completely organic ingredients. Just add some organic chocolate chips to make it tastier!

  • Candied clementines – Clementines are a nutritious and delicious choice for treats; you can make your own candy using them! These can be substituted for most other citrus fruits that are more easily available in your locality and will make for the perfect sweet-and-sour delight.


The latest fashion trends in 2022 are all about making your own clothes, and Halloween is the perfect time to put on your thinking caps and get sowing! Our wardrobes are often more full than we imagine them to be so this is your chance to pull out those unused scarves or the baggy sweaters you never wear.

We all have that one suit that gets used once a year at the wedding and then never sees the light of day. Why not use it to create a Men in Black cosplay? Did you always feel like a Gryffindor just waiting to be discovered? Upcycle your old school uniform and you’ll be ready to receive your Hogwarts letter.

Other than reusing old clothes, you can also opt to sow fabric together to make some magical garbs. Sowing can be a little intimidating for beginners but Halloween is the ideal time to give it a go. If your costume isn’t the best you could come up with, you can always switch it out for an old one and try again next year!


Perfecting your look is an exciting process and having the right makeup means that you can get creative with it. There are many choices of organic makeup brands that can suit your specific skin type and also come in various shades.

Using organic makeup means that you are also using clean ingredients that will treat your skin right. This is a great way to make sustainable choices while boosting your skin’s health.


Most of us have loads of used paper laying around: old newspapers, printouts that we no longer need, pamphlets that we shoved to the end of the drawers. Since decorations are such an important part of Halloween traditions, making things out of your old paper is a great way to involve the whole family in designing your spooky decor.

eco-friendly halloween
  • Paper lanterns create the perfect vibe for a creepy Halloween. These don’t require too many materials and are kid-friendly to boot!

  • You can even paint over old card paper to make some funky invites for your Halloween party.

  • Creepy crawlies are always welcome during the spooky season so you can make these easy, kid-friendly spider webs and add them to your walls to give your guests a good scare!


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Jack-o-lanterns are a well-loved classic and we can’t imagine Halloween without them. For more sustainable festivities, visit your local organic grocers or farms to buy some fresh pumpkins to carve up.

Once you are done carving, don’t just ditch the innards. Instead, you can serve up some delicious pumpkin desserts at your Halloween parties or share them with family over the next week. Delicacies like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie or even pumpkin spice lattes are all great ways to use your pumpkin innards. Buying local and organic produce will elevate these recipes further and keep the Halloween spirit going even after all the trick-or-treating is done.


Halloween in 2022 is another chance for you to show off your hosting prowess, all while helping the environment. Use reusable cups and plates instead of buying disposable ones to reduce waste. You can also ensure better hygienic practices by buying differently coloured ones so that your guests can identify the cutlery they used by its colour. Considering how far we have come from our pre-pandemic selves, making better hygienic choices is a bonus!


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A fun project to start working on this Halloween is growing your own pumpkins! If you have a green thumb or just want to try your hand out at gardening, reserve your pumpkin seeds and try planting them. While large pumpkins need a lot of space, smaller pie pumpkins can be grown in containers. These plants can spruce up your home and enable your pie-making adventures, which is the perfect combination. Adding greenery to your home has many benefits and using up all of the seeds from the carved-out pumpkin is an easy way to give it a go.


If you have a yard or a neighbourhood with many trees, collect dried branches and fallen leaves and transform them into some spooky accessories. Place some small branches with leaves in an ornate pot and decorate your mantle or coffee table with it. Leaves can also be preserved between pages of books and you can take these out once they’ve dried. You can place them around your house or add them as wall decor to create seasonal vibes. No need to buy new decorations when you can just use what nature already provides us with.


10 Tips On Celebrating An Eco-friendly Halloween PURC Organics 10 Tips On Celebrating An Eco friendly Halloween 1 2780c047

If you’re the kind of person who stocks up on candy right around this festival, use whatever bowls you already own to store the candy. Apart from avoiding single-use plastic, this also allows you to use containers that match the aesthetic of your decor. These modern, square bowls, for example, can be an elegant addition to your eco-friendly dinnerware.


Perhaps the best way to source costume pieces, decorations, and kitchenware that you don’t already have is to seek out your local thrift stores. They’re a great way to buy well-loved items that you know are not ending up in a landfill. Thrift stores are also often stuffed with hidden treasures that you may not find in other shops. You may just find a beautiful antique hat that’s perfect for a witchy outfit!

We hope this article helps you to plan the perfect, eco-friendly Halloween. The best part about all of these tips is that you can keep using what you already have to create new concepts and decorations each year. We hope you have an exciting spooky season!

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