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Brassy Tones On Your Gorgeous Hair? 2 Ways To Bring Them Back To Life!

Brassy Tones On Your Gorgeous Hair? 2 Ways To Bring Them Back To Life! purc hair care
Brassy Tones On Your Gorgeous Hair? 2 Ways To Bring Them Back To Life! pexels photo 11147977 0ea71977 Brassy Tones On Your Gorgeous Hair? 2 Ways To Bring Them Back To Life! pexels photo 11147977 0ea71977
Brassy Tones On Your Gorgeous Hair? 2 Ways To Bring Them Back To Life! purc magical treatment 1

We can assist you, whether you wish to prevent brassy-toned hair or eliminate it. Learn everything there is to know about brassy tones, including what it is, how they develop, and how to avoid having brassy tones impair your appearance.

When was the last time your hair made you happy? Your preferred color of hair was the last thing you took home from the salon, but now your hair no longer has the color you left the parlor with and has instead acquired unfavorable brassy tones like yellow, orange, or red. It can be surprising how quickly a shiny or ashy blonde will develop a brassy appearance.

We comprehend the dilemma of suddenly losing love for your chosen hair color because it is no longer readily available. For your convenience, we at PURC Organics have put together a 101 guide to assist you in avoiding those annoying brassy tones. From explaining what brassy tones are to advising you on how to prevent them.

So relax and read on to learn how to avoid getting brassy-toned hair as well as what to do if you already have it and want to stop appearing like a goldfish.

What Is Brassy Hair?

The unwelcome warm tones that surface in colored hair are known as brassiness. People who have colored their brown hair blonde or platinum typically experience this. The color of the hair when yellowish and red hues appear in strands is what gives the name its “brassy” connotation. 

Warm-toned hair can occasionally be difficult to distinguish from brassy hair. Brassiness is the term for excessively warm roots that give the hair an unnatural appearance. Cooler roots and brighter midshaft and tips can be found in warm blonde hair.

brassy tones

Brassy tones are viewed as a concern by many individuals since it results in unfavorable tones that alter the appearance of your hair. This happens because the undertones of your natural hair come back and mingle with the dye.

Why Do Brassy Tones Appear In Hair Color?


You must comprehend what takes place during the entire hair-lightening process in order to comprehend why brassy tones appear. 

Bleaching with a solution of ammonia plus peroxide is typically required to brighten dark hair. Melanin, a dark pigment, is diluted or removed during this oxidation process of hair.

Following bleaching, the second phase is applying your preferred color to your hair, which adds artificial pigments while taking most of your original shade away.

When the original pigment of your hair is not completely eliminated by bleaching or lifting, the warm tones have a chance to show through, resulting in brassy tones. 

Yellow serves as the undertone for lightened blonde hair, while orange to red serves as the undertone for bleached brown to black hair.

How To Prevent Brassy Hair? 

Instead of repeatedly coloring your hair to get rid of the brassy tone, try some more effective alternatives. Below are a few ways to avoid brassy tones, but we’ll focus on the most significant ones first. According to the color wheel, most experts advise avoiding brassy tones by including purple hair wash and purple hair mask in your routine.

So let’s start with the most important part to save those beautiful hair locks!

What Is A Toning Color Wheel?

flower: purple

Any hair color can develop unwanted brassy tones, which can damage both color-treated hair and naturally occurring hair. 

You must be aware of what your hair requires in order to treat brassy hair. To comprehend a color wheel is indeed the easiest method. 

Do you recall the color wheel that was hung in your kindergarten art class? Brassy tones can be avoided with such ease! 

According to the concept of the color wheel, you need the pigment that is positioned right across from your hair color to neutralize any brassy tones you want. Your hair will be balanced and toned by using the opposing color. 

For instance, purple-colored treatments are highly beneficial in removing brassy tones of yellow, red, and orange that are typically present in blond hues.

How Does Purple Pigment Work On Hair?

Because of science—more precisely, color theory—purple hair shampoo and purple hair masks are effective for brassy-toned hair. The contrasting shades of yellow and purple on this color wheel cancel out one another. 

When you are using purple-pigmented hair products on your beautiful blonde hair, such as purple-pigmented shampoo and purple-pigmented hair mask, brassy tones are neutralized and your hair is recovered to its cooler state. Imagine this as your domestic toning alternative. 

Finding the ideal amount for your hair is essential if you intend to use a purple shampoo. When using violet shampoo for the first time, mix it along with your usual shampoo to prevent over-toning your locks. For optimal results, emulsify the solution in your palms before using it on your hair.

1. PURC Blonde Hair Shampoo 

Utilizing purple PURC Blonde Hair Shampoo is essential for maintaining the brilliant, just-left-the-salon appearance of your hair color. 

PURC Blonde Hair Shampoo 

Brassy tones can be caused by a variety of factors, including chlorinated water, metallic contaminants in water, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 

The purple PURC Blonde Hair Shampoo fills that gap. It releases purple pigments that allow your hair’s color to be restored to a cooler tone while it refreshes the strands. 

Three of the most important components can be found in our PURC Blonde Hair Shampoo. With regard to our products, we support transparency and honesty. 

The complete list of ingredients for our purple PURC Blonde Hair Shampoo can be found below.

PURC Blonde Hair Shampoo pigment
  1. Violet 2 (less than 1%): This mild component is utilized to brighten your hair’s yellow hue. This chemical is completely safe to use when present in concentrations lower than 1%.
  2. Grapefruit peel oil: Nutrient-rich grapefruit peels are excellent for the hair. With regular application, it promotes hair development and increases hair volume. 
  3. Jojoba esters: This component hydrates and moisturizes the scalp. Both blood circulation and hair development are stimulated by it.

Your answer to blonde hair that is lighter, brighter, and glossier will be this shampoo. People with psoriasis and eczema can use our purple shampoo because it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients.

2. PURC Blonde Hair Mask

You’ll need a complete and accurate haircare routine to strengthen your hair and help combat the brassy tones that may begin to emerge in-between salon visits if you want to retain healthy, shining blonde hair. 

Including an ultra-pigmented purple hair mask like purple PURC Blonde Hair Mask will be extremely advantageous in addition to purple shampoo and conditioning products for daily care. 

PURC Blonde Hair Mask

The most massively important elements are once again present in our purple PURC Blonde hair mask. We enjoy offering what we believe in. With regard to the ingredients we use, we are honest.

Acai Extract, which is abundant in antioxidants and repairs damaged hair, is a component of our purple PURC Blonde hair mask. Additionally, it serves as a barrier against environmental toxins and prevents brassy tones from developing in your hair. 

Second, it contains glycerine, which hydrates your scalp and gives moisture to your hair. It provides greater shine for hair that is more colored.

PURC Blonde Hair Mask

Our third and fourth elements, the purple pigment and essential oil, will eliminate your brassy tones. They nourish your scalp with essential nutrients and increase blood flow. Essential oils work wonders to keep hair from becoming lifeless and coarse.

Our purple PURC Blonde hair mask has safe, all-natural components that work to take brassy tones out of colored, dull hair. The hair mask’s acidic pH alters the tone of your hair cuticles, resulting in lighter shades.

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