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Biotin Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Combo

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100% Organic & Vegan

Made with fresh organic fruits, essential oils, and a lot of care

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Experience the Magic of Biotin

Dive into the world of intense hair care with our all-inclusive Hair Growth Products Biotin Hair Oil Beauty Health Set. Imbued with the miraculous benefits of Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, H, or coenzyme R, our combo set is a powerful aid in promoting hair growth, countering hair loss, and encouraging thicker, fuller, and stronger hair. The organic compound of Biotin not only stimulates hair growth but also aids in overall hair health.

Unleash the Power of Nourishment

Packed with nature's finest elements like Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Tea tree oil, and Keratin protein, our set ensures profound nourishment for your hair and scalp. Not just that, the addition of Coconut oil, Vitamin E, and Castor oil elevates the health benefits, providing your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to shine brightly.

Perfect Blend in a Shampoo

Our Biotin Shampoo brings to you a gentle cleansing experience, particularly suited for sensitive scalps. Specially formulated to nourish dry hair and stimulate hair thickness, this shampoo promotes stronger hair, while also offering the advantage of gentle cleansing.

Conditioner: The Ultimate Hair Therapy

Our Biotin Conditioner plays a pivotal role in moisturizing and nourishing dry hair and scalp. A perfect partner for your shampoo, it works towards strengthening your hair, while also promoting thickness and fullness. Immerse in the richness of the gentle formula that treats your hair with the care it deserves.

Witness the Wonders of Biotin Hair Growth Oil

The Biotin Hair Growth Oil included in our set is a powerhouse of benefits. Designed to prevent hair loss and encourage thicker, fuller, and stronger hair, this oil is all you need to nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp. It's time to unlock the secrets to robust, beautiful hair.

Delight in the Gentle, Sulfate-Free Formula

Embrace the delicacy of our sulfate-free formulation, intended to give your hair the volume and shine it needs while providing deep moisture to your dry and color-treated hair. Our Biotin Hair Growth Products pack is designed with utmost care to gently cleanse oily roots, combat dandruff, and cater to sensitive scalps. A damage-free solution for your hair that not only cleanses but also revives, renews, and rejuvenates. Delight in the assurance of an animal cruelty-free product that respects nature as much as it respects your hair.


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Biotin Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Combo purc scrub

More About PURC Organics

Where Do Your Ingredients Come From?

Our 100% pure Argan Oil comes from Morocco, Polygonum extracts come from rural China, Cinnamon sticks come from Sri Lanka, and so on. We source our essential oils and raw ingredients from fair-trade farming associations around the world.

Are PURC Products Tested & Certified?
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PURC produces only the highest quality hair and skin-care products. We’ve been producing hair care products for more than 9 years, with a GMP (Good manufacturing practice) workshop. Our products pass the worldwide ISO-9002 standards.

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Healthier Hair

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Plant Based

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Long Lasting

Biotin Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Combo purc cruelty free

Cruelty Free

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