New Advanced Gold Therapy Keratin Treatment Duo

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Major Ingredients And Their Benefits

Fresh Ingredients

purcorganics - hydrolized Keratin
purcorganics - golden powder

Water, glycerinum butyrospermum parkii (shea butter oil)*, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Gold Nanoparticles, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin. Our products are packed with additional ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair. Our products are sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free.

*Occurs naturally in essential oils.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Safe Synthetics
PURCorganics - animal tested
New Advanced Gold Therapy Keratin Treatment Duo purcorganics gold keartin therapy result 2
New Advanced Gold Therapy Keratin Treatment Duo purcorganics gold keartin therapy result 3
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Frequently Asked Questions

The keratin shampoo has 3.7% keratin and is effective in straightening slightly wavy hair. This shampoo will also cleanse your scalp thoroughly and let your hair absorb the keratin. The hold nanoparticles will get absorbed by your hair follicles and reinforce your hair structure.  This will make your hair shiny and  increase your hair strength.

The PURC Straightening Conditioner is meant to hydrate and nourish your hair shafts. Keratin and gold particles will intensely moisturize your scalp and straighten your hair at the same time. Apply it only on your hair strands in order to get smooth hair in no time. 

Yes. With regular use, this combination will make your hair smooth and straight. Keratin will make your hair strong and straight while gold particles, Shea butter and argan oil will add volume and lustre.


The 3.7% hair straightening shampoo and conditioner will be your best friend if you don’t want to go for expensive salon treatments.

  • 3.7% keratin shampoo ideal for straightening slightly wavy hair. The small molecular size of the keratin will allow your hair follicles to effectively absorb and use up the protein.
  • Our hair consists of 14 elements, one of which is gold. Restoring your hair with gold nanoparticles strengthen your hair shafts and help in detangling them. 
  • The keratin conditioner is also enriched with keratin to provide long lasting shine to your hair. This treatment is perfect if you want to straighten and nourish your hair at the same time. The conditioner performs as good as an expensive elixir you get in the market.

Each of the products in our kit has a unique function and effectively treats your hair. Though you can use them separately, we would suggest you use them together for better results. Studies show that our hair responds better when it is treated with the same line of products.


  • Hydrolyzed keratin-  Keratin is the building protein of our hair and is responsible for imparting strength along with elasticity to our hair strands. It protects the hair from breakage, prevents split ends and also helps in dealing with hair stress. It smoothes your hair texture by forming new cells in hair strands  which overlap and cause friction with other strands. Hence, it also controls frizz and gives a straight and shiny appearance to your hair. Since hair is composed of 95% protein, adding keratin to your scalp helps your hair grow faster.
  • Gold nanoparticles- Gold is one of the 14 elements that constitute our hair. It helps in reinforcing the proper structure of your hair and makes them more shiny. It is the best replacement for harsh chemicals like lead that are commonly used in  hair straightening products. Gold helps in restoring the elasticity of your hair and makes them resilient to breakage.
  • Glycerin- Glycerin is one of the most effective humectants that retains and absorbs moisture from the environment into your hair. It prevents your scalp from flaking or itching sensations, which get aggravated, especially during the winter.
  • Argan Oil- Argan Oil is rich in linoleic and oleic fatty acids, which help in retaining moisture in your hair. These mono-unsaturated fatty acids form a protective lipid barrier that prevent water loss from your hair shafts and keep them hydrated. This property combats dryness and frizz, which are some of the most common hair problems.
  • Shea butter- Shea butter is loaded with unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. These lipids provide intense nourishment to your hair and prevent dryness. Shea butter also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which means that it will soothe your scalp without making your skin feel heavy.

The treatment will provide you long lasting results. You can use the treatment once in two or three weeks to see the results. However, if you are often exposed to pollution or are experiencing rapid hair loss, we would recommend you to use the treatment once a week.

Instructions to use:

  • Step 1- Wash your hair with the PURC Keratin purifying shampoo to get rid of the accumulated dirt and enable your hair follicles to absorb keratin molecules.
  • Step 2-  Gently pat your hair with a towel and dry with your blow dryer. Keep your dryer at the lowest heating temperature.
  • Step 3- Put on a pair of gloves and part your hair into four sections. 
  • Step 4- Use your hand to spread the gold therapy keratin treatment on your scalp. Then, use a wide tooth comb to distribute the contents evenly.
  • Step 5-  Take a flat iron and set it at a temperature of 300-400 degree Fahrenheit if you have fine hair. If you have thicker hair, set the temperature at around 450 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Step 6- Take an inch of your hair and use your flat iron to straighten it. Repeat the process until the entire length of your hair is smooth.

Quantity and content

  • 1 bottle of 100 ml purifying shampoo 
  • 1 bottle of  100 ml Gold Therapy  Brazilian chocolate keratin treatment

You can feel the difference from the first wash itself. However, hair care products do take a little time to completely show the results. To get the actual results from the intense nourishment kit, you would have to wait for about two weeks to know the actual effect it has on your hair.

No. The formulations of both the shampoo and the conditioner are very gentle and non-irritating to your scalp. Hence, you don’t need to take any specific precautions before using these products.

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10 reviews for New Advanced Gold Therapy Keratin Treatment Duo
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    I’ve uploaded pictures of what my hair looked like before and then after.I can actually run my fingers through my Afro after this treatment.It didn’t change the texture of my hair, which is something I didn’t want.I don’t have to blow dry my hair after washing it in order to get the comb through it.I am hoping by skipping the blow drying and combing my hair in tight kinky form, I will prevent a lot of breakage and heat damage.Applying it was super easy but the fine will get to you! So a mask is ABSOLUTELY necessary. But even with a mask it was still getting to me.I recommend doing it in a well ventilated area.
    I absolutely loved this product,it takes like 1 hr to do the treatment,but the result is like you go to the hair saloon,I’ll keep useing it,is great .
    This product is AMAZING.It has the exact same results as getting a keratin treatment at the salon, but way way cheaper.It’s also way more convenient to just do it yourself as it’s easy to use.This has been a life changer for my hair!
    I love it! I also received a gift, as you can see on the pictures.I haven’t done the treatment just yet, but I loved the smell and customer service was wonderful!I will add before and after photos when I do the treatment.
    I'm very impressed !This product is amazing, good smell, and best result !My hair very shine and straight !
    The perfect at home formula when your tired of paying so much!I have long black thick hispanic hair and have been paying so much to get keratin done and finally gave this a try.It's NOT an easy application so take your time and make sure you have a fan running in a good ventilated room.It took me a few hours to do it on my own but the results were worth it.I recommend doing a touch up every so often before it is completely washed out of your hair, but you will love the results
    This product is unique and easy to use. I read the instructions and had it is done at the Salon before spending a lot of money now I know how to do the treatment at home and I can do it for myself and saving a lot of money because it is easy and the product is fantastic!thank you.
    We've tried so many products on my granddaughter's hair and nothing worked.Even had it professionally done but the treatment barely last a week.I used this product and it actually worked and was fairly easy albeit, a bit time consuming, but it was worth it.Only suggestion is make sure you do it in a well ventilated area.I recommend this product highly!!!
    I've been natural for a couple of years now.This product left my hair straight and soft.My hair is holding curls and not fizzing.My teenage daughter (17) and I watched the provided video and she was able to assist.Be sure to apply in a well-ventilated room as directed.The bottle contains multiple applications and that makes it a great value.I plan to add pictures later.
    Amazing.Before using this product my hair was between a 3b and 3C.Now my hair is more like a 2b.Would 100% recommend,and will definitely buy again.Make sure you follow the instructions completely.My hair length is down to my lower back, and it took me about five hours from start to finish to complete this process without any help.Try to be in a well ventilated room, or even outside.A small bathroom with a vent is NOT going to cut it.At the very least you need to do the final blow drying process outside or in a bigger room.Take your time, do small sections and it will turn out great.
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