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Fresh Ingredients

purcorganics - cinnamon
purcorganics - cloves
purcorganics - peppermint

Water, glycerinum butyrospermum parkii (shea butter oil)*, Clove Bud Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Nettle And Peppermint Infusion. Our products are packed with additional ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair. Our products are sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free.

*Occurs naturally in essential oils.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Safe Synthetics
PURCorganics - animal tested
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cinnamon is popular for its antibacterial and stimulating properties. The enzymes in the ingredient helps in the rejuvenation and regrowth of hair follicles. It also helps in the exfoliation of the scalp and prevents itchiness, dandruff, and other hair concerns.

If you suffer from hair loss, fungal infections, bald patches, or internal diseases, the Cinnamon Shampoo bar is advisably the best product for your hair. It stimulates the scalp and allows for the growth of healthy, luscious hair.

Considering the benefits of the ingredient, the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar can be administered/applied to all hair types. The product is manufactured under the supervision of some of the best dermatologists in the same field. The shampoo bar can be used by those facing severe hair care issues, such as bald patches, hair loss, fungal infections and can even be used as an antidote to internal diseases that may have hair loss as a side effect. The chemical-free formula of the product assures you healthy hair growth. All age groups can use this shampoo bar to rejuvenate and repair your hair qualms.

Cinnamon when consumed in huge quantities is known to cause liver damage or cancer. When incorporated into skincare, it does not have any side effects. If you are allergic to Cinnamon, avoid using the product.

As mentioned, the product is organic and free of synthetic chemicals. Most ingredients that go into the shampoo bar are best suited for all hair and skin types. Let’s uncover the ingredients that make the PURC Cinnamon Shampoo Bar stand out from other types of shampoos,

The basic ingredients that go into the Cinnamon Shampoo bar include, water, glycerin, cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylancium) and clove oil (Eugenia caryophyllus), Rosemary Absolute (Rosmarinus officinalis), Cinnamyl alcohol, Nettle and Peppermint infusion.

A brief description of the products and how they benefit you,

Cinnamon Leaf Oil: 

This popular ingredient used in the soap has been known to soothe irritated skin. Incorporating the cinnamon leaf oil in the Cinnamon shampoo bar will help stimulate the scalp and at the same time, it will help reduce infections, itchiness, and dandruff. It also helps in preventing hair fall and encourages the growth of stronger hair strands. 

Clove Bud Oil: 

This ingredient is incorporated in the Cinnamon Bar Shampoo to give your hair a lustrous shine while deeply conditioning it. These qualities of the clove bud oil will naturally prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

Nettle and Peppermint Infusion: 

This mixture of ingredients is the highlight feature of the Cinnamon Bar Soap. Both ingredients have properties unique to them that help in curing skin ailments. Nettle leaves are known to be rich in silica and sulfur. When mixed with the Peppermint oil, it works miracles on your hair. Nettle-infused products give some of the best results in terms of reducing redness and irritation. The peppermint oil will stimulate your scalp and will help in increasing stimulation. An interesting fact about nettle leaves is that rinsing your hair with nettle leaves and water will help restore hair color, strength, and texture. The Nettle and Peppermint infusion is one of the reasons why the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar stands out from other shampoos. 

Rosemary Extract:

This ingredient is known for its exquisite aroma. The rosemary absolute extraction is known for both their medicinal properties as well as its use in religious and cooking uses. The ingredient is also used in aromatherapy. There are a lot of antiseptic qualities to the extract as well, making it the ideal ingredient to incorporate in the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar. It gives your hair an amazing after-smell, at the same time the antiseptic properties prevent bacterial or fungal growth and helps in exfoliation. 

These are some of the top-quality ingredients used in the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar. These are what make the shampoo bars unique and effective.

You can use the Cinnamon Bar as often as you require in a week. The usage of the product is dependent on your requirements.

Lather the product with water onto your hands as you would do with any bar soap. Apply the product and massage it into your scalp and your hair. Wash off after application. Use the product as often as you like.

Store the product in a dry area. It is recommended that you store the shampoo bar in a soap container with a water drainage feature. Placing it in wet areas will contort the shape and reduce the longevity of the product. By storing it in a dry area you can make the product last longer. 

The Cinnamon shampoo bar longevity depends on its usage. It is highly recommended that you do not place the shampoo bar in wet areas as it will contort and the product will not last as long as desired. Place the shampoo bar in dry areas to make the most of it. The average estimate of the product longevity is 40-60 showers. The length of your hair is also a determinant of how long the product lasts. If you have longer hair, it might last a lot less than when applied on shorter hair. It is ideal if you store the bar as a soap case with drainage features.

The process of production of the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar is done with a lot of care and love. PURC ensures that the soaps are tailored to meet the needs of your skin while giving it the extra boost it requires. The final product takes approximately 4 weeks for completion. The manufacturing process is hygienic and looked over by professionals. All ingredients incorporated in the Cinnamon shampoo bar are dermatologically approved. They are also environment-friendly and are processed with a lot of care. The packaging of the Cinnamon Bar is made of biodegradable products.

The method of production

The production method of the shampoo bar is known as the ‘cold saponification’. Essential oils, pure spring water, and sodium hydroxide are the primary ingredients that go into the shampoo bar. The emulsion of the above-mentioned products will be placed into a composition mold, before pouring the emulsion into molds essential oils, virgin oils, milk, and clays are incorporated into the mixture. Once that step is complete the drying process begins. The composed mixture is allowed to mature in the mold for 24 hours before giving the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar the final shape.

PURC does not include Parabens and other forms of detergents in the shampoo bars. These ingredients are known for drying out and damaging the exterior barrier of your hair, stripping away its luster. The products manufactured aim at improving the health of your skin and body and nourishing it with necessary nutrients.

All these ingredients and carefully composed mixtures will give you an amazing shampoo bar that is effective and essential for your skin.

The content of the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar is 60 grams. The product size is 5.8*5.8*2.3 cm. The brand offers global services which make it easier for you to purchase the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar as you require.

The brand aims to give you the best products tailored to increase the health of your body, skin, and hair. The ingredients used in the shampoo bar are 100% organic and vegan. It has been carefully sourced to give you luscious and healthy hair. The product does not use any synthetic chemicals and is cruelty-free, which means no animals are harmed in the process of production. It is also important to note that the products sourced are purchased from suppliers who sell cruelty-free products.

Most shampoos consist of Parabens and DEA detergents that strip the moisture from your hair. This ruins the protective barrier and causes dryness and fallout. To restore your luster, you will have to use conditioners to partly repair the damage. Conditioners also contain chemicals that only help your hair for a brief period. With the PURC Cinnamon Shampoo Bar, you needn’t worry about any of this. The essential oils and non-synthetic ingredients incorporated in the shampoo bar will wash away excess oil, dirt, and built-up grime. It does not strip your natural oils and it provides further hydration to your hair follicles. The base of the shampoo bar is vegan and environmentally-friendly. PURC is focused on the health of your body and the health of the environment. 

Furthermore, the PURC shampoo bar is not just beneficial for your hair, you can even apply the product on your body. The nourishing and repairing qualities of the shampoo bar make it the perfect skincare assistant. Another product highlight is that the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar is travel friendly. It has a dry-shampoo quality that makes the product the best travel companion

Yes, the Cinnamon Shampoo Bar is kid-friendly and pregnant woman-friendly. All the products incorporated are organic and vegan, which makes it safe for people of all age groups (>3years)  to use.

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Reviews (40)

40 reviews for Cinnamon Shampoo Bar
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    Cinnamon Shampoo Bar photo review
    Keith Sutton
    New favourite shampoo bar really great for wavy hair
    Cinnamon Shampoo Bar photo review
    Vera Cummings
    The shampoo is soft, smells rich, although in the hair it doesn't leave much smell. It's very comfortable to use and takes out enough foam. I recommend it.
    Lawrence Jones
    I am not impressed with the speed of the delivery but panama seems to be a long way away not the only one with long delivery times. the shampoo smells good and is exactly as descibes. will buy again.
    Cinnamon Shampoo Bar photo review
    Edgar French
    Happy with the product, recommend the product.
    Cinnamon Shampoo Bar photo review
    Alexander Floyd
    Nice soap by the looks of it. Hasn't tried it so can't exactly say how good it is. The seller was communicative and the shipment duration was average. Would recommend the seller.
    Cinnamon Shampoo Bar photo review
    Helena Barton
    Very well was packed, smells of shampoo awesome, fast delivery
    Landon Drake
    The smell of cinnamon, pleasant not intrusive. I recommend the store. Shipping fast
    Cordelia Ferguson
    Very well packed. Hair silky. i recommend.
    Sally Logan
    I liked it, it foams well)) and odors are pleasant
    Jonathan Boyd
    Very small, but economical, foaming perfectly, the aroma of soap is pleasant, but the hair does not remain, i liked it very much, i will still order
    Bobby Swanson
    Cool soap, fragrant, for oily hair, thank you
    Susan Martin
    Very good smell. Packed capital. Delivery month.
    Corey Keller
    Item shipped and delivered quickly, item Good, but lavender soap liked more, the smell is more pleasant
    Dollie Aguilar
    I like it very much, it leaves my hair very clean even better than some known brand shampoos. I have oily hair and it lasts longer. What i don't understand is how being natural comes out so much foam, we'll finally give a vote of confidence. Recommended.
    Ruth Carter
    Beautiful soap-shampoo, but not yet tried to use-for me very sharp in smell. As i get used to it-maybe i will wash with it and write another review. According to the description i did not understand what is small, but the fact that it has a tree-it can be seen immediately. Packed for all 100 stars! The seller took care of this perfectly!
    Seth Frazier
    Excellent quality, i will take more, fast delivery and packed well.
    Henrietta Walker
    I really like shampoo bar. Foams well. Cleanses the scalp. That just ends quickly...
    Lina Hines
    I love it, it smells great, it makes enough foam, and leaves hair shiny☺️, I will repeat!
    Luis Stone
    VERY good product. doesn't dry hair. smooth after use
    Louise Lindsey
    Lovely smell great packaging !
    James Tucker
    Very satisfied with the item, will buy again. Thank you!
    Gerald Todd
    Fast delivery, pleasant smell, packing is not crumpled, for a gift is suitable.
    Bertie Dean
    Very fast delivery good
    Leah Simon
    Shampoo was a month. The hair is pleasantly washed, abundant foam, pleasant smell, but the miracle did not happen, dandruff did not disappear. A live piece of shampoo looks smaller than you expect (tied to the size of soap). I advise you to try a solid shampoo
    Bobby Burton
    Smaller than expected but smells great
    Nancy Cortez
    Amazing cinnamon scent arrived in chile in 20 days
    Ernest Butler
    Ordered 08.05, received 22.05. Fully corresponds to the description. Smells good, foams the first time. The daughter washed her hair, the result is satisfied. Combined with the purc 5 sec mask. generally super. I'll take more.
    Todd Mclaughlin
    Great product. Arrived very well packed. Tested on the same day and I must say, it really clean and lather. Will order more, for sure.
    Johnny Atkins
    I love it. thank you.
    Gordon Payne
    Came in after a month well packed. has a strong cinnamon smell
    Howard Armstrong
    A little skeptical treated the reviews, as too good)) but the shampoo liked very much. Smells of cinnamon, foams well, very convenient. I will order in this store still necessary.
    Barry Mckinney
    Excellent ! Well packaged and very fast delivery ! I totally recommend it !
    Millie Warren
    Excellent shampoo, good foaming, the hair after it is soft.
    Myrtle Benson
    Perfect fast delivery
    Ronnie Shaw
    Tracked before delivery. Very good packaging, got everything whole. The aroma is very chic. I also liked the use. if you could put more stars, would put.
    Julian Thornton
    Very nice soap!! The fragrance is lovely and the head wash well!!
    Beulah Romero
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Soap is cool! The smell is pleasant, the hair is very soft after it)
    Frank Stone
    Good soap. The smell of red did not really like, but after washing it still almost does not feel, so it's not important. Shipping one month, track tracked partially. Store thank you!
    Chad Jones
    Im very happy with the soap and it foams nicely and doesn’t leave hair sticky like some other shampoo bars. Going to order some more :)
    Douglas Brooks
    Cool shampoos. The first time i tried when the seller gave 1 to the sample. I liked it with my wife. It is convenient to take with you on trips. I recommend!
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