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Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic

Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purc hair care
Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purcorganics polygonum plant 6a758ec9 Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purcorganics polygonum plant 6a758ec9
Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purc magical treatment 1
The traditional treasure box of herbs holds a lot of secret ingredients and one of them has to be Polygonum multiflorum, also known as ‘Fo-ti’ or Chinese knotwood. Legend says that fo-ti was discovered by a Chinese man, Mr. He who regained his health, black mane, and vitality through this magical herb. 
Polygonum multiflorum has a special place in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and has been used to treat premature greying, baldness, constipation, and other systemic diseases. There are principally two forms of fo-ti: Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purcorganics polygonum history
  • White fo-ti: It is the unprocessed form of the fo-ti root.
  • Red fo-ti: It is a white fo-ti cooked in soybean juice and yellow rice wine.
Both these forms are used to treat specific conditions with a prescribed amount of dosage. These forms are used to treat high cholesterol levels, constipation issues, and also in improving our body’s immunity. Old Chinese researchers found that administering 12 grams of white fo-ti significantly reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), polygonum is also recommended for-
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Infertility
  • Improving kidney function

Why is polygonum an anti-aging herb?

It’s interesting to note that Fo-ti is considered an anti-aging herb. It is because of its property of reversing gray hair and the ability to treat Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, polygonum has neuron stimulating and antioxidant properties. It helps in improving cognitive skills and memory but the result is slow. Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purcorganics polygonum anti aging However, the results in reversing gray hair and baldness have been surprising. According to one of the studies, topical application of polygonum resulted in thicker, blacker hair in post-menopausal over a period of 6 months. The herb reduces the levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is a derivative of the androgen, testosterone and accumulates in our hair follicles. With time, DHT shrinks the hair follicles in a process called miniaturization that leads to slower hair growth. Polygonum prevents the formation of DHT and maintains our hair follicles in the Anagen phase.  In another study, 91% of men and 87% of women above 60 years old reported hair growth in a period of three to six months. On average, 97% of individuals in an experiment show improved hair growth while 77% of individuals experience blacker hair.

Safest Way To Introduce Polygonum

Scientists say one of the primary causes of these hair problems is the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide at the base of our hair follicles. This free radical prevents the hair follicle from carrying out its normal functions and stops hair growth. Polygonum acts by removing the hydrogen peroxide and clearing the surroundings of affected hair follicles.  Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purcorganics polygonum safe This re-activates the melanocytes and helps in producing the hair pigment.  In addition, the herb also activates several cell receptors, signaling pathways, and the target enzymes to induce hair growth and strengthening. Fo-ti mainly acts as catalysts of the enzymes Tyrosinase, alpha-MSH (Melanin Stimulating Hormone). It also activates the Fibroblast Growth Factor-7 (FGF-7) and cell surface receptors to initiate numerous signaling pathways.  One of the safest ways to introduce polygonum in your regime is by using shampoo bars for your hair. Shampoo bars are made with mild surfactants that will help to get rid of the dirt while infusing the polygonum extracts in your scalp. With over a thousand brands to choose from, it might get overwhelming to choose the correct shampoo bar.
To help you out, the PURC Organics shampoo bars are great for authentic ingredients and effective results. They have some of the best polygonum formulations that will help you achieve the desired results. In case you want to check them out, you can click on the given link-

Treatment for infertility

When it comes to treating infertility, it is best to find out the root cause of the problem. While it may be due to low sperm count or abnormalities in the uterus, polygonum can help reverse these issues to an extent. Polygonum has several phenolic compounds in its molecular structure, which helps in invigorating the sperms and increasing the density of chromatin. The antioxidant properties also reduce oxidative stress that can lead to abnormal sperm structure and also reduce its motility. Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purcorganics polygonum Treatment for infertility Fo-ti has also shown to increase estrogen levels in a woman’s body and can be a potential drug for menopause. After menopause, the estrogen levels in a woman drops and cause flushing, irritability, facial hair, and lack of energy. Polygonum can boost estrogen levels and help in alleviating these symptoms without the side effects of synthetic drugs. Moreover, the increase in estrogen strengthens bones and keeps cholesterol levels in check. Hence, this one herb can be an antidote to a plethora of problems.
Apart from treating these internal disorders, this potent herb can also treat acne, athlete’s foot, and contact dermatitis. The Chinese knotweed has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, both of which are beneficial for treating acne and fungal infections. It acts by going deep into the pores, treating the infection, and cleaning the pores of pus-filled residues. 

Side effects of polygonum

Despite the miraculous benefits, doctors recommend consuming this herb cautiously owing to its side effects. Since ingestion might lead to adverse effects, modern science has found a way to utilize the benefits of polygonum by inculcating its extracts into topical products.  According to a study by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Polygonum multiflorum can cause serious liver damage. It can also cause other minor side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, and muscle fatigue. The herb is not recommended for expecting and lactating mothers as it might cause some harm to the baby. Also, this herb should not be used by children below 12 years of age. Polygonum Multiflorum/Chinese Knotweed: A Prized Top Longevity Tonic purcorganics polygonum side effect
Polygonum multiflorum is a potent anti-aging drug that can be the panache to all your problems. However, to reap the most out of this herb, it is necessary to consult your physician and get the appropriate dosage for your conditions. Most physicians recommend using 3-5 grams of polygonum extracts and mixing it with neutral buffers so that it does not cause any issues when ingested. 
But, if you wish to use this herb topically, you can definitely go for shampoo bars and soaps infused with polygonum root extracts. These products are scientifically formulated and well tested before they are released in the market. If you wish to get supplements, you might want to check the Supplement Facts label before buying. This will help you make an informed and wise decision. Here’s hoping you get the maximum benefits out of Fo-ti!

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