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Rosemary & Ginger Oil Anti-Dandruff Hair Growth Cream

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100% Organic & Vegan

Made with fresh organic fruits, essential oils, and a lot of care

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Unleash the Power of Nature: Rosemary and Double Ginger Oil

Elevate your hair care routine to new heights with PURC’s Ginger Hair Growth Products Prevent Hair Loss Mask Keratin Treatment Anti-Dandruff Hair Care. Imbued with the natural potency of Rosemary and Double Ginger Oil, this efficacious hair growth cream strikes an exquisite balance between luxurious self-care and an intensive, result-oriented treatment. Experience the fusion of science and nature in a bottle, offering a revolutionary approach to hair care and growth.

A Savior for Troubled Tresses: Revolutionary Hair Growth and Anti-Hair Loss Formula

One of the most remarkable features of this product is its multifaceted benefits. Hair loss can be a cause of great distress, but with the powerful Anti-Hair Loss formula, worry becomes a thing of the past. Watch as your hair transforms from sparse to dense, with enhanced volume and vitality, a testament to the regenerative powers of this superior product.

Say Goodbye to Dandruff: Proven Anti-Dandruff and Oil Control Solution

Nobody likes those tiny white flakes on their shoulders. The PURC Ginger Hair Growth Product is a proven Anti-Dandruff solution that has helped thousands reclaim their confidence. No more embarrassment, no more worries. Your hair stays fluffy and refreshing for up to 72 hours after just a single wash. Say hello to dandruff-free, oil-free, lustrous hair every day.

Let your Scalp Breathe: An Anti-Itching Wonder

In addition to offering unparalleled hair growth and dandruff control, this hair cream ensures a healthy scalp. It gently relieves itching, allowing your scalp to breathe. Every application is like a soothing spa treatment at home, leaving your scalp feeling calm, relaxed, and free from that unbearable itch.

The Magic of Five: A Symphony of Nourishing Ingredients

This hair care product from PURC boasts five selectively chosen ingredients, each playing a critical role in nourishing your hair and scalp. The Rosemary Leaf Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Ginger Root Extract, Turmeric Root Oil, and Piroctone Olamine, are all scientifically formulated for their synergistic effects. The result? A product that takes care of all your hair care needs, from promoting hair regeneration to controlling oil and dandruff.


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Rosemary & Ginger Oil Anti-Dandruff Hair Growth Cream purc scrub

More About PURC Organics

Where Do Your Ingredients Come From?

Our 100% pure Argan Oil comes from Morocco, Polygonum extracts come from rural China, Cinnamon sticks come from Sri Lanka, and so on. We source our essential oils and raw ingredients from fair-trade farming associations around the world.

Are PURC Products Tested & Certified?
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PURC produces only the highest quality hair and skin-care products. We’ve been producing hair care products for more than 9 years, with a GMP (Good manufacturing practice) workshop. Our products pass the worldwide ISO-9002 standards.

Rosemary & Ginger Oil Anti-Dandruff Hair Growth Cream purc woman bath
Rosemary & Ginger Oil Anti-Dandruff Hair Growth Cream purc healthy hair s

Healthier Hair

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Plant Based

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Long Lasting

Rosemary & Ginger Oil Anti-Dandruff Hair Growth Cream purc cruelty free

Cruelty Free

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