Everything You Need To Know About Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar

He Shou Wu is considered to be one of the most important of the Chinese herbal tonics and is widely used. It is said to restore vitality and virility, working especially on the liver and the reproductive, urinary and circulatory systems. Some care should be exercised, however, since excessive doses can cause skin rash and numbness of the extremities. The roots and stems are antibacterial, anticholesterolemic, antispasmodic, astringent, cardiotonic, demulcent, depurative, hypoglycaemic, laxative, sedative, tonic. The roots are taken internally in the treatment of menstrual and menopausal complaints, constipation in the elderly, swollen lymph glands and high cholesterol levels. They are very effective in reducing high cholesterol levels in the blood and increase blood sugar levels. Externally, they are used to treat ringworm, bleeding wounds and sores. The roots are harvested in the autumn, preferably from plants 3-4 years old, and are dried for later use. The leaves and roots tonify the liver and kidneys, fortify the blood, strengthen the muscles and prevent premature greying of the hair. The stem is deobstruent and sedative. It is taken internally in the treatment of insomnia and neurasthenia whilst it is applied externally to ringworm. The stems are harvested in late summer or early autumn and are dried for later use. Extracts of the plant have shown antipyretic, antitumour, hypoglycaemic and sedative activity.


History Of The Magical Chinese Herb – One of the most popular herbs in Chinese medicine has the botanical name Polygonum multiflorum. This prolific vine has heart-shaped leaves and several different names: Chinese knotweed, fo-ti, flowered fleece, and jiaotong (twisted vine) to name a few.

One name describes how it works as a medicine: he shou wu (Mr. He with black hair).

The ancient Chinese names often have a detailed history accompanying them, and that of he shou wu is rich from this point of view. It is that of a single middle-aged alcoholic who found love and redemption through a mysterious root.

Uses And Benefits For Hair

As with ginseng, the root of Polygonum takes on an amazing human form after 2 to 3 years of cultivation. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is the subject of a very special preparation: the fresh tubers are sliced ​​and then cooked in a black bean soup before being dried.

This preparation, both medicinal and food, is indicated to strengthen the kidneys, revitalize the hair and effectively fight against alopecia. The leaves of Polygonum also seem to have a tonic and anti-aging action.

Ways To Use The Herb

Like other invigorating herbs, polygonum must be taken regularly at moderate doses for months and years to have significant anti-aging results.  Some people use this herb as a mild laxative, so it could be dangerous to consume a large amount of it at once. So use from time to time for convenience.

A typical daily dose is 3 grams, three times a day. It has a slight sedative effect and it is therefore good to take it before going to sleep.

The Polygonum Multiflorum shampoo bar is especially useful for you if you want to dye your hair black. Let us introduce you to the benefits of  Polygonum Multiflorum in our shampoo bar and help you to notably promote your hair growth and its long-term, natural hair darkening effects.

How Long Do You Need To Wait To See The Results

Using PURC Shampoo Bar is easy as pie! Just pass the bar directly over damp hair (3 or 4 strokes are enough!) To apply a little shampoo. Lather with your fingers and gently massage the scalp. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. You can repeat as needed. Drain the shampoo well and keep it in a dry place (not under the shower!).

Maintaining your hair is a long-term commitment. With your shampoo bars and conditioner bars, you can keep your hair in good condition day after day! Usually it takes 5-6 months for a good result.

Side Effects Of The Herb

In traditional medicine, Polygonum multiflorum is not associated with serious or lasting side effects. It is known for laxative side effects if taken in large quantity. Other minor and temporary side effects may include bloating, flatulence, nausea, and diarrhea.

However, there is very little research on the safety of this supplement. Some research suggests that its long-term use can cause dangerous side effects. According to the comprehensive database of natural medicines, oral use is considered “possibly dangerous” for old adults and children due to several reports of liver damage.

Consult your doctor to determine if this supplement is suitable for you. You should also consult a doctor before incorporating this supplement with any prescription or over-the-counter medication. Polygonum multiflorum may interact with certain medications and may be inappropriate for people with certain health conditions. Follow the label directions very carefully and monitor yourself for side effects.


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