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100% Organic & Vegan

Made with fresh organic fruits, essential oils, and a lot of care

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Fresh Ingredients

purcorganics - polygonum multiflorum
purcorganics - olive oil
panax ginseng

Water, glycerinum butyrospermum parkii (shea butter oil)*, polygonum multiflorum, panax ginseng, olea europaea (european olive). Our shampoo bars are packed with additional ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair. Our bars are sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free.

*Occurs naturally in essential oils.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Safe Synthetics
PURCorganics - animal tested
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Frequently Asked Questions

Polygonum Multiflorum (He Shou Wu) is one of the most important Chinese herbal tonics and is used worldwide. It’s widely said to restore vitality and virility. It also helps with the functioning of your circulatory system. According to scientific consensus, Polygonum roots and stems are “antibacterial, anticholesterolemic, antispasmodic, astringent, cardiotonic, demulcent, depurative, hypoglycaemic, laxative, sedative, tonic”. The roots are directly ingested in the treatment of menstrual and menopausal complaints, constipation in the elderly, swollen lymph glands, and high cholesterol levels. Polygonum oil is externally useful to treat hair issues, etc. Polygonum is harvested in autumn, preferably from plants 3-4 years old, and are dried for later use. The leaves and roots tonify the liver and kidneys, fortify the blood, strengthen the muscles, and prevent premature greying of the hair. The stem is deobstruent and sedative.

Studies have been done to understand the mechanism of Polygonum multiflorum’s action on hair growth. Polygonum multiflorum extract works during the telogen to the anagen transition phase of hair growth. According to some more science, Polygonum multiflorum extract promoted hair growth by inducing the resting growth cells into the anagen phase. 

The PURC Polygonum Shampoo bar contains Polygonum Multiflorum – for reversing grey hair back to your original hair color.

From research done by The Gene Research U.S., it is proven that Polygonum has the ability to reactivate Melanocytes – pigment-producing cells in hair follicles. It responds to the root cause of the hair-greying problem instead of plainly masking it.

He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) or Polygonum Multiflorum literally means “His Dark Hair” in Chinese. Polygonum is used in Chinese and Western medicine for its health and notably the promotion of hair growth and hair darkening effects. Our Polygonum Multiflorum shampoo bar is especially useful for you if you dye your hair. You should stop masking grey hair with dyes. Up to 25 different ingredients in common hair dyes can cause harmful skin effects and further lighten your hair color.

People report results within 4 weeks of using our Polygonum Shampoo. We recommend you to get a few bars of our shampoo and completely switch to it for 1-2 months for best results. Our shampoo bar is infused with Polygonum extract and will slowly darken your hair after a few applications.

Water, sea salt, glycerine, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter oil)*, polygonum multiflorum, panax ginseng root extract, olea europaea (european olive). Our shampoo bars are packed with ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair. Our bars are free from silicone and any other harmful ingredients.

Starting 2012, PURC began removing palm oil from its Bars, and has now started educating customers about the environmental degradation caused by the current cultivation of oil palm crops, encouraging customers to ‘wash their hands off palm oil’.

In traditional medicine, Polygonum Multiflorum is not associated with any serious or lasting ill-effects. But some modern research suggests that long-term oral consumption can cause you problems. It’s a great idea to try the efficacy of Polygonum externally before planning of consuming it. The best way to minimize side-effects is using this herb externally. Our Polygonum Shampoo Bar can help you get the benefits and negate all the side-effects of consuming Polygonum.

All PURC Shampoo bars are made of organic ingredients and zero artificial chemicals or surfactants. Polygonum Shampoo Bars are mainly composed of raw materials of natural Chinese medicine named Polygonum Multiflorum and Panax Ginseng. They, therefore, do not contain any trace of chemicals and/or synthetics likely to harm your hair or your skin. In addition, our minimal plastic use protects our environment.

We design our soaps with the utmost respect for your skin. Our shampoo-bar production method comes from an ancestral method, called ‘cold saponification’. It is the combination of oils and sodium hydroxide and pure spring water that creates the magic of transforming these raw ingredients that otherwise would not be capable of cleaning your hair or anything else, into our amazing shampoo bars. This creates an emulsion, which hardens a little (like mayonnaise). At that moment, we add the last ingredients (clays, milk, virgin oils, essential oils, etc). We then put this composition in molds, give them the bar shape, and then let them “mature” for 24 hours. These loaves are then stripped of excess shampoo by cutting. A drying process of about 4 weeks is then required to allow the soda to perform its action. Once the process is complete, there is no more oil or soda, but only an excellent shampoo bar full of essential properties for your hair.

Almost all “Liquid” shampoos are made from detergents such as Parabens and DEA. They strip all the natural oils from your hair and scalp. You then need to use a conditioner in order to even get a comb through your hair.

PURC shampoo bars do not require a conditioner as it doesn’t strip all the natural oils. It only removes the excess oils, dirt, and grime while leaving some of your natural oils intact to keep your skin and scalp healthy and vibrant. This is what nature intended.

We use all-natural products, plant and plant extracts to create ecological and 100% biodegradable soaps. The bases are the only vegetable, they are all pure and non-toxic to the environment. We process these raw materials with the utmost care.

PURC shampoo bars are designed to eliminate dirt and oily build-ups, leaving you with shiny, clean hair. They’re formulated for all hair types and work just as effectively as liquid shampoos in plastic bottles.

Wet your hair, rub the shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather, using your fingers as a comb, smooth the lather along with your hair. Gently massage it into the scalp and hair, as you would with a bottled shampoo. Finally, rinse. It is also perfect as a complete body soap.

One of these common names describes how it works as a medicine for hair: he shou wu (Mr. He with black hair). The myth is that of a single middle-aged alcoholic who found love and redemption through this Polygonum. It’s said that the remedy was named due to the transformational, youth-restoring effects it had on “Mr. He” when he discovered the herb. It’s also referred to as Chinese knotweed and known as ‘Shou Wu’ and ‘Fo-Ti’ in the USA.

We at PURC Organics have worked together with Chemists and Herbalists from the Traditional Chinese Medicine University in Nanjing to formulate and extract the benefits of Fo-Ti in our Shampoo Bars. Combining the Eastern and Western sciences, we have produced our range of Organic and Natural Polygonum range of hair growth products. Our Polygonum Multiflorum shampoo bar is 100 % organic and contains zero harsh chemicals, silicone or additives. We assure our customers that the constant usage of our Polygonum Shampoo Bar will get you tremendous benefits.

★ IDEAL FOR TRAVEL – Shampoo soap bars have been popular among seasoned travelers for years since they are completely airport checkpoint friendly and don’t take up space in your luggage. It is therefore the perfect all-in-1 travel shampoo.

★ ECO-FRIENDLY – PURC shampoo bars are vegan, cruelty-free and color-safe! 100% great hair days, no compromises. Not tested on animals. Our shampoo bars are also much better for the environment than traditional plastic shampoo bottles. Leave behind plastic shampoo bottles and embrace the #zerowaste lifestyle with shampoo bars.

★ SOFT ALL THE WAY – Pure shampoo bars contain no harsh detergents that strip hair of protective oils and don’t weigh down hair. This is a natural alternative for psoriasis or dandruff shampoo. Our shampoo bars are designed to stand up to hard water and still help you achieve your hair goals. They are very lightly scented.

Our bars typically provide 50-75 washes (with proper care and storage), which replaces two to three 16 oz bottles of traditional liquid shampoo! This depends on how often you shampoo, how well you store the shampoo bar, and the amount you need per shower. We advise you to store the shampoo bar somewhere dry because when it stays moist it will not keep its shape and will get soft – you will use it up a lot faster in that case. You can store the shampoo bar in a storage tin or a soap case with drainage.

1 bar of shampoo and body soap, with the option to buy a bundle of all seven flavors
Package size: 5.8 x 5.8 x 2.3cm
Net Weight: 60 gram / 0.13 lbs

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Reviews (38)

38 reviews for Polygonum Shampoo Bar
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    Best shampoo I have used, my hair feels amazing and clean. I like this better than the $50 one I normally used.
    A miracle shampoo bar! I have been using it for 8 months, and more and more grey hairs have turned back to the original dark brown! Such a relief! Smells pleasantly earthy and there is great foam. Absolutely recommended!
    I am using this from last one month has made my hair smooth but as of my grey hair i only see a slight change as of now, it is slightly darker than before
    Natália Firme Figueira
    Just received my package and used it only once by now and I must say I am pretty impressed. You start to feel a differente texture while washing your hair. Only one wash and I feel my hair more soft, shiny and silky (and I didn't even use a conditioner).
    Robyn Scott
    I have used it twice now & my head is a lot less itchy. The only thing I have to there a conditioner that come with it? How long before you see the grey hairs disappearing? Do I have to wait until all the new hair grows out? I will keep using the product as it seems to suit me, and let you know how it goes. Thanks.
    This is my first time using the shampoo... I saw a big difference with the texture of my hair. Usually I need tons of conditioner as my hair is curly and dry. Saw a difference after the first use. As for my grey hair can’t say as this is my first use and update with results. Love it order led 2 more
    I'm 65 and going grey and my hair is thinning. This shampoo is absolutely amazing. I put it in my hair and leave it in for about 15 or 20 minutes and when I rinse it out my hair feels amazing. It feels thicker and cleaner and it was noticeably darker from the very first time I used it. I love how thick it foams up when you apply it. After my hair is dry, it feels clean and thick and has a vivid shine to it. I just ordered 4 more bars. This is by far the most amazing hair product I've ever tried, and I plan to keep using it. Shipping times are somewhat longer due to the pandemic, but it's definitely worth the wait.
    Deborah Mills
    I saw an ad for shouwu shampoo soap bar on Insta, and upon researching, found out from reviews that these guys are the original and amazing quality. I have tried both of them and I have to say, the purc shampoo bar is definitely gentle and has never caused itchy scalp issues for me (I'm prone). Recommended. Tip - save a bit by buying from this official store, they sell the same product at a big discount.
    I am very happy with the results!
    Just got my first bar. It made a rich lather and left my hair feeling very silky. I like the fact it's solid, much easier to carry than a liquid. Nice shampoo!
    Edlawit KIFLE
    Been using it for two months now, and it actually seems to be darkening my grey hair. The shampoo itself is pretty gentle and reduces dandruff/itchiness as well. I began noticing reduced hairfall and slight darkness after like 3 weeks (I was pretty desperate as I am just 32 and have greying hair). This seems to work for me, I will stock up a few more.
    Very good product, I will buy it again
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Bess Hammond
    Very nice smelling soap. I will write my personal experience with its use later. All 3 different soap bars were very well packed, leaving no chance for damage! At first, my order lost somewhere, and the soaps were not shipped. I contacted the store, and we agreed on extended protection time and shipping as soon as possible. However, I have received the soap within the initial protection time ???? I ordered Nov. 31, received Dec. 19 – extremely fast given previous accidental delay. I really recommend the seller! I will write re soap later ????
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Gregory Pearson
    Love this shampoo bar! This is 2nd time I am using this item. At first, you feel little different after using it. However, after few times using, you can feel your hair is much stronger. Less chemical for your hair!
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Leila Butler
    I have been researching shampoos without chemicals and found this shampoo bar and I just so love it! First of all, I like the smell. The light color one smells like Polygonum and I really like it. Also, whenever I used shampoo I used too much of shampoo or too little, it was hard to measure the proper amount, but with this shampoo bar, no problem. A lot of forms! Also after I rinsed it I noticed my hair is really soft like I used conditioner as well. Another thing, I noticed that I didn’t lose a lot of hair in the shower either. Usually with shampoo I saw a lot of hair in the shower sink. I didn’t try the darker color bar yet so I don’t know how good the smell is but so far I love it!
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Elsie Ellis
    I have a very sensitive scalp and my hair’s been shedding badly recently. I decided to try this since it claims it is made of organic ingredients and good for hair loss. Surprisingly this shampoo bar gives lots of foams, which I like. I have been using this about three weeks and pleased with the result. My scalp isn’t as itchy as before and doesn’t feel oily. Also even after three weeks of using the soap bar, the size of the soap bar hasn’t drastically reduced in size meaning I can use it for a quite bit of time.
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Mina Mack
    I have been suffering from my itchy scalp and shedding dandruff for years. The regular shampoo makes the consition of my scalp worse. This is the reason I started looking for shampoo bar that can remove my scalp problems. Thank God, this natural shampo bar keeps my scalp fresh and dandruff free. I personally used ginger shampoo bar and it left no residue on my scalp. My hair feels smooth and soft. Most importantly, I don't scrub my scalp anymore. I am very happy that I found good shampoo bars for my hair.
    Evelyn Douglas
    It is my second time using this soap. First time I got this as present from my friend and This time I purchased on my own. I liked this soap because its ingredients are natural and organic. After I gave birth I concerned about my hair loss and this definitely helped me alot. I prefered to use natural product and will use continuously. Even this is a natural hair soap, it makes a lot of bubbles which I like it. Recommend who is looking for natural hair product.
    Edith Floyd
    I bought this because I've been suffering from itchy scalp and tried different shampoos that claimed to benefit the issues but they didn't . It said it was made with all natural ingredient, so I wanted to try this one. It had strong scent when I open the soap but once I used it on my hair, it didn't smell too strong, it was just a bit of natural smell. I've been using this for a few weeks and I don't feel much itchiness anymore.
    Nora Ball
    Only have tried this once so far but I love it. Lathered really fast and spread through my hair easily so I feel it will last quite a long while. I have long thick hair so I was worried it would be hard to spread but it worked out great. I also love the ingredients, truly is natural, unlike Lush and brands who claim to be but aren't. And of course you can't forget the great eco friendly packaging:)
    Phoebe Barber
    Good product like always purc shampoos i love, that i like blue better than this
    Sophia Schmidt
    I used to go to this store at the mall and buy shampoo bars but they were so pricey so I stopped. I always remembered how good they were though. I was so excited! Of course I ordered it and I am so impressed! It lathers up really well and cleans my hair while smelling amazing! I have a sensitive scalp and most traditional shampoos cause a breakout or itchiness. These shampoo bars clean and don't irritate - so awesome!
    Lottie Walker
    The ingredients are all natural so no harsh chemicals on your hair.I've been used it for one week. It definitely helped clean the scalp and hair loss was relieved a little bit. I'll keep trying the natural shampoo bar and hope it can help more.
    Stephen Obrien
    Good thing. In my opinion it is better than those shampoos that go in jars. Now i will take these. It's this firm.
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Jerome Roberson
    This shampoo bar set is exactly what I am looking for! They can be great for gifts as well. All bars smell great! They really do not strip your hair, when I rub the bar with my hands for a few seconds it produces a lot of foam and I really feel my hair very strong, clean, and soft. Definitely recommended. Will buy again.
    Mathilda Strickland
    Shampoo received, very high-quality packaging, shelf life 2021, thank you, very good wash hair with one time, the smell is pleasant.
    Maggie Page
    Fast shipping. I haven't tried it yet. Let's see. Then i will add a review
    Sally Holt
    Super. arrived quickly perfectly packed. in the case of escho did not try
    Gilbert Welch
    Shampoo is convenient to use, well foamed. In the journey is very useful. Suitable and oily hair. Hair fall out still, maybe i use very little. Description corresponds, the overall impression is positive.
    Vincent Pena
    This shampoo bar set is exactly what I am looking for! They can be great for gifts as well. All bars smell great! They really do not strip your hair, when I rub the bar with my hands for a few seconds it produces a lot of foam and I really feel my hair very strong, clean, and soft. Definitely recommended. Will buy again.
    Arthur Jimenez
    Expected a larger size, the performance is excellent
    Lawrence Griffin
    Very well washed, the hair is soft, cleans well. No allergies, i wash myself and the child.
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Louise Bailey
    My hair is so dehydrate after highlights and coloring so I wanted to try something doesn’t have chemicals. Right after I got this shampoo, I tried this and I found this product is amazing. This soap is not super slippery like other regular soap because it has kind of rough surface. It makes me hold and use it easier. I doubt if I could get enough form for cleaning my hair at first but it lathered up and covered my hair. I got two different scent of soaps which are ginseng and lemon and I like both. I can tell my hair looks better than before.
    Belle Nichols
    Xcellent ! Well packaged and very fast delivery ! I totally recommend it !
    Mathilda Simmons
    My hair is very long, so it took some time, but the results satisfied me. My hair smells very sweet, soft and silky. The bag that comes with the soap is also very good, because the soap does not fall when it is immersed, I think it will be useful when it falls like a soap bar.
    Fanny Foster
    I was in doubt how i could wash my hair with "a soap." but after using this soap over a week i no longer itch my hair during the night. it has lots of bubbles and easy to rub itm and once you are done with shower you would get a soft hair after few times of combing. I was so amazed my this little piece!
    Jesse Drake
    Previously ordered a mask for hair in a jar (super), spray (also like very much), and soap red round. Now i finished the remaining ones. I really like how it rinses hair, convenient on trips, i recommend!
    Polygonum Shampoo Bar photo review
    Bill Sharp
    Cool shampoos. The first time i tried when the seller gave 1 to the sample. I liked it with my wife. It is convenient to take with you on trips. I recommend!
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