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The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars

The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars purc hair care
The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars Shampoo Bars The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars Shampoo Bars
The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars purc magical treatment 1

The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars

Commercial shampoos are among the most controversial cosmetic products. It contains far many sulphates and silicones or polymers (pollutants that are a little bit stuffy for the texture of the hair). In addition, a commercial shampoo uses a lot of water, and a plastic bottle that will have to be thrown away. The ecological impact is therefore not at all neutral.

Shampoo Bar is a cosmetic that comes in different forms that resemble a bar of soap. Solid shampoo is an environment friendly option and offers various fragrances like; Lavender, Jasmine, Coconut, Lemon, Mint, etc. they will leave you with a rich aroma and with soft and shiny hair.

Why The Shampoo In Bar Has Become Very Popular In Recent Years

Benefits Of Shampoo Bar

1. The shampoo in bar, being solid, does not require packaging so you do not generate waste 2. It is easy to transport without spills 3. It is 100% natural 4. You can prepare it at home 5. You can adjust the ingredients to have the aroma you want for your hair, or even the nutrients you want Some people also say they experience a kind of “hair detox”. If you always wash your hair with chemicals, this may also happen to you. We recommend being patient and waiting 2 weeks until your hair gets used to the 100% natural bar shampoo to experience all the benefits that will bring to your hair health. The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars bar shampoo The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars cinnamon

Ingredients In A Shampoo Bar

PURC shampoo bars and conditioner are natural, eco friendly and are not tested on animals. In addition, we do not use water, we use aloe vera juice or hydrolates (floral water), natural essences and cocoa butter or copoazu. We don’t use synthetic perfumes or glycerin.

How To Use Shampoo And Conditioner Bars

You have two options to use them, the first and most practical is to wet your hair and then you must rub the shampoo bar on your scalp. The second is to moisten your hair and then rub the shampoo between your hands, once you have the foam, you must pass it all over your head. After this, you should rinse thoroughly.

To use the conditioner, you just have to rub it on your hair, from half to ends. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Store your bars in a clean and dry place, it will not only last longer, you only have to rub the shampoo and conditioner two or three times, that will be enough for you to get foam and leave your scalp squeaky clean.

The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars purcorganics bar purcorganics- store

How Long Do Our Shampoo And Conditioner Last

It depends on the length of your hair, but it can last on average from one month or up to three months. The bars are more concentrated than traditional shampoos and conditioners, so you can use less per application and they will last longer. This is especially true with proper care (do not let your bars soak in water).

Steps To Make Your Own Shampoo Bar

To make solid shampoo you need to create a mixture composed of solution of alkaline salts (sodium hydroxide), water and oils; that is, follow a procedure similar to that of a bar of soap. Each oil has different benefits when making solid shampoo. For example, coconut oil makes a hard bar and has cleaning properties, while olive oil makes a softer bar, with moisturizing benefits.

To make an easy recipe for homemade and organic solid shampoo, here we simplify the amounts you will need.


  • 2/3 cup olive oil
  • 2/3 cup coconut oil
  • 2/3 cup sweet almond oil
  • 3/4 cup distilled cold water
  • 1/4 cup 100% sodium hydroxide
  • 2 tablespoons of essential oils of your choice
The Complete Guide To Shampoo Bars Skincare and haircare products with natural ingredients

Process To Make Shampoo Bar

Have everything ready before you start. Some of the steps have to be carried out quickly.

1. Mix the first three oils in a large glass or stainless steel bowl. If any oil is in solid presentation, melt it before measuring the amount you need.

2. Measure the water in a glass or stainless steel container. Be sure to use a heat-resistant container when making the mixture, since the exothermic reaction when sodium hydroxide is added can cause heat of around 93°C.

3. Measure the amount of sodium hydroxide, and make sure you have exactly one quarter cup. Have a spoon ready and stir with it while slowly pouring sodium hydroxide into the water. You have to add sodium hydroxide to water, NEVER backwards.

Continue stirring until mixture begins to become clear. Avoid fumes while doing it. Allow the mixture to cool to approximately 50°C.

4. Heat the oil mixture and when it is at 23°C and slowly pour the sodium hydroxide mixed with the water into the oils, mix everything.

5. For the next 5 minutes, do not stop mixing by hand. This will allow as many oil molecules to come in contact with as much sodium hydroxide as possible. After 5 minutes, use a hand mixer to mix, being careful not to introduce air. Mix until the mixture is thick.

6. When it has reached the thickness, you can add an extra tablespoon of another oil. This extra oil will add additional moisture to your homemade shampoo bar. You can also add optional essential oils at this point. Stir well to mix them.

7. Pour the soap mixture into molds and cover with plastic. After 24 hours, place them on parchment paper or on a baking rack. Leave them in a dry place and rotate them once a week approximately (which is not necessary if you use a baking rack).

The homemade and organic solid shampoo can be used after curing for 4 weeks and the bars will be softer the longer they are allowed to cure.

About The Author

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Sarah Cole is a certified trichologist and a recognized authority in the field of hair care and hair growth. With over a decade of professional experience, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a Hair Care Specialist and Blogger at PURC Organics. Sarah began her journey in the beauty industry, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetology from the esteemed London College of Fashion. Her passion for hair health led her to further her education, becoming a certified trichologist from the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). Over the years, Sarah has helped thousands of clients achieve their hair goals through her personalized, science-based approach to hair care. She specializes in assessing the health of hair and scalp, identifying issues, and recommending holistic, organic solutions. Her expertise covers a wide range of hair concerns, including damage repair, hair growth, scalp health, and hair aging. Sarah is a regular contributor to several renowned beauty and wellness publications, where she shares her insights and latest findings in hair care. Her commitment to promoting healthier hair care routines using natural, organic products aligns perfectly with the ethos of PURC Organics. Through her blogs, Sarah aims to educate readers about the importance of using the right hair care products and practices. Her deep understanding of hair biology and the impact of natural ingredients on hair health has made her an indispensable part of the PURC Organics team. Sarah’s authoritative voice and expert advice in the field of hair care make her a trusted source of information. Her dedication to promoting eco-friendly, effective hair care solutions continues to inspire and guide individuals towards a healthier hair care journey.
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