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Derma Roller: A Better Microneedling Alternative?

Derma Roller: A Better Microneedling Alternative? purc hair care
Derma Roller: A Better Microneedling Alternative? IMG 20220506 165203 66c6e1ff Derma Roller: A Better Microneedling Alternative? IMG 20220506 165203 66c6e1ff
Derma Roller: A Better Microneedling Alternative? purc magical treatment 1

Is the trending skin care tool with needles attached to a roller suitable for your skin type? Learn about the benefits of a Derma Roller, & how to safely use the tool on your face.

Think about a good shower routine and you can not mention exfoliation. Exfoliation is one of the most important parts of a skincare routine. Exfoliation is the process of deep cleansing and removing the layer of first, grime, and dead skin cells that form on the skin over time. This helps in unclogging pores, which helps in better absorption of products and makes the skin look radiant.

Every 28 days our skin naturally renews itself. As the new skin cells come, the old cells are shredded off. Over time this process can slow down and the dead skin cells can pile up on your skin. Exfoliation helps to break this layer down and remove the dull dead skin cells from the skin. This makes the skin look bright and radiant.

applying face cream using derma roller

The process also helps to get rid of the dirt and grime that might be trapped in pores. This not only makes the skin look cleaner but also unclogs your pores. When the pores are unclogged, it’s easier for the skin to absorb the skincare products that you apply.

Regular exfoliation also helps minimize the chance of acne and breakouts. Alongside easier absorption of skincare products, the process of exfoliation helps in smoother makeup application as well. It prevents makeup from looking splotchy or cakey.

poking acne on face

These are just a handful of reasons why exfoliation is so important for your skin. There are different ways of cleansing your skin that are suitable for different types of skin. For instance, a sensitive or dry skin type must choose products that might not sting or irritate their skin.

Similarly, an oily skin type might require stronger exfoliants. It is crucial to identify your skin type and choose an appropriate method.

But, What Are The Different Exfoliation Methods?

Exfoliation methods can broadly be of two types: physical and chemical. This classification is done on the basis of the components used in the exfoliation method.

Physical Exfoliation

This is much much older than chemical exfoliation and has been in use… forever or at least its components have. When exfoliation became popular in the 90s, it was physical exfoliants that were used. Most of them included walnuts or apricots. These are naturally granular and make great exfoliating agents. Similarly, coffee and sugar are also used. Even now these same ingredients are used for physical exfoliation.

For harder skin surfaces, like the sole of your feet, pumice stone and wash clothes are used. Soft scrubs can be chosen for a more sensitive skin type.

applying cream on face

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, consists of chemicals or acids that are to be used to get rid of dead skin cells and improve the appearance of the skin. These acids or chemicals basically work by breaking the bond between the dead skin cells making them easier to remove from the skin.

Much like physical exfoliation, these acids need to be chosen according to the needs of each skin type. A heavy or lighter concentration of these acids can be chosen depending on the kind of skin you have. Once you find the right acid for your skin and the correct amount of concentration, your skin will eventually start to look more radiant!

What’s The Difference Between Physical Exfoliation & Chemical Exfoliation?

The main difference between the two is that while chemical exfoliation makes use of chemicals to remove dead skin cells, physical exfoliation does the same through a manual process of scrubbing using fingers or tools.

applying cream on face using brush

Alongside this, there are medical procedures that can be used to improve the appearance of the skin. One such procedure is microneedling.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a medical procedure conducted by dermatologists. In the procedure, the skin is pricked with multiple tiny sterilized needles. This makes small wounds in the skin, which prompts the body to produce more collagen and elastin.

Since everyone cannot afford a medical procedure, Derma Rollers were invented.

What Are Derma Rollers?

Derma Roller is a skincare tool with tiny needles attached to a small roller that you use on your face. It is considered to help with acne scars, aging, and rejuvenating the skin. Derma Rollers can be used at home and act as a safe substitute for micro-needling. In the past few years, Derma Rollers have been becoming popular due to their accessibility.

This device was invented as a result of different discoveries. Around 1905, a German dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer, began experimenting with different-sized dental burs to treat scars, hyperpigmentation, and birthmarks. Subsequently, an American dermatologist, Abner Kurtin, found Kromayer’s work and modified it during the 1950s. Kurtin replaced dental burrs with wire brushes.

Alexis Carrel, a French scientist, then continued Kurtin’s work. In the 1995s, two of Carrel’s students came up with a technique for scars and wrinkles. Meanwhile, Dr. Des Fernandes introduced his theory of skin needling. He developed his own needle stamp that he used in surgical procedures. The modern Derma Roller is developed from this needle stamp.

derma roller

But you must be thinking:

How Do You Use A Derma Roller? Who Can Use a Derma Roller?

To use a Derma Roller, you just roll it over your clean skin and this creates small punctures over the surface. These holes are extremely tiny and considered superficial. It doesn’t cause actual damage to the skin and is considered to be non-invasive.

There are many brands of Derma Rollers available and almost anyone can easily use one. These tools are relatively inexpensive as well. Nonetheless, it is suggested to buy from a trusted place and make sure the needles are sterilized before using them.

Sofie from Poosh explains in detail how the Derma Roller works and how to use it on your skin in their YouTube video. The video mentions how you can sterilize your Derma Roller and what size of needles you need to do. In the video, Sofie also demonstrates how the Derma Roller is to be used and what parts you can use it, and how in detail.

Safety Tips For Using A Derma Roller

women using derma roller

When you use Derma Roller you might experience some pain or irritation to your skin. You can apply an ice pack to your skin to relieve any pain. Sunscreen, skin serums, and moisturizers are advisable to use afterward. Keep away from the area around the eyes and never share your Derma Roller with anyone else.

Is Derma Roller Worth A Shot?

Derma Roller is a safe and inexpensive way of helping you get rid of skin scars and open up your pores for better product penetration. But if not used properly it might cause irritation and pain. Certain precautions should be kept in mind to make sure that you have the best experience.

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