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PURC Christmas Gifting Guide ft. Winter Hair Care

PURC Christmas Gifting Guide ft. Winter Hair Care purc hair care
PURC Christmas Gifting Guide ft. Winter Hair Care purc magical treatment 1
PURC Christmas Gifting Guide ft. Winter Hair Care purcorganics Christmas Gifting Guide For Winter Hair Care

Stand out this holiday season with eco-friendly Christmas gifts cause tís the season to be jolly!

Is it just us, or does the holiday season seem brighter this year than it has in the past? Many of us are finally reuniting with loved ones, and finding the ideal gifts is proving to be a lot more exciting! With Christmas Eve less than a week away, we’ve officially entered the season of last-minute holiday shopping. But don’t worry if you still have some shopping to do (or haven’t even begun): there are still plenty of fantastic Christmas gift sets that you can shop for in our brand new PURC products, perfect for gifting this season. So with your final chance to get a terrific gift that will arrive on time and will leave a lasting impression forever on your loved ones this green Christmas!

We’ve all got that one friend who is impossible to buy anything for; why not go for offbeat presents that your friends and family would not think of right away, like hair care products for winter care is a favorite of ours. Eco-friendly gifts such as Hair Smoothening Sprays, Essential Oils, Hair Dye Wax, and more are among the standouts. They are unlike the usual gifting choices like clothes, games, toys, electronics, and jewelry, and what’s more? They add an extra element of surprise! 

Since we’re committed to making sure you leave this gifting season smelling as fresh as pine, so to take some of the pressure off, we’re here to help you locate the right gift, no matter how many Christmas gifts you’ve already ticked off your shopping list or their wish list. We have gifts for all the influential women in your life, from your grandmother to your best friend to even your work wife. Look no further and check out our unique and some exciting new PURC products:

Sleigh The Ho-Ho-Ho Season With These Christmas Gift

1. Instant Hair Smoothening Spray

instant hair smoothening spray: Christmas gift ideas

To protect and nourish your hair against winter frizz, our Instant Hair Smoothening Spray creates a barrier to protect hair from heat exposure up to 450º F before using a hair dryer or curling wand. The spray-like liquid can make hair silky and hydrated by combining Moroccan Argan Oil, Ginger extracts, and other nutrients. It will provide a barrier to protect hair from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit before using a hair dryer or curling wand to prevent frizz.

2. Natural Hair Density Essential Oil

Natural Hair Density Essential Oil

Our Natural Hair Density Essential Oil makes for the perfect green Christmas. It has Natural Ginger extract, a beneficial component that promotes hair growth, boosts focus, and cleanses the scalp. A few drops of it can successfully increase blood circulation on the scalp, reducing hair loss and strengthening the hair roots. This oil, made from natural plant extracts, also offers a refreshing and warm scent that reminds you of Christmas while promoting hair care.

3. Nourishing Leave-In Hair Mask

Nourishing Leave-In Hair Mask

PURC Organics Nourishing Leave-In Hair Mask nourishes and softens your hair from the roots up. The leave-in hair mask is cruelty-free, vegan, and 100% organic. It has a creamy texture that makes applying the mask a breeze. This nourishing mask has been dermatologically tested and is suited for all hair types. It has no artificial aroma and is made up of purely natural ingredients.

This is the mask to use if you want your hair to be beautiful, frizz-free, fresh-smelling, non-greasy, and nourished all day in winter. Thanks to the natural ingredients, it calms your scalp. It cures the damage caused by stress and environmental toxins by penetrating deep into your scalp and replenishing your hair’s critical nutrients. It smoothes the rough texture, softens frizzy hair, and gives dull, limp hair a high gloss. Containing Argan Oil helps increase blood circulation and provides intense conditioning to your hair.

4. Temporary Hair Dye Wax

Temporary Hair Dye Wax

Hair wax is usually used to hold hairstyles in place for long periods, hydrate the hair, and keep it firmly in all-weather situations. And that’s why PURC Organics brings to you the Temporary Hair Dye Wax to add some color to your hair (and life) in winters. It can temporarily fulfill all purposes of setting and coloring, styling, and giving it a cool, sensual, and current appearance. On holidays, parties, events, special occasions, and all-night gatherings, PURC Hair Dye Wax lasts longer and is completely safe to use. It has several advantages for dry, brittle hair.

This wax, made with a healthy mix, is free of harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals that can harm your hair and is ideal for days when you want to look extra spectacular. Psoriasis and eczema sufferers can use it because it is non-comedogenic. Apart from that, the dyed wax is enriched with occlusive compounds that seal in moisture and prevent dryness in your hair while enhancing hair texture, strengthening brittle hair, and instantly hydrating dull and dry hair as it is gentle on your hair and does not deplete your scalp’s natural oils and nutrients.

Just like the colorful baubles we hang on our Christmas trees, our Hair Dye Wax is available in the following colors – Blue, Golden, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, and White.

5. Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit

The Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit is a three-step hair bonding treatment that helps repair winter-damaged hair by helping your hair regain strength by rebuilding disulfide bonds. These disulfide bonds form when the hair is exposed to chemical treatments, pollution, frequent heat, or intense sun rays, making it prone to breakage. By combining molecules of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate with sulfur atoms and forming disulfide bridges, the oplex therapy aids in the repair of damaged bonds. 

A bond maintenance shampoo, hair perfecter, and bond maintenance conditioner are included in the PURC Oplex set. It can be used on colored and chemically treated hair without causing damage. The PURC Oplex Reconstructor Kit is a hair rebonding treatment that strengthens your hair, makes it more resistant to color and bleach while also making it shiny. The Oplex Shampoo is sulfate-free and contains Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, Sweet Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil, which nurture and detangle your hair, respectively.

This treatment helps reduce dryness and promotes hair development by including these hydrating substances. The Oplex Conditioner works the same way as a regular conditioner, but it’s better at avoiding frizz and dullness while repairing and strengthening your hair shafts. The Oplex Hair Perfecter is a salon-quality at-home treatment with 12.5% active ingredients. If you have or plan to have colored or bleached hair, the Oplex treatment kit is ideal. This will prolong the life of your hair color, strengthen your hair follicles, and give your hair the extra gloss it requires.

6. Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Perfect for winters, our pure, thick & viscous argan oil made with pressed healthy argan tree nut kernels will help keep you supple and nourished all season long. Moroccan Argan Hair Oil is the best ingredient for repairing damaged and dry hair. High in fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-9, vitamin E, and more, this particular Hair Oil is lightweight and does not weigh down your hair. It will deeply hydrate your scalp, restore damaged hair, and boost your hair growth. The Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids produce a lipid barrier that prevents moisture loss in your hair.

They encourage hair development by increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Omega-9 fatty acids also aid in the flexibility of your hair shafts, which prevents hair breaking. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and eliminates pollutants from the scalp. In summary, your hair cuticles effectively absorb nutrients and strengthen your hair using PURC Moroccan Argan Hair Oil. It nourishes your scalp, gives it a silky texture, and provides intense nourishment while improving hair volume and preventing breakage. 


Make your own PURC gift set or choose the above individual products as part of our ethical gifting guide to give to your loved ones this gifting season. The clock may be ticking on getting your holiday gifting set out the door, but at PURC Organics, we offer quick, reasonable shipping choices, ensuring that you and your loved one’s packages reach on time. Visit our website here for more of our products.

From all of us at PURC Organics, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole is a certified trichologist and a recognized authority in the field of hair care and hair growth. With over a decade of professional experience, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a Hair Care Specialist and Blogger at PURC Organics. Sarah began her journey in the beauty industry, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetology from the esteemed London College of Fashion. Her passion for hair health led her to further her education, becoming a certified trichologist from the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). Over the years, Sarah has helped thousands of clients achieve their hair goals through her personalized, science-based approach to hair care. She specializes in assessing the health of hair and scalp, identifying issues, and recommending holistic, organic solutions. Her expertise covers a wide range of hair concerns, including damage repair, hair growth, scalp health, and hair aging. Sarah is a regular contributor to several renowned beauty and wellness publications, where she shares her insights and latest findings in hair care. Her commitment to promoting healthier hair care routines using natural, organic products aligns perfectly with the ethos of PURC Organics. Through her blogs, Sarah aims to educate readers about the importance of using the right hair care products and practices. Her deep understanding of hair biology and the impact of natural ingredients on hair health has made her an indispensable part of the PURC Organics team. Sarah’s authoritative voice and expert advice in the field of hair care make her a trusted source of information. Her dedication to promoting eco-friendly, effective hair care solutions continues to inspire and guide individuals towards a healthier hair care journey.
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