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Why Is Conditioner Important For Your Hair?

Why Is Conditioner Important For Your Hair? purc hair care
Why Is Conditioner Important For Your Hair? purc magical treatment 1

Control your frizz, control your mood.

In the busy schedules of your everyday lives, you might find it difficult to follow each and every step of a hefty routine. But there are a few steps that you absolutely cannot skip. You might feel that conditioning weighs your hair down or that you don’t need it because it doesn’t suit your hair. The truth is that conditioning your hair is as essential for hair as shampooing.

various conditioners

While shampoo exfoliates and clears out the dirt in your hair, conditioner provides the support it needs post washing. Conditioner helps to maintain healthy, strong, lustrous hair.  Hair that is not conditioned is not only likely to be more frizzy, but also difficult to manage and style.


Conditioning Provides Protection

girl using conditioner

Constantly styling your hair with chemical products or styling tools is bound to make your hair lose its moisture and natural oils. As you apply conditioner to your hair, it leaves a protective layer on top.

This smooths out your hair cuticles and protects them from damage. While conditioner cannot provide full protection, it can definitely reduce the total damage done. 

It contain specific ingredients that help to make hair softer and easy to work with. Some even contain certain proteins and agents that help with split ends and volume. This will result in hair that looks shiny and fuller.

Helps Detangle

When you comb your hair without any conditioner, your hair will be drier and get tangled with each other. Conditioning smooths out your cuticle, which makes your hair easy to comb through and less likely to get tangled. Even when you do encounter an occasional knot in your hair, it will make it less painful to detangle.

In case you are hesitant to use conditioner since you have oily hair, fear no more. You only need to apply the conditioner before shampoo. That way the shampoo will wash off the grit and dirt along with excess of it. Alternatively, if you have dry hair, you can try leave-in conditioners.


Hydrates Hair

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Along with cleaning away the dirt in your hair, your shampoo can also strip away the natural oils and moisture of your hair. When the hair is not conditioned, it can worsen with the constant styling and pollution. It contain in them oils and other substances that are supposed to provide your hair with moisture. 

Conditioners form a layer over your hair cuticles and seal them. This way the natural moisture of the hair gets locked in and dehydration from outside doesn’t happen. It also contributes to making your hair less frizzy and provides volume.

In recent years, awareness has been raised about the economical and environmental impacts that hair products have. Since most of the conditioners have sulfatesparabens and silicones in them, they can often be more harmful than useful to your hair.


These ingredients can weigh the hair down and dry it out. Moreover, the plastic bottles it come in pollute the environment.  

PURC’s range of organic, cruelty-free conditioner bars helps you strengthen your hair as well as be eco-friendly. These conditioner bars are all made through a natural process with natural ingredients. The packaging these bars come in is also very minimalist and travel-friendly.

conditioner bar


The conditioner bar range consists of three bars:


Coconut Conditioner Bar

The Coconut Oil extract present in this conditioner bar provides intense nourishment to the scalp and keeps it healthy. The oil contains fatty acids that allow it to permeate and help retain moisture. It also helps in increasing blood circulation, which initiates hair growth and strengthens the hair shafts. The Olive Oil in the bar acts as a detoxifying agent and reduces hair damage while nurturing your hair. 

Coconut Conditioner Bar

The Coconut Conditioner Bar is most suitable for dry, damaged, and coloured hair. The ingredients in the bar make it perfect for catering to hair that needs repairing. The bar cares for damaged hair without putting any weight on it. It can be used in conjunction with PURC’S Hair Nut Coconut Shampoo Bar.


Lavender Conditioner Bar

Lavender Extract is known for stimulating hair growth. It also has antibacterial properties that reduce itching, flakes, and dandruff. Lavender is a great ingredient in countering hair and scalp inflammation and its calming fragrance helps in reducing stress and tension. It is also known to help with thickening the hair and reducing hair loss. Along with this, the bar also has Glycerin that provides the hair with smoothness and helps in growth.

The Lavender Conditioner Bar is the product for those who have greasy or dry hair. It will help to prevent frizz and restore moisture in your hair. This is due to the antimicrobial properties of lavender that it can cure dryness as well as excess oil. It can be used alongside PURC Lavender Shampoo Bar.

Lavender Conditioner Bar


Seaweed Conditioner Bar

Seaweed is a form of algae that is full of unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids. This property makes it a perfect ingredient for the conditioner bar. It also consists of Omega-3 fatty acids that provide your hair follicles with abundant nutrients. Seaweed also helps to make your hair stronger and silkier. In addition to this, the Olive Oil present in the conditioner bars eliminates excess sebum build-up, and Shea Butter locks in moisture and hydration.

Seaweed Conditioner Bar

The Seaweed Conditioner Bar is suitable for those who struggle with dry, rough scalp. It can be used for normal to oily scalp also. The conditioner bar can be teamed up with the Seaweed Shampoo Bar.


Although conditioning at first might seem like a lengthy and totally avoidable step, the fact is that it is very crucial. Conditioners help to provide the extra strength and support that your hair needs. They can not only compensate for your shampoo but also provide added nourishment to your hair. 

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