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Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics Bakuchiols bfbf99d7
Given the benefits of anti-aging ingredients, Bakuchiol is quite an in trend these days. It is a natural anti-aging agent whose efficacy has been compared to retinol.  To start with, Bakuchiol is found in the plant Psoralea corylifolia, and is completely different from retinol in its structure. However, both they both act in a similar […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics shea butters 1735dd37
Numerous problems could be resolved with just one ingredient- Shea Butter. Winter is the most awaited season and also the most concerning season of the year. Your skin gets dry, your scalp starts flaking, and your body loses its natural sheen. Shea butter comes to the rescue! It is the most multifaceted and affordable moisturizer […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics ginseng 754963bf
Amidst the sea of different ingredients available, Ginseng has been proven to show visible results in improving hair loss, dandruff, and restoring hair strength and scalp. Hair problems can have a bunch of different reasons, but fixing them almost seems impossible. While it is normal to lose 50-100 hair strands a day, anything more than […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics cinnamon stick ad890355
Cinnamon is currently one of the preferred natural hair care solutions thanks to its effective role in hair growth. This spice appeals to everyone worldwide, including beauty enthusiasts. Every sprinkle of cinnamon has the potential for hair transformation. However, not everything is good with this spice, not when myths give it a bad name. No […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol PURCorganics sustainable books d1df9b8a
Knowledge and awareness can help us better understand how we humans damage the environment around us. The only way to move towards a better future is through sustainability. If you observe your surroundings, a question might often bug you- ”Why are many environmental problems so difficult to solve?” To understand the basics and depths of […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics polygonum plant 5d83275c
The traditional treasure box of herbs holds a lot of secret ingredients and one of them has to be Polygonum multiflorum, also known as ‘Fo-ti’ or Chinese knotweed. Legend says that fo-ti was discovered by a Chinese man, Mr. He who regained his health, black mane, and vitality through this magical herb.  Polygonum multiflorum has […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics dark hair colors 1 d8df417b
Greying hair is a sign of wisdom and maturity but it can create a dent in one’s personality. In the modern era of hustle and bustle, hair loss and premature greying can also be caused due to pollution, stress, and several external factors. While there are numerous treatments to prevent grey hair and hair fall, […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol PURCorganics sustainable journey 02a9c297
Intermittently, you might feel you aren’t doing enough, and your contributions towards sustainability don’t count. This might make you give up on your journey, but pause a minute, breathe, ponder, and get back on track.  Being sustainable throughout your life might seem unrealistic but it gets easier with optimism. If you are struggling to stay […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics Winter Hair Care Tips e5cbd677
Now that the winter is here, we need to give some extra love to our hair. Your hair condition in winter differs a lot from the summer months. Consequently, a winter hair care routine will be different from your summer routine. With thousands of products floating around in the market, it can get overwhelming to […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purcorganics caviar hair treatment 4ed40fed
Your hair is the crown you never take off and the element that is as defining as your skin color. Having said that, it is essential to take care of your mane to keep it shining and healthy. Ever since the beauty industry started evolving, there have been several organic and chemical ingredients which have […]
Bakuchiol - Better Than Retinol purc hair dyes 962953a8
How To Make A Solid Shampoo That Works For Colored Hair The hair color trend changes over time and hair coloring adds color to our lives, like leaves that change color with the seasons. We now have a wide selection of safe products to color our hair. Even though we have high performance shampoos for […]
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