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Hair Dyes Are Safe With PURC!

Hair Dyes Are Safe With PURC! purc hair care
Hair Dyes Are Safe With PURC! pexels photo 3120342 ac529fae Hair Dyes Are Safe With PURC! pexels photo 3120342 ac529fae
Hair Dyes Are Safe With PURC! purc magical treatment 1

Hair dyes is a trend that has been here since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians used to dye their hair using henna too, so hair colouring is basically ancestral. The way you style your hair can say a lot about you. It is the best way to express yourself freely. It makes you who you are. A simple haircut or a hair colour change can transform your entire look and make you love the person you look at in the mirror. Hair dyeing is a great way to have confidence in yourself and who you are. 

Why We Love Hair Dyeing!

Colouring your hair is a big rage nowadays. As it should be!

Hair colouring not only transforms the way you look but also increases your confidence and makes you truly feel like your true inner authentic self. It helps you be more adventurous and try out new things, it helps you let loose and be less fearful in everything you do. 

Take a small leap: even if it’s a lighter shade of brown than your natural hair, it’s still brave and adventurous, so go for it!

Downsides To Toxic Hair Products

Hair dyeing at salons nowadays can be a major load on the pocket. Salon hair dyeing is time-consuming, expensive, and can get boring. 

Dyeing your hair at home is easy and efficient; 

But then again, with the rising popularity of dyeing your hair at home comes an increasing number of products to choose from. 

Which DIY Hair Dyeing Kit Is The Best? 

We recommend using natural toxic-free hair dyes so you have the same healthy, virgin-looking hair as you had before. 

If you constantly dye your hair with cheap over-the-counter hair dyes, your hair is bound to “DYE” of damage. 

  • These products are a recipe for rough, hair-fall-bound hair, which is not a good look. 
  • These products thin your hair out and make your hair more likely to fall out as well as the damage it irrevocably. It’s the last product you want to buy.

 We suggest only buying natural products because it’s the only way to avoid and stay away from problems like these and still have amazingly beautiful, healthy hair. Keep all these points in mind when considering buying a hair-dyeing product.

Why Choose PURC?

PURC is home to one of the most natural products. Natural products are being spoken about everywhere! We, as a society, are becoming more conscious about the products we choose to use, and using natural brands like PURC is just a necessary start to a conscious and aware society.

PURC Wax Hair Dyes

PURC organics offers hair dyeing products so you DIY your way into flawless hair that turns heads! PURC’s wax hair dyes are definitely one for the books. With the latest collection of hair wax dyes, you can colour up your life in just a few minutes. Regular dyeing can sometimes almost take up your whole day with the long lists of instructions they come with, which is why you should choose PURC’s organic hair dyes. 

PURC has a wide range of colours that range from red to silver to green. This company has something for everyone and we are here for it!

How Are The Wax Dyes Different From The Regular Hair Dyes?

Using hair wax dyes is all the fuss currently. It is a temporary, cream-based product and contains less ammonia than those harsh semi-permanent dyes you see everywhere. It’s the best alternative, and it’s temporary too! 

Why would anyone choose wax dyes?

You can go from a greenhead to a redhead in a short period of time without damaging your hair! 

Furthermore, wax dyes are comparatively so much easier to apply and use. It is quick, effective and doesn’t harm your hair. However, do remember to buy these wax dyes that are made up of ingredients that are all found in nature, and free of chemicals or any toxins.

What You Need To Dye Your Hair At Home.

So are you all ready to start your hair dyeing journey? Here are the top four must-have tools for anyone considering dyeing their hair at home:

  • Hair Dye Brush – An essential for the process. Ensure to use good quality brushes for the best smooth strokes for the best hair dyeing experience.
Hair Dyes Brushes
Good-Quality Hair Dye Brushes make the process easier.
  • Gloves – to protect your hands from staining
  • Petroleum Jelly- to protect the skin around your hairline from staining
  • Temporary Hair Dye Wax – Remember to choose hair dyes that are naturally made. 
wax hair dyes
PURC Hair Wax Dye

Pro tip: Conditioner is your best friend, so always remember to always wash your hair with conditioner after your hair dyeing process. It helps to beat the dryness and roughness like a champ.

In Essence

Colour your heart out! Colouring your hair may also make you feel like a completely new person, and we recommend you embrace it wholeheartedly! But just remember to keep your hair safe and protected from nasties. Always read the ingredients carefully before buying these products. Happy hair colourin’!

About The Author

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Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole is a certified trichologist and a recognized authority in the field of hair care and hair growth. With over a decade of professional experience, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a Hair Care Specialist and Blogger at PURC Organics. Sarah began her journey in the beauty industry, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetology from the esteemed London College of Fashion. Her passion for hair health led her to further her education, becoming a certified trichologist from the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). Over the years, Sarah has helped thousands of clients achieve their hair goals through her personalized, science-based approach to hair care. She specializes in assessing the health of hair and scalp, identifying issues, and recommending holistic, organic solutions. Her expertise covers a wide range of hair concerns, including damage repair, hair growth, scalp health, and hair aging. Sarah is a regular contributor to several renowned beauty and wellness publications, where she shares her insights and latest findings in hair care. Her commitment to promoting healthier hair care routines using natural, organic products aligns perfectly with the ethos of PURC Organics. Through her blogs, Sarah aims to educate readers about the importance of using the right hair care products and practices. Her deep understanding of hair biology and the impact of natural ingredients on hair health has made her an indispensable part of the PURC Organics team. Sarah’s authoritative voice and expert advice in the field of hair care make her a trusted source of information. Her dedication to promoting eco-friendly, effective hair care solutions continues to inspire and guide individuals towards a healthier hair care journey.
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