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Benefits Of Adding Hair Mask To Your Hair Care Regime

Beautiful hair is just a step away.

Although it may be inconvenient to spend an extra few minutes in the shower, utilizing a hair mask is essential for maintaining your tresses. They’re effective treatments for dryness, frizz, damage, and a general lack of nutrients that affect your locks. Your hair type affects how often you should use one, which one is best for you, and what hair care routine you should follow. Unlike your everyday shampoo and conditioner, hair masks penetrate deeper into the hair strand and cure damaged hair.

They usually contain rich ingredients with natural oils and antioxidants in higher concentrations than conditioners. They are typically formulated to strengthen, moisturize, improve hair’s condition, minimize hair breakage, smooth frizz, make hair more manageable, boost shine, and make hair feel less dry. 

hair serum

Everyone should use a hair mask even if your hair isn’t colored or heat styled, it can lose moisture due to everyday wear and tear, and masks can substantially increase shine, bounce, and condition while also preventing future damage. The state of your hair determines the frequency with which you apply the mask. Masks can be applied once a month or on every wash if needed, depending on the degree of damage to the hair, hair texture, and hair density. Check out our PURC Magical Hair Mask collection below:

Our Range Of Hair Masks

PURC Magical Treatment Hair Mask

PURC Magical Treatment Hair Mask

The Magical Treatment Hair Mask from PURC revitalizes dry, dull hair by adding natural shine. This beauty elixir also adds smoothness to your hair for a velvety finish. Our unique secret formula, which includes plant-based extracts, Keratin, and Argan oil, profoundly heals hair by softening the texture of your hair and creating volume. Keratin works by avoiding static accumulation by smoothing out overlapping hair cells. As a result, it keeps frizz at bay while also preventing tangles.

After using this conditioner, the hydration you get is primarily due to the argan oil and plant extracts that nourish your scalp. They’re high in antioxidants and phytochemicals, which protect while moisturizing your hair. All hair types and hairstyles can benefit from our formula. It’s the perfect remedy for hair that’s healthy, lustrous, manageable, and soft to the touch. The PURC Magical Hair Mask is made with only the finest natural ingredients and is free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, artificial fragrances, and harsh chemicals. This conditioner is appropriate for all hair types and provides long-lasting results. To get the most out of the conditioner, you’ll need to use a small amount. 

Nourishing Leave in Hair Mask 

Nourishing Leave in Hair Mask

The PURC Organics Nourishing Leave-In Hair Mask is a one-of-a-kind hair mask with a long list of advantages. This is the mask to use if you want your hair to be beautiful and frizz-free as it nourishes and softens your hair from the roots up. It contains Argan oil, increases blood circulation, and provides intense conditioning to your hair. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the PURC magical mask calms your scalp and cures the damage caused by stress and environmental toxins.

The leave-in hair mask’s creamy texture makes application a breeze, and it penetrates deep into your scalp to replenish your hair’s essential nutrients. It smoothes rough hair texture, softens frizzy hair, and gives dull, limp hair a high gloss. The mask’s effects last for a long time after you’ve used it. Within weeks of using the mask daily, you will see a noticeable difference. The nourishing leave-in hair mask is also cruelty-free, vegan, 100 percent organic, and has no artificial aroma, as it is made up of purely natural elements. It has been dermatologically tested and is suited for all hair types.  

Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Coconut Oil has been a well-known hair care method for years. Then how could we not include the essential ingredient in our hair mask? The Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask helps give your hair a new lease of life by stimulating hair follicles, promoting new hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp, reducing hair tension, and conditioning your hair deeply, leaving it silky and soft. Made of entirely natural components and a tried-and-true light recipe that does not weigh hair down, the PURC Coconut Mask has a smooth consistency and a creamy feel.

It is packed with powerful elements like vitamin E and fatty acids, which nourish your scalp, improve the texture of your hair, and in turn are sure to enhance your hair’s health and appearance by giving it a high gloss. The coconut hair mask is cruelty-free, vegan, and 100 percent organic. Artificial aroma, harsh chemicals, parabens, and other preservatives are all absent from this coconut product. It’s non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) and suitable for all skin types. The hair mask is also excellent for persons with eczema and psoriasis due to its natural and safe ingredients. 

Volcanic Mud Hair Repair Mask

Volcanic Mud Hair Repair Mask

The Volcanic Mud Hair Repair Mask absorbs the richness of nature through minerals such as Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, and many negatively charged particles abound in volcanic mud, commonly known as Bentonite clay. This luxurious clay is one of the best purifying and exfoliating agents for your scalp. Still, because volcanic mud can be drying, this mask is blended with plant extracts like Aloe vera, Chamomile, and Marigold extracts to hydrate and nourish your scalp and give you fuller hair while protecting your hair from future damage. Making the PURC mud mask rich in minerals and critical nutrients that promote healthy hair growth. It comes with many advantages that you definitely won’t want to pass up!

Those with curly hair will benefit from this mask, particularly as the Bentonite clay detoxifies the scalp and aids in defining natural curls. Antimicrobial qualities in volcanic mud also keep dandruff at bay and limit the risk of bacterial infections. This allows your scalp to breathe more freely and absorb nutrients more effectively. Dermatologically verified the hair mask is suitable for people with alopecia and psoriasis.

Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Masque

Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Masque

One of our favorites from the PURC hair mask range, the Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Masque, is for those looking to achieve delicateness, radiance, and long-lasting moisture protection for their hair. Vitamin E, Omega 3, and Omega 9 fatty acids are abundantly present in this argan oil-based hair mask formula. It helps repair the hair and deeply conditions it to restore softness and luster, making it simpler to manage. Start by applying a liberal amount of the mask to clean, damp hair and distribute evenly for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. You can use extra or a second application on the ends for long hair, then spread evenly with a wide-toothed comb. 

Pro Tips From Hair Expert:

  1. Don’t rush your masking treatment in the shower. Allow the mask to sit on your hair for the recommended amount of time to gain the full advantages of the product. Also, don’t leave it on for an extended time as the hair can only absorb a certain amount of product; the longer it’s kept on, it won’t always provide more significant results.
  2. To get the most out of your mask and avoid wasting it, follow the directions exactly. If the mask requires wet hair before application, make sure to follow it; otherwise, you’ll use a lot more product, and your hair won’t be as hydrated if you apply these to dry hair.
  3. Consult your hairstylist before using a mask or any conditioning product on your hair if you’ve recently colored it or had a chemical treatment.

5 PURC Products To Help You Fight The Stubborn Dandruff

Winters are for fun, not flakes.

As the winter approaches, it is natural to be afraid of finding dandruff on your shoulders, pillow, and whatnot. Dandruff is one of the most common and stubborn hair issues and is difficult to treat. While the itchy and irritating issue is prevalent in dry, cold seasons, it can also happen all year round in some cases. Dandruff is usually caused by excessive oil production, dryness from using hair products, improper diet, insufficient and inefficient cleansing, etc.

Although dandruff is a recurring issue, it is usually easily treatable. There are a few things you can do to control the issue. For instance, it is suggested to brush your hair from roots to the tip as this may help to prevent buildup. Regular cleansing with a good shampoo is also advised alongside oiling. Having a healthy diet, limiting styling products, and managing stress are also some ways to control dandruff. You can also make use of home products like yogurt, fenugreek seeds, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, baking powder to help treat dandruff.


With your daily hectic routine, it can be hard to take extra care and precautions for your hair. We have compiled a list of five PURC products that will help you win the fight against dandruff.

five PURC products that will help you win the fight against dandruff

Mint Shampoo Bar

Mint, also known as Mentha, is a herb that has been in use for a long time for its healing quality. Mint is suitable for all hair types, be it dry or oily.  The herb is known to be rich in antioxidants, antibiotics, and carotene. Mint is also considered to be anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Due to these properties, Mint becomes very beneficial for hair care, especially for treating dandruff.

mint shampoo bar

PURC’s Mint Shampoo Bar is made with organic ingredients like Menthol Extract and Chrysanthemum. The bar is free from sulfates, silicones, and parabens. Each of the ingredients used helps in improving the health of your hair. Chrysanthemum promotes hair growth by providing nourishment to your roots, shea butter helps in providing moisture and nutrients, and the main ingredient, Menthol Extract helps to fight dandruff and acts as a coolant. It also helps in blood circulation, which helps in controlling hair loss and increasing hair growth.

The Mint Shampoo Bar is highly recommended for those who suffer from dandruff and dry scalp. The bar with its antifungal and antimicrobial properties will help prevent dandruff and moisturize the scalp. This is when the Mint Shampoo Bar becomes a perfect go-to guide.

Lavender Shampoo Bar

Lavender Extract is widely known for its fragrance, but it is used for stimulating hair growth. It is known to be antibacterial and help in reducing itching, flakes, and dandruff. The calming fragrance of lavender helps in reducing stress and tension while countering hair problems like dandruff. It also helps with thickening the hair and reducing hair loss. Along with this, the bar also has Glycerin that provides the hair with smoothness and helps in growth.

Lavender Shampoo Bar

The PURC’s Lavender Shampoo Bar is a product for all. Whether you have greasy or dry hair, the product will help to prevent dandruff and restore moisture in your hair. The bar consists of lavender, hackmatack, and rosemary extracts, which help in alleviating stress and anxiety. Lavender is also known to remove dandruff, dirt, and lice from hair and encourage hair growth. In addition to this, the antimicrobial properties of lavender can cure dryness as well as excess oil.

Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bar

Much like our skin, our scalp also needs to be exfoliated properly. Activated charcoal is extremely porous and this allows it to absorb oil and sebum from the scalp. Along with this, charcoal is also known to promote hair growth and provide shine to the hair. Since charcoal cleanses the scalp, removes excess sebum, detoxifies the hair follicles, and removes all dandruff in the hair. 

Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bar

PURC’s Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bar contains bamboo charcoal, which is created from burnt bamboo plant pieces that have been harvested for five years or more. Bamboo charcoal allows your scalp to breathe and absorbs nutrients by unclogging the pores. Due to its deep cleansing, the charcoal helps to clear out dandruff and helps in blood circulation.

The Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bar is made from organic, vegan, and cruelty-free elements. It contains bamboo charcoal, Chrysanthemum, Juniper Berries, and shea butter oil. All these products provide the necessary nutrients to your hair and help them grow.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil originates from Australia and is known for treating multiple skin problems. It helps in treating acne, preventing excess oil production, curing inflammation and infections, skin wounds, and more. PURC’s Tea Tree Essential Oil is a multipurpose essential oil that is a 100 percent organic concoction of Tea Tree Oil and Terpenin-O.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil is also known to increase blood circulation in the scalp, help with dandruff, and soothe the skin. Terpenin-O makes up for about 40 percent of the oil and has immense benefits. It has antimicrobial properties and helps with acne, lice, and healing wounds on your body and face. This oil helps to reduce dandruff from the scalp without ever making your hair greasy. All thanks to its oil balancing quality.

PURC’s oil is made up of natural and organic ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Terpenin-O, Flower Base, and water. It also contains shea butter oil. The product is organic, sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.


girl laughing sitting in snow

Dandruff is a worry, but it doesn’t have to be. While it might be hard to get rid of it, especially in the colder seasons, you can take measures to minimize its effects. Making use of these products can help you win the fight against dandruff and will without the fear of finding flakes on your shoulders.

PURC Christmas Gifting Guide ft. Winter Hair Care

PURC Christmas Gifting Guide ft. Winter Hair Care purcorganics Christmas Gifting Guide For Winter Hair Care

Stand out this holiday season with eco-friendly Christmas gifts cause tís the season to be jolly!

Is it just us, or does the holiday season seem brighter this year than it has in the past? Many of us are finally reuniting with loved ones, and finding the ideal gifts is proving to be a lot more exciting! With Christmas Eve less than a week away, we’ve officially entered the season of last-minute holiday shopping. But don’t worry if you still have some shopping to do (or haven’t even begun): there are still plenty of fantastic Christmas gift sets that you can shop for in our brand new PURC products, perfect for gifting this season. So with your final chance to get a terrific gift that will arrive on time and will leave a lasting impression forever on your loved ones this green Christmas!

We’ve all got that one friend who is impossible to buy anything for; why not go for offbeat presents that your friends and family would not think of right away, like hair care products for winter care is a favorite of ours. Eco-friendly gifts such as Hair Smoothening Sprays, Essential Oils, Hair Dye Wax, and more are among the standouts. They are unlike the usual gifting choices like clothes, games, toys, electronics, and jewelry, and what’s more? They add an extra element of surprise! 

Since we’re committed to making sure you leave this gifting season smelling as fresh as pine, so to take some of the pressure off, we’re here to help you locate the right gift, no matter how many Christmas gifts you’ve already ticked off your shopping list or their wish list. We have gifts for all the influential women in your life, from your grandmother to your best friend to even your work wife. Look no further and check out our unique and some exciting new PURC products:

Sleigh The Ho-Ho-Ho Season With These Christmas Gift

1. Instant Hair Smoothening Spray

instant hair smoothening spray: Christmas gift ideas

To protect and nourish your hair against winter frizz, our Instant Hair Smoothening Spray creates a barrier to protect hair from heat exposure up to 450º F before using a hair dryer or curling wand. The spray-like liquid can make hair silky and hydrated by combining Moroccan Argan Oil, Ginger extracts, and other nutrients. It will provide a barrier to protect hair from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit before using a hair dryer or curling wand to prevent frizz.

2. Natural Hair Density Essential Oil

Natural Hair Density Essential Oil

Our Natural Hair Density Essential Oil makes for the perfect green Christmas. It has Natural Ginger extract, a beneficial component that promotes hair growth, boosts focus, and cleanses the scalp. A few drops of it can successfully increase blood circulation on the scalp, reducing hair loss and strengthening the hair roots. This oil, made from natural plant extracts, also offers a refreshing and warm scent that reminds you of Christmas while promoting hair care.

3. Nourishing Leave-In Hair Mask

Nourishing Leave-In Hair Mask

PURC Organics Nourishing Leave-In Hair Mask nourishes and softens your hair from the roots up. The leave-in hair mask is cruelty-free, vegan, and 100% organic. It has a creamy texture that makes applying the mask a breeze. This nourishing mask has been dermatologically tested and is suited for all hair types. It has no artificial aroma and is made up of purely natural ingredients.

This is the mask to use if you want your hair to be beautiful, frizz-free, fresh-smelling, non-greasy, and nourished all day in winter. Thanks to the natural ingredients, it calms your scalp. It cures the damage caused by stress and environmental toxins by penetrating deep into your scalp and replenishing your hair’s critical nutrients. It smoothes the rough texture, softens frizzy hair, and gives dull, limp hair a high gloss. Containing Argan Oil helps increase blood circulation and provides intense conditioning to your hair.

4. Temporary Hair Dye Wax

Temporary Hair Dye Wax

Hair wax is usually used to hold hairstyles in place for long periods, hydrate the hair, and keep it firmly in all-weather situations. And that’s why PURC Organics brings to you the Temporary Hair Dye Wax to add some color to your hair (and life) in winters. It can temporarily fulfill all purposes of setting and coloring, styling, and giving it a cool, sensual, and current appearance. On holidays, parties, events, special occasions, and all-night gatherings, PURC Hair Dye Wax lasts longer and is completely safe to use. It has several advantages for dry, brittle hair.

This wax, made with a healthy mix, is free of harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals that can harm your hair and is ideal for days when you want to look extra spectacular. Psoriasis and eczema sufferers can use it because it is non-comedogenic. Apart from that, the dyed wax is enriched with occlusive compounds that seal in moisture and prevent dryness in your hair while enhancing hair texture, strengthening brittle hair, and instantly hydrating dull and dry hair as it is gentle on your hair and does not deplete your scalp’s natural oils and nutrients.

Just like the colorful baubles we hang on our Christmas trees, our Hair Dye Wax is available in the following colors – Blue, Golden, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, and White.

5. Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit

The Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit is a three-step hair bonding treatment that helps repair winter-damaged hair by helping your hair regain strength by rebuilding disulfide bonds. These disulfide bonds form when the hair is exposed to chemical treatments, pollution, frequent heat, or intense sun rays, making it prone to breakage. By combining molecules of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate with sulfur atoms and forming disulfide bridges, the oplex therapy aids in the repair of damaged bonds. 

A bond maintenance shampoo, hair perfecter, and bond maintenance conditioner are included in the PURC Oplex set. It can be used on colored and chemically treated hair without causing damage. The PURC Oplex Reconstructor Kit is a hair rebonding treatment that strengthens your hair, makes it more resistant to color and bleach while also making it shiny. The Oplex Shampoo is sulfate-free and contains Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, Sweet Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil, which nurture and detangle your hair, respectively.

This treatment helps reduce dryness and promotes hair development by including these hydrating substances. The Oplex Conditioner works the same way as a regular conditioner, but it’s better at avoiding frizz and dullness while repairing and strengthening your hair shafts. The Oplex Hair Perfecter is a salon-quality at-home treatment with 12.5% active ingredients. If you have or plan to have colored or bleached hair, the Oplex treatment kit is ideal. This will prolong the life of your hair color, strengthen your hair follicles, and give your hair the extra gloss it requires.

6. Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Perfect for winters, our pure, thick & viscous argan oil made with pressed healthy argan tree nut kernels will help keep you supple and nourished all season long. Moroccan Argan Hair Oil is the best ingredient for repairing damaged and dry hair. High in fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-9, vitamin E, and more, this particular Hair Oil is lightweight and does not weigh down your hair. It will deeply hydrate your scalp, restore damaged hair, and boost your hair growth. The Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids produce a lipid barrier that prevents moisture loss in your hair.

They encourage hair development by increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Omega-9 fatty acids also aid in the flexibility of your hair shafts, which prevents hair breaking. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and eliminates pollutants from the scalp. In summary, your hair cuticles effectively absorb nutrients and strengthen your hair using PURC Moroccan Argan Hair Oil. It nourishes your scalp, gives it a silky texture, and provides intense nourishment while improving hair volume and preventing breakage. 


Make your own PURC gift set or choose the above individual products as part of our ethical gifting guide to give to your loved ones this gifting season. The clock may be ticking on getting your holiday gifting set out the door, but at PURC Organics, we offer quick, reasonable shipping choices, ensuring that you and your loved one’s packages reach on time. Visit our website here for more of our products.

From all of us at PURC Organics, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Everything You Need To Know About Bath Bombs!

bath bombs

Get a bath bomb and cast your very own magical bath time spell!

bath bombs

It is known that stress accumulated from our hectic work/life routines has harmed our skin and minds over the years. Even personal care and cleaning our skin of daily dirt and grime is considered a task if one considers going to a spa or getting a massage to relax the muscles. But now, tender loving care doesn’t have to come at the expense of blowing your wallet.

This is where the advantages of luxury bath bombs come into play. Bath bombs have recently gained immense popularity are made up of components that are deliciously aromatic and skin-soothing. They offer a pampering experience where you may decompress and rest before bedtime. So, you can toss in your favorite bath bomb and enjoy the ultimate bubbly, fizzy, and luxurious night in.

Bath bombs are appearing in gift guides all around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re a way to make the ideal bath even more beneficial for the mind and body while simultaneously hydrating dry skin. Read on to find out what bath bombs are, what they’re made of, and how they are used below:

What Are Bath Bombs And How Are They Used?

Bath bombs are spherical in shape and single-use mixtures of moisturizing, scented extracts, and oils that you may toss in your tub before taking a bath. The main constituents are sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda), citric acid, and cornstarch, which react with one another once dissolved in water to provide the famous fizzing effect. The bath bomb dissolves and breaks apart due to this reaction, unleashing all of the good stuff inside, including delightful smells, colors, and skin-softening emollients. If the bath bomb includes perfumes or scented oils, they are discharged into the air with carbon dioxide bubbles. There are various ways and reasons for using bath bombs.

bath bomb and candle

1. The atmosphere has everything to do with how to use bath bombs. Begin by clearing and organizing the area in your bathroom. Light some candles, dim the lights, and fill your bathroom with plants and greenery!

2. If you need to unwind, why not try recreating a spa-like experience with all the necessary equipment? After the bath, have fresh, clean towels, a clean rug, a velvety robe, and slippers ready to depart.

3. Create the ideal bath and relax while the bath bomb works its magic. Fill your bathtub with warm water until it reaches the perfect depth for you. Then to have some bubbly fun, unwrap the bath bomb and drop it in your tub.

4. Pick your favorite stress reliever – Think about what helps you unwind. The most effective method to get the most out of this experience is to figure out how to use bath bombs on your own. This is the ideal moment to curl up with a good book or flip through your favorite magazine. Put on some soothing music or listen to that podcast you’ve heard about but never gotten around to listening to. You can even meditate if you close your eyes.

Once you’ve found a bath bomb brand you like, and that is open about its ingredients, play around with different aromas to find your perfect blend!

purc bath bombs

Bath bomb gift sets are an excellent idea for a present. They’re festive, and a bath bomb as a gift is hard to go wrong with. The essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile used in bath bombs are pretty effective, calm the senses, and ease stress and anxiety in a hot. The bath bombs provide a wonderful aromatherapy experience that helps one relax and forget all their stress. Nothing shows that you care about someone and their health more than this. So, go forth and do something kind for someone!

Keratosis pilaris sufferers can also benefit significantly from the use of bath bombs. The accumulation of keratin is the leading cause of the illness, and because these bath bombs soften your skin, they remove the extra keratin and offer a more even skin texture.

Most bath bombs are made with locally sourced natural products, and what better way to be socially responsible. You can have fun with a product that doesn’t use plastic bottles or ingredients in bubbles or soaps that are bad for the environment— giving you another guilt-free way to use or gift a bath bomb.


List Of Our Bath Bomb Products

bath bomb products

1. Bubble Bath Bomb

The primary element in our PURC bath bomb series is sea salt, making the skin smooth and silky. Natural essential oils are used, and the scent lasts a long time. Removes dead skin cells gently while increasing blood circulation, softening the cuticle, and alleviating irritation, weariness, and other symptoms. In only one bath, you can reap numerous health benefits. Moisturizing, brightening, and calming, this combination is an excellent remedy for weariness and is suitable for all skin types.


2. Rainbow Bubble Bath Bomb Kit 

PURC bath bombs provide a luxurious experience. These bath bombs, made with tangerine and floral extracts, are high in vitamin C, emollients, essential oils, cleaning clay, and skin-healing properties. The mixture is then allowed to dry before being molded into various shapes. Shea butter, sea salt, and sodium bicarbonate are also included in the bath bombs. These substances aid in the detoxification of your body while also providing a luxurious bathing experience.


3. Fizzy Bathing Bombs Dual Set 

As part of our Fizzy Bathing Bombs Dual Set, we offer different bath bombs such as Calendula, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Oat Milk, Osmanthus (Devilwood), Rose, Rosemary, and Strawberry. These bath bombs are perfect for an at-home spa and have up to 3 years of shelf life.

Although stress is unavoidable, we can still make life fun by indulging in some quality me-time. After all, the little things in life matter, so why not do it by adding a little bath bomb pampering and taking care of our mind and soul at the same time. 
Like what you’ve read? Click here to learn more about our products or check out our blogs for sustainable and healthy living tips!

Sustainability Is The Key: 7 Bloggers Who Are Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future

The increase in temperature and pollution has led to many concerns all around the world. Living a more sustainable lifestyle has become a need, and not a choice.  Sustainability refers to development that fulfils the needs of the present generations without threatening the fulfilment of the future generation’s needs. While one might be eager to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, it can be hard to navigate through everyday life. To help you out, here are a few bloggers that assist you in your sustainable journey.

two hands meeting: bloggers to sustainabilty

Be sustainable today for the future.

7 bloggers that assist you in your sustainable journey


Founded in 2005 by Jill FehrenbacherInhabitat is a bloggers focused on living a sustainable lifestyle. Jill Fehrenbacher is herself an environmentally conscious designer and has multiple articles on her blog. The articles vary from detailed environment-related news to eco-friendly product designs. The aim of the blog is to bring to light information about the ecological progress taking place in various parts of the world. Inhabitat’s blog reminds us that it’s important to integrate sustainable eco-friendly ideals into our everyday technology, policies, and products. The blog is neatly divided into different headers such as Design,LifestyleEnvironment, etc. You can even subscribe to the newsletter by simply giving your email ID.

buildings : bloggers

My Zero Waste

The blog was started by Mr. and Mrs. Green to spread awareness regarding waste management and environmental contamination. Mr. Green says that the purpose of My Zero Waste is to reduce the amount of waste produced in households. The blog features various articles focused on recyclingwaste disposal, and other such issues. It also talks about how to reduce food waste and replace certain items with environmental alternatives. The blog focuses onachieving sustainability from an individual level because when everyone comes together and unity to work towards a single goal, it becomes achievable.

Green Living AZ Magazine

This Arizona-based magazine is an all-rounder. From Health and Wellness to Technology, this magazine covers all the topics you could think of. Green Living focuses on helping people in adopting more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. The magazine goes beyond the usual and includes all aspects of life in a sustainable way. This is a great way to remember how sustainable living is something that can be incorporated into any part of your life. The magazine also promotes many community events. You can also get their subscription and membership under their product section.

Frugally Sustainable

When you start out on your sustainability journey, you might feel like it is not budget friendly. This is where Frugally Sustainable comes in. Andrea, the founder, believes that going sustainable doesn’t mean emptying your wallet. The blog is full of articles that provide cheap eco-friendly product options in all areas from kitchen items to gifts, the blog has you covered. This blog really helps to make the sustainable lifestyle more accessible. It is divided into sections: Herbs and Remedies,Natural LivingFoodDIY and Beauty, and Homesteading.

vegetable garden : blogger


Founded in 2004 by Jon Broussan, Onya is another lifestyle blog that makes sustainability a reality for many. Other than various articles about living a more environment-friendly lifestylefood storage tipszero-waste parties, the blog also offers sustainable options to everyone. From shopping bags to bottles to lunch wraps and much more. It helps by not only educating people about a sustainable lifestyle but also helps them in making it a reality by offering the products they need. 

Shelburne Farms

Shelburne Farms is a blog mainly dedicated to sustainable food production. The blog centers around farmingcompostinggrowing your own producerecipes and so on. Based in Vermont, the blog offers it’s services for buying their organic produce. The products consist of cheese, maple syrup, meats, and so on. The process of production of food involves use of chemicals and resources that harm the environment. The transportation of the produce, fossil fuels are burned, which eventually harms the environment. Therefore, it is important to make use of organic produce. 

Eluxe Magazine

One of the most difficult products to consume ethically are beauty products. Eluxe Magazine mainly focuses on fashionbeautyfood, and wellness products that can be used in an environment-friendly manner. Founded by Chere Di Boscio, the articles in the magazine mainly focus on beauty products that can be incorporated in everyday life. Most beauty products involve animal cruelty as well as the use of chemicals that pollute the environment. Creating awareness about ethical beauty, lifestyle and products can help to curb not only environmental pollution but also animal violence



As the environment conditions get worse and worse, living sustainably is now becoming a necessity .Sustainability might seem difficult to achieve at first, but with a little assistance it can be smooth sailing. Conserving the earth’s resources is the best option for the present as well as future generations. Living sustainably is not only helpful for the humans, but also for all of earth’s species and their future.

Are Shampoo Bars More Sustainable Than Shampoo Bottles?

shampoo bars

Take the high road and opt for sustainable living with shampoo bars.

Our bathing and showering habits have created a massive plastic problem over the years. Plastics are a material that is used in the packaging of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, face washes, scrubs, and even most sponges. Although this wasn’t always the case, increased demand in the personal care sector and changes in how we bathe have contributed to the increase in the plastic landscape. What started as a well-intentioned initiative to promote personal hygiene and access to cleaning supplies has swiftly grown into a thriving industry segment.

Every year,550 million unused shampoo bottles are discarded in the United States alone. This statistic only includes the numbers for shampoo bottles. Imagine what the numbers would be if conditioners, body washes, and other products were included. The problem begins from here as only a tiny percentage of these bottles are recycled. Instead, the vast majority of them wind up in our trash cans. These enormous, bulky plastic containers are a significant source of many homes’ annual waste, with the average American using up to at least 11 bottles of shampoo each year!

The good news is that a variety of zero-waste shampoos and conditioners are now available. These environmentally friendly solutions minimize the need for plastic bottles, reduce shipping-related carbon emissions, and deliver an equivalent and possibly better cleaning experience. One such option is our PURC shampoo bars; they are eco-friendly and made entirely of natural ingredients. With this, you can go a step further and eliminate all the unneeded and potentially hazardous chemicals, resulting in a plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bar that will leave your hair feeling fresh and the environment thanking you.

Solid shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. It has the potential to be highly beneficial to the environment. Making the switch means eliminating single-use plastic, lowering your carbon impact, and keeping away dangerous chemicals from the water and the landfills. Take a look at the different aspects of using shampoo bottles vs. bars.

Benefits Of Opting For Shampoo Bars

shampoo bars

1. Shampoo Bars Help In Reducing Plastic Waste 

Each year, almost 11 million metric tonnes of plastic enter our ocean. Shampoo bottles require more plastic for their packaging, whereas we at PURC believe in minimal packaging. It is not unknown that the plastic waste crisis is genuine and harms our environment in alarming ways. Therefore, it’s wise to switch to shampoo bars as they use little to no plastic for packaging. Usually, the material used is biodegradable and recyclable.

2. Made Of Organic And Natural Ingredients

Most shampoo bars are made of natural ingredients and have no added chemicals or fragrance. In contrast, liquid shampoos have harmful chemicals added to them, which get washed down the drain and end up causing harm to our environment. All the products at Purc Organics are derived from non-toxic natural ingredients.

3. Cruelty Free 

Many shampoo bar businesses are working to protect the oceans, wildlife, and ecosystems harmed by the beauty industry’s mass production of chemical-laden goods. Many standard bottled shampoos contain preservatives and chemicals that deplete hair’s natural oils and dry up the scalp. These compounds are frequently absent from shampoo bars. Many of the bars are cruelty-free and feature essential oils and natural components. Another benefit? Palm oil, an ingredient connected to deforestation and environmental destruction, is absent from several shampoo bars.

Not only organic, but shampoo bars are also cruelty-free. We at PURC do not believe in testing our products on animals and are very much against animal testing.

4. Lower Carbon Footprint

Shampoo bars help reduce our carbon emissions since they have a lower carbon footprint than their liquid counterparts. A shampoo bar any day lasts more than a liquid shampoo. Most shampoo bars’ ingredients are less refined and processed than those in a regular bottle. This means that both the product and the package require less intensive manufacture. Even better, they’re a fraction of the size of bottles.

5. Pocket Friendly/Travel Friendly

Shampoo bars are not only environmentally friendly, but they are pocket friendly as well. A traveler’s worst nightmare comes true when airport security searches your bag and asks if you’re carrying too many liquids. And it only gets worse when you open your suitcase after a flight and discover all the shampoo has spilled all over your clothes and things. Shampoo bars remove both possibilities, leaving your case smelling fresh without causing damage to your clothes.

6. Lasts Longer And Is A Money Saver

The majority of shampoos include 80 percent water, while conditioners can contain up to 95 percent water. Shampoo bars are highly concentrated and last significantly longer than bottled shampoos. Most shampoo bars cost less than liquid shampoo and can typically last up to two to three times longer than a bottle of liquid shampoo. This helps save money and time taken for trips to the shop.

7. Convenient To Use

Wet the bar in your palms and knead it into a gentle lather before rubbing it through your hair. You can also run the bar directly through wet hair. Rinse as usual after massaging it into your scalp. You’ll only need a fraction of what you would typically use.

island silk shampoo bar

Choose a green lifestyle and switch to PURC’s shampoo bars andconditioner bars ranging in different colors and fragrances from Mint to Cinnamon. The raw plant-based ingredients cultivated locally and responsibly have grabbed our hearts in the form of rich hues of the rainbow.

lavender conditioner bar

We only choose ingredients with a low environmental impact, from their carbon footprint to their water footprint. To learn more about PURC’s Shampoo Bar, visit ourwebsite orproduct page!

Benefits Of Adding Jasmine Oil To Your Hair Care Regime

jasmine oil

Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off!

Essential oils are extracted using techniques like distillation or evaporation from plants. Although they are known for their aroma properties, they also have powerful chemical properties that benefit hair health. Because of their efficiency and low danger of adverse effects, essential oils have long been utilized in alternative Eastern and homeopathic medicine. An advantage of essential oils like jasmine oil is that they can help with hair health. Oils can help with everything from hair growth to providing strength and shine.

Essential oils are used in various self-care products, ranging from body oils to even skin lotions. Many hair products on the market can benefit from essential oils in hair care, especially natural hair care. We’ll explain all the benefits of using Jasmine essential oil as part of your health care regime through this blog.

Introduction & Origin of Jasmine oil


Jasmine oil is an essential oil extracted from the Jasmine flower. It has numerous benefits for our hair, skin, and scalp. The scent of jasmine essential oil is sweet, exotic, and intensely fragrant. The more widespread species, Jasminum grandiflorum(also known as royal Jasmine, Jati, Spanish, or Catalan Jasmine), is also utilized for essential oil extraction. However, Jasminum officinale can also be used.

Jasmine is a delicate, evergreen climbing shrub that may reach a height of 10 meters (33 feet) and has dark green leaves and tiny white star-shaped blossoms. It is harvested at night when the perfume is most potent, and a skilled flower picker can harvest 10,000-15,000 blossoms in a single night.

The plant has about 300 species, and originally from China and Northern India, it was carried to Spain by the Moors. Today, the most extraordinary essential oils are produced in China, Egypt, France, Italy, Japan, Morocco, and Turkey. The Persian word ‘Yasmin‘ is the source of the name Jasmine. It was used by the Arabs, Chinese, and Indians medicinally, as an aphrodisiac, and other ceremonial purposes. Jasmine tea is a Chinese favorite (though Jasminum Sambac or Arabian Jasmine is usually used) and a popular garnish in Indonesia.

Benefits Of Jasmine Essential Oil

jasmine essential oil

1. Helps Fight Hair Breakage

Apart from its wonderful fragrance, jasmine oil is packed with essential nutrients that help us fight problems such as hair thinning. Weak hair is a reasonably frequent problem that we all have to deal with daily. Chemical methods that drain your hair of its natural moisture, such as coloring, bleaching, and so on, might make your hair weaker.

And even specific hairstyles may lead your hair to become more fragile in some areas, causing hair to break more easily. Jasmine oil is known for its hydrating properties, which help to prevent hair damage. It is light and can penetrate the cuticle of the hair to condition it deeply. It also assists in the preservation of natural moisture and elasticity. 


2. Helps Keep The Scalp Healthy

Jasmine oil helps us keep any harmful bacteria away from our scalp. It also reduces the possibilities of dandruff and other scalp-related problems, like dandruff and itchiness. A dirty scalp is a severe problem that we all experience at some point. Excess oils in the scalp can not only make it unclean by drawing dust, but they can also make it vulnerable to bacterial infections and dandruff.

However, Jasmine oil acts as an alternative to strong anti-dandruff shampoos that clean and sanitize your scalp. It is a well-known antiseptic, and as a result, it’s an excellent oil for cleaning the scalp of bacteria and product build-up. It contains natural therapeutic capabilities that help prevent and remove infections and scalp disorders, including dandruff and dry scalp. 


3. Helps With Dry And Rough Hair

Jasmine oil helps fight frizzy hair and softens them. It has conditioner-like properties that help in nourishing and moisturizing our hair. Frizzy hair has become a significant issue in our daily lives. It is difficult to keep hair tamed, and moisture is permanently lost, resulting in frizzy hair. Humidity exacerbates the problem since dry hair seeks moisture from the outside. Jasmine oil controls frizz by generating a conducive environment that hydrates and seals moisture in the hair and scalp. 


4. Maintaining long and strong hair helps increase tensile strength and promotes longer, stronger, and softer hair.

Hair that is dry and brittle can appear unhealthy and lifeless. Dry hair can be caused by various factors, including heat, wind, or living in a dry climate. Swimming in chlorinated water regularly can also dry out your hair. Jasmine oil’s hydrating properties condition the hair deeply and aid in moisture retention, making it lustrous, energetic, and smooth. This additional suppleness will prevent hair from webbing, making detangling easier.

5. Has A Heavenly Fragrance

The jasmine oil leaves your hair smelling heavenly with its therapeutic scent. Massaging jasmine oil on your scalp also helps get rid of stress. The wonderful aroma of jasmine oil helps us relax by soothing and calming down our nerves. Anti-depressant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, wound healing, and anesthetic are some of the therapeutic effects of Jasmine Oil.



Essential oils help improve the health of the hair at a low cost and with few adverse effects. They are also simple to work with, and combining them with a carrier oil or shampoo and applying it to their scalp daily can help your hair grow, strengthen, and shine.

And just like that, Jasmine oil provides all the nourishment and essential nutrients to our hair, making them grow more robust and less prone to hair breakage. The additional benefit is that it has a beautiful fragrance that lingers even after washing your hair. Because of its strong but pleasant aroma, Jasmine is also incorporated in notes of perfumes. For this reason, it is also used to produce incense sticks. Jasmine essential oil has long been used for medicinal purposes and is one of the first flowers to be distilled for fragrance.

jasmine oil shampoo bar

Say Goodbye To Hair Loss!

flawless hair

Hush! It’s time to bid adieu to everyday hair loss.

Be it the seasonal humidityhormonal changes, or a change of hair products, hair loss is something we have all been through. Alopecia, commonly known as hair loss, can be a reason for great worry. Hair loss occurs when the amount of hair that you lose is much larger than the amount of new hair replacing it. It can be a permanent or a temporary issue. There are a lot of factors that affect hair loss, but if it’s temporary, there are a few things that you can do to prevent and reduce it.

touching hair with fingers

Causes of Hair Loss

Stress: In our modern everyday lives, it is impossible to avoid stress. Extreme stress can result in multiple health problems. Hair loss is one such issue. It is important to learn to regulate your stress levels and maintain good mental health for your body and hair. Meditatingart therapy, hobbies, etc are just some of the ways that can elevate your stress.

healthy food for hair fall

Tight Hairstyles: Hair is delicate and can get pulled easily. When you keep your hair pulled back for long durations in tight hairstyles, it can loosen your roots. This makes it easier for hair to fall out and cause hair loss. It is advisable to give enough rest to your roots. You should not keep your hair tied for more than six hours. At night, it is better to let your hair out or tie it loosely.

Poor Diet And Nutrition: What you eat has a great impact on your body as well as your hair. There are certain nutrients that are required for healthy hair growth. If your hair doesn’t receive these nutrients, they can become brittle and dull. Your scalp is affected by this as well. It can also result in other hair problems such as dandruff and itching. All this contributes to eventual hair loss.

Neglecting Hair Care: Along with eating nutritious food, it is important to provide your hair with external support. Having a hair care routine can help with providing extra care and protection to your hair. Neglecting external hair care can result in unhealthy hair and scalp. This not only makes it easy to lose hair but also makes it harder for them to grow back. Oiling, deep conditioning, and hair masks are some of the ways you can provide your hair with the extra support it needs.

Avoiding combing your hair or not detangling them properly can result in unwanted knots. This creates issues when you try to comb them out. It results not only in knots and tangles but also uprooted hair. Combining tangled hair can put pressure on your healthy hair and damage it. This makes them susceptible to fall out. 

Remedies for Hair Loss

Protein To The Rescue:

Studies have found that low protein and amino acid intakes is a common issue among those experiencing hair loss. Since our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, it is important to take sufficient protein. Often in our diets we forget to include proteins. Especially in today’s hectic lifestyle, fast food consumption can often lead to deficits in our body. Having a diet consisting of carbs, fats, proteins, and vitamins can really boost your overall health. In case you mind it difficult to accommodate everything into your diet, you can also opt for supplements depending on your needs.

remedies for hair loss

Oiling Regularly:

Oiling has long been considered an essential part of hair care. Regularly oiling your hair provides it with the extra support it might need. Oiling is also known to improve blood flow and make your scalp and hair healthier and stronger. Different oils help to provide different benefits to your hair. For example, Tea Tree Oil is known for better blood circulation, itching and inflammation, Ginger Oil is considered to help with dandruff and hair loss, Coconut Oil is known to provide nourishment and initiate hair growth.

Brush The Hair Fall Away:

To avoid unnecessary tangles, it is advisable to comb your hair twice a day. This can also help to improve blood circulation in your scalp. Combing your hair before going to bed and tying it in loose braids or ponytails is a sure way to avoid tangles in the morning. If your hair is short, you can use a bonnet to minimise hair fall. 

Ginger Prevents Hair Fall:

Ginger is known to slow the rate of hair loss. It is also considered a cure for scalp inflammation and cleansing. Having a healthy scalp will definitely help in improving hair loss.PURC’s Ginger Shampoo Bar is an organic product infused with ginger extract and Gardenia Florida. Both these elements help to cure hair and scalp issues. From dandruff to hair loss, this bar can help you tackle them all.

ginger shampoo bar

Finding The Right Match For Your Hair:

Each hair type has its own needs and requirements. Not all hair products suit all hair types. For instance, curly hair usually requires products with less parabens and silicones as they can make them dry. Meanwhile, someone with an oily scalp might not need that much oiling. It is important to know what your hair needs and make a hair care routine accordingly.



It is true that you cannot avoid hair fall completely, but you can take steps to reduce it. Taking care of your mental health, eating a proper diet, providing nourishment to your hair and scalp, can improve the condition of your hair. Although some of these remedies might seem a bit tedious, once you start using them, you will realise the numerous benefits they offer.

Everyday Tips To Help Us Live Sustainably

planting : sustainable tips

Because sustainability is no longer about doing less harm, but more good.

With the rise in temperature, greater pollution levels, and number of natural calamities, people are realising the importance of living sustainably. But sustainability is not only limited to the environment. Sustainability is about the kind of development that fulfils the needs of the present generations without threatening the fulfilment of the future generation’s needs. If Earth’s resources are used without any prudence, then soon there would be nothing left for the future! While steps need to be taken at a larger scale through policies, your everyday habits can also contribute towards a sustainable world. Here are seven tips you can do to practice a sustainable lifestyle. 

7 tips you can do to practice a sustainable lifestyle

Avoid Using Plastics


Plastic makes up for a majority of the disposed waste, both on land and in sea. Constituted heavily in our everyday life, it is one of the greatest threats to Earth’s life forms. Paper or metals can decompose or be recycled. Plastic, on the other hand, takes upto 1000 years to decompose and can only be recycled twice. Therefore, eliminating plastic from our lives is a necessity. Although it is hard to completely stop using plastic, there are a few things that can be done.

To avoid using plastic polyethene, you can opt for canvas or cloth bags. There are many YouTube videos on DIY cloth bags that can help you make your own bag from old clothes. Plastic straws can be replaced with metal or bamboo straws. This also helps you avoid using paper straws, which saves the trees. Instead of buying plastic bottles, you can carry glass or metal bottles with you. Using silicon or metal containers can also help avoid plastic ones.


Reuse As Much As You Can

Since it is impossible to completely stop using single-use products, the next best step is to reuse items. Before throwing out anything, try to make use of it as much as possible. This is done to extend the lifespan of the product.

The plastic containers from your takeout can be used to store food items. Your clothes can either be given away to those who might need it or reused to make household items.

reuse waste

Old rags can be used as dusting or cleaning clothes. Water from cooking can be used to water plants. Detergent water from laundry can be used for cleaning floors and so on. The concept of reuse is not only limited to products, but can be extended to other resources as well.


Conserve Water

tap running water

Water is one of the most crucial resources on Earth, yet 1.2 trillion gallons of it is polluted each year. Multiple life forms depend on water for their existence. Consuming polluted water can cause various diseases. Excessive use of water can also result in lowering the groundwater levels and result in scarcity. Water shortages have been a common occurrence in all cities in recent years.

You can save water in and around your home by making a number of small changes. Turning the tap off while brushing teeth or cleaning your face, taking shorter showers, reusing laundry water are a few steps that you can take. Instead of wasting your drinking water, you can use it to water plants or your pets. You can also opt for methods like rain water harvesting and groundwater recharge.

Save Energy Resources

Another important resource that sustains us is air. Heavy carbon emissions that are emitted from energy fuel consumption can adversely affect the environment. It contributes towards higher temperature rates, climate change crisis, air pollution, and so on. Switching to sustainable sources of energy, thus, becomes important.

people in metro

You can start with small steps like turning off lights, fans, and other idle appliances when not in use. Use heaters, geysers, and air conditioners only when necessary. You can also switch to renewable sources of energy to power your home. You can also opt for carpooling or travel by public transport. Taking these steps will not only help improve the quality of our life and planet, but also save you money.

Give Away Reusable Items

books stacked up

Oftentimes there are items around our homes that we don’t use and simply throw away. Even though these items could be used by someone else, they might end up in waste. Before throwing out anything it is better to give it away. This will extend the lifespan of the item.

From old books to deshaped utensils, one man’s trash could be another’s treasure. You could donate your old clothes to charities or sell them at thrift shops. Old books, papers, and documents could either be given for recycling. Old books can be given to libraries. Papers could be used for packing purposes. Utensils that are out of shape could be donated to your domestic help or the less privileged. Any items around your house can be given away similarly.

Grow Your Own Organic Food

While buying fresh produce from the market might seem like a wise decision, the truth is something else. The process of production of food involves use of chemicals and resources that harm the environment. The pesticides and insecticides used during farming pollute the water bodies and the atmosphere. Moreover, for the transportation of the produce, fossil fuels are burned. The transportation can even result in water contamination in the oceans and harm marine life.

basket of vegetables

Growing your own produce can easily help tackle this issue. When you grow your own produce, you ensure it is free of any chemicals or impurities. You also reduce the reliance on long transportation cycles. This will also ensure the freshness of your produce. In addition to all this, you can even help reduce the packaging waste that might accompany market produce. On a personal level, it allows you more liberty in choosing the foods you want in your diet and saves you money as well. 

Plant More Trees


This is something that we have all been listening to since kindergarten. It is true that trees are a solution to multiple environmental issues. From improving air quality to preventing soil erosion, trees are the crux of our ecosystem. One of the most known benefits of trees is oxygen production. It is said that one acre of tree cover can produce oxygen enough to sustain 18 people per year. Not only this, trees also help to remove dust and other pollutants from the air.

The soil around tree coverage areas is often much more intact. The roots of the trees keep the soil in its place and prevent soil erosion and depletion. This also helps in retaining the nutrients of the soil. Moreover, trees also absorb rainwater and reduce the runoff. Groundwater levels also get recharged through this as well as chances of floods are decreased. Trees also help to moderate the climate by balancing the effects of rain and wind. Many animals also rely on trees for their sustenance. This is how planting more trees can help counter multiple environmental issues. You can start by volunteering in plant drives or plant trees in and around your neighborhood area. 



Living sustainably is about living a lifestyle that benefits the current and the future generations. It might seem like a tedious task, but the benefits sustainability has are incomparable. It not only helps to improve the condition of the Earth and preserve multiple species, but can also be beneficial to your home and finances.

Zero Waste Living: The Basics Of A Zero Waste Lifestyle

plastic bag : zero waste

Before you buy that water bottle, hear us out!

According to a survey, nearly 2.21 billion tonnes of waste is dumped each year. This is because a large majority of the products we buy end up in the trash. Even though you might be giving your waste for recycling, only 30 percent of it is ever recycled. Due to this, a lot of people have turned towards Zero Waste Lifestyle

picnic basket- plastic free

Zero Waste is a lifestyle aimed at decreasing the amount of trash that you produce. It is a sustainable and minimalist approach towards life. It focuses on consuming less and wasting less. Although some practitioners try to reduce their yearly waste to a jar, the purpose of Zero Waste is to bring your waste as close to zero as possible.

But How Is Zero Waste Lifestyle Beneficial? 

Zero Waste Lifestyle has a dual advantage. It is beneficial to the environment as well as to your pocket. When you make more sustainable and thoughtful choices, you influence the way products in the market function. While it might seem like going sustainable is hard, the truth is quite different. Being sustainable is as simple as buying thrifted clothes. These small steps can reduce extraction of resources, waste going to landfills, pollution levels and much more. Moreover, when you opt for small steps such as these, you save money as well. By choosing cheaper options and alternatives, you can avoid spending money on unnecessary products.


So How Do We Lead A Zero Waste Lifestyle?


Stop Using Plastic

plastic bottles

Probably the most common but crucial advice ever. Plastic is practically all over the place, from your grocery stores to your friend’s weekend party. It’s everywhere. Plastic is used for its cheap price, accessibility, and easy production, but it poses a big threat to the environment. Known for not being easily decomposed, nearly 380 million tonnes of plastic is disposed of each year.

While you can’t do much about its decomposition, you can help reduce its consumption.

By opting for reusable alternatives, you can save the planet and your money. You start by replacing plastic bottles with metal or glass water bottles that you can carry around. That way you don’t spend extra on packed water and add to the plastic waste. Similarly, using canvas or cloth bags instead of plastic and paper ones is another essential switch. You can even make your own cloth bags from old clothes that you might have. Another change  is using bamboo or steel straws instead of plastic and paper ones. Some brands have also introduced reusable Q-tips and tissues.


Consume Sustainably

Try replacing your products with sustainable options. Certain products are known to cause harm to the environment. For instance, cosmetics containing chemicals, products with excess disposable packaging, single use products etc. All these items pose a threat to the environment.

Oftentimes, unthinkingly, we end up buying these products when we don’t even need them. Asking yourself the question, ‘Do I really need it?’ can help you minimise your consumption. This will in turn reduce the waste you produce. This also goes for buying new sustainable products. For instance, even if you want to switch your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one, do so only after you have used your plastic one to the fullest. 

toothbrush.soap and bottle

Utilise the items you have. When you look around your house, you will find a lot of things you can make use of instead of buying new things. If something in your house is broken, it is better to fix it than buying a new product. In case you have something that you definitely don’t want, you can give it away to someone who might.


Follow The 5 Rs

We have all heard about the 3 Rs—Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Zero Waste Lifestyle takes it a bit further. The concept of 5 Rs was introduced by Bae Johnson. She says, “Refuse what you do not need. Reduce what you do need. Reuse what you consume. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse. And rot (compost) the rest.”



refuse plastic bag

Refuse what you do not need.

The simple logic here is that, if you don’t need it, then don’t buy it. It can be hard to refuse buying products when they are so heavily advertised.

But learning to say no can be very helpful. This will help you avoid buying things that you do not need and accumulating trash in your house.


Reduce what you do need.

This means to limit the amount of products you use as much as possible. This could mean using less detergent, shampoo, appliances etc. Since you will use less, the waste you produce will also be less.



Reuse what you consume.

Try to use each product multiple times. The aim is to extend the lifespan of the products you consume.

This could be done by repairing the items, giving them away, or reselling them.

It also consists of getting products that can be reused and not disposed of in a single use.

reuse cloth bags


Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.

If there are certain things that you absolutely cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse, then recycle it. Simply throwing away the things will not be helpful. Although not all items can be recycled and will ultimately pollute the environment. These are usually the items you should try to refuse or reduce.



And rot (compost) the rest.

Whatever is left should be made into a compost. This includes items like food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, paper pieces and so on. This compost can then be used to help provide nutrients back to the soil.

rot vegetsables


Having a Zero Waste Lifestyle might seem like a tough job. But as you start living more sustainably you will realise the benefits of it. You will be saving the environment and your money one step at a time. 

Why Is Conditioner Important For Your Hair?


Control your frizz, control your mood.

In the busy schedules of your everyday lives, you might find it difficult to follow each and every step of a hefty routine. But there are a few steps that you absolutely cannot skip. You might feel that conditioning weighs your hair down or that you don’t need it because it doesn’t suit your hair. The truth is that conditioning your hair is as essential for hair as shampooing.

various conditioners

While shampoo exfoliates and clears out the dirt in your hair, conditioner provides the support it needs post washing. Conditioner helps to maintain healthy, strong, lustrous hair.  Hair that is not conditioned is not only likely to be more frizzy, but also difficult to manage and style.


Conditioning Provides Protection

girl using conditioner

Constantly styling your hair with chemical products or styling tools is bound to make your hair lose its moisture and natural oils. As you apply conditioner to your hair, it leaves a protective layer on top.

This smooths out your hair cuticles and protects them from damage. While conditioner cannot provide full protection, it can definitely reduce the total damage done. 

It contain specific ingredients that help to make hair softer and easy to work with. Some even contain certain proteins and agents that help with split ends and volume. This will result in hair that looks shiny and fuller.

Helps Detangle

When you comb your hair without any conditioner, your hair will be drier and get tangled with each other. Conditioning smooths out your cuticle, which makes your hair easy to comb through and less likely to get tangled. Even when you do encounter an occasional knot in your hair, it will make it less painful to detangle.

In case you are hesitant to use conditioner since you have oily hair, fear no more. You only need to apply the conditioner before shampoo. That way the shampoo will wash off the grit and dirt along with excess of it. Alternatively, if you have dry hair, you can try leave-in conditioners.


Hydrates Hair

girl combing hair

Along with cleaning away the dirt in your hair, your shampoo can also strip away the natural oils and moisture of your hair. When the hair is not conditioned, it can worsen with the constant styling and pollution. It contain in them oils and other substances that are supposed to provide your hair with moisture. 

Conditioners form a layer over your hair cuticles and seal them. This way the natural moisture of the hair gets locked in and dehydration from outside doesn’t happen. It also contributes to making your hair less frizzy and provides volume.

In recent years, awareness has been raised about the economical and environmental impacts that hair products have. Since most of the conditioners have sulfatesparabens and silicones in them, they can often be more harmful than useful to your hair.


These ingredients can weigh the hair down and dry it out. Moreover, the plastic bottles it come in pollute the environment.  

PURC’s range of organic, cruelty-free conditioner bars helps you strengthen your hair as well as be eco-friendly. These conditioner bars are all made through a natural process with natural ingredients. The packaging these bars come in is also very minimalist and travel-friendly.

conditioner bar


The conditioner bar range consists of three bars:


Coconut Conditioner Bar

The Coconut Oil extract present in this conditioner bar provides intense nourishment to the scalp and keeps it healthy. The oil contains fatty acids that allow it to permeate and help retain moisture. It also helps in increasing blood circulation, which initiates hair growth and strengthens the hair shafts. The Olive Oil in the bar acts as a detoxifying agent and reduces hair damage while nurturing your hair. 

Coconut Conditioner Bar

The Coconut Conditioner Bar is most suitable for dry, damaged, and coloured hair. The ingredients in the bar make it perfect for catering to hair that needs repairing. The bar cares for damaged hair without putting any weight on it. It can be used in conjunction with PURC’S Hair Nut Coconut Shampoo Bar.


Lavender Conditioner Bar

Lavender Extract is known for stimulating hair growth. It also has antibacterial properties that reduce itching, flakes, and dandruff. Lavender is a great ingredient in countering hair and scalp inflammation and its calming fragrance helps in reducing stress and tension. It is also known to help with thickening the hair and reducing hair loss. Along with this, the bar also has Glycerin that provides the hair with smoothness and helps in growth.

The Lavender Conditioner Bar is the product for those who have greasy or dry hair. It will help to prevent frizz and restore moisture in your hair. This is due to the antimicrobial properties of lavender that it can cure dryness as well as excess oil. It can be used alongside PURC Lavender Shampoo Bar.

Lavender Conditioner Bar


Seaweed Conditioner Bar

Seaweed is a form of algae that is full of unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids. This property makes it a perfect ingredient for the conditioner bar. It also consists of Omega-3 fatty acids that provide your hair follicles with abundant nutrients. Seaweed also helps to make your hair stronger and silkier. In addition to this, the Olive Oil present in the conditioner bars eliminates excess sebum build-up, and Shea Butter locks in moisture and hydration.

Seaweed Conditioner Bar

The Seaweed Conditioner Bar is suitable for those who struggle with dry, rough scalp. It can be used for normal to oily scalp also. The conditioner bar can be teamed up with the Seaweed Shampoo Bar.


Although conditioning at first might seem like a lengthy and totally avoidable step, the fact is that it is very crucial. Conditioners help to provide the extra strength and support that your hair needs. They can not only compensate for your shampoo but also provide added nourishment to your hair. 

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