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Author: Sarah Cole

On a mission to fuel the next generation of world-changing companies in consumer, enterprise, marketplaces, health-tech, and more. Formerly of Stanford, and University of Wisconsin. I love tacos and strategy board games.

What Is PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor & Why Should You Use It

girl using Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor

If you’ve always been into styling and experimenting with your hair, there’s a great possibility that you’ve certainly heard of Oplex. PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor is a magical treatment that works wonders for your damaged hair that is a result of continuous hair straightening, blow drying, dying and even undergoing keratin treatment.

Various celebrities and big names of the fashion industry swear by it. Undergoing various experimental treatments to give your hair a completely different look can make it weak from the roots. Often we see the dyed hair becoming frizzy with time, as the bleach used on hair alters the moisture content. Heat styling your hair to make it more manageable also caters to making your hair brittle and more prone to being lifeless with time.

Then comes the scenario when Oplex walks in. It has recently gained much popularity and has become a known term for the regular salon visitors. But when it comes to a hair treatment, chances are you’d wait to evaluate all the pros and cons associated with it. So let’s get you through the detailed briefing of PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor so that you can decide whether you need to get it done for your hair or not.


What Is The PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit? 

It is a three step hair bonding treatment that helps your hair regain strength. Our hair contains keratin, which comprises cysteine amino acids linked via disulfide bonds.

When the hair is exposed to pollution, chemical treatments and frequent heat styling, the disulfide bonds get prone to breakage and damage.

Then comes Oplex treatment to it’s rescue. It helps in rebuilding the broken bonds and giving new life to your lifeless and damaged hair. 


What Is It Made Of?

badam oil

Since PURC Organics swears by providing you with the best of environment friendly and vegan products, you need to sit back and relax and throw away all your concerns.

PURC Oplex Bond Reconstructor Kit contains Bis-Aminopropyl that aims at reforming the disulfide bonds in damaged hair, to get you back your healthy hair.

It also has Sweet Almond Oil which is known for providing vital nutrients, required for hair growth. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic acid, proteins, palmitic acid, biotin and vitamin E.

These fatty acids penetrate deep into your scalp, provide enough nutrients and make your hair grow in a healthy manner. Apart from these two key ingredients it also has Shea butter oil, Jojoba Oil and other essential oils that nourish and cleanse your hair.


What Are The Three Steps Of The PURC Oplex Bond Reconstructor Kit?

1. Oplex Hair Perfector

Step 1 contains the highest concentration of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, which is the most active ingredient of the entire treatment. It builds artificial disulfide bridges that repair split ends and successfully smoother rough and frizzy hair. The hair protector acts as a replacement for expensive and time taking salon treatments and can be easily done at home. 

2. Oplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Step 2, that is shampoo is totally sulphate free and contains about 10% of the active ingredient bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. It is used after successfully completing Step 1. If you have coloured or curly unmanageable hair, this shampoo will help you in maintaining its strength. 

3. Oplex Conditioner

Step 3 is all about conditioning your hair and giving the treatment it’s final touch. The Oplex Conditioner is enriched with ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and 7% of bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, our active element of the entire treatment. The conditioner aims at working against frizzy hair. It helps detangle it and keep away the dryness by keeping the moisture intact. Application of the Oplex conditioner helps you attain lustrous and voluminous hair. 

PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor

PURC Oplex Bond Reconstructor Kit


How To Use The PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit?

Step 1: Take a small amount of Oplex Hair Perfector according to the length of your hair and apply it gently on slightly damp hair. Leave it on your hair for at least 10 minutes and rinse it off with water.

Step 2: Apply the required amount of Oplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo on your scalp. You don’t need to necessarily apply it on your hair shafts, instead concentrate it on the scalp. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse.

Step 3: Now, use the Oplex Conditioner on your hair shafts for soft and strong hair. Keep it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Pat dry your hair and you’re good to go.


How Frequently is the PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit used?

As per the recommendations, the Oplex Treatment can be done on your hair once every two or three week. But if you feel that your hair is often exposed to heat styling and pollution and you’re experiencing extensive hair damage, it’s advised to be used once in every week. 


Can The PURC Oplex Repair Bond Reconstructor Kit Cause Any Harm To My Hair?


Since PURC Organics hair products are non-comedogenic, completely organic and dermatologically tested.You don’t need to be worried about any kind of harm or side effects to your hair. However, for best results, it is recommended to use the shampoo and conditioner from the same kit. 


Can It Only Be Used For Bleached Or Chemically Damaged Hair?

heating tools

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t actually dye hair, your hair might be familiar with heat styling or perming.

Often we feel the urge to straighten out our curls at home, get them permanently waved up at salons or even expose the hair to blow drying. These hair styling techniques usually end up damaging and weakening the innermost core of our hair.

Damage is damage, even if it comes to you by heat styling instead of bleaching.

Since bleaching is considered to be the hardest on your hair than any other treatment that could be imagined, a product that works on it will unarguably be able to resolve your other hair problems too. So with Oplex treatment, you can reverse your damaged hair, whatever may be the reason for it turning lifeless. 

PURC Magical Hair Treatment: Mask vs Leave-In Conditioner

With the urge to have long, smooth and healthy hair, comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Using products like mask and leave-in conditioners that deeply nourish your scalp is very important. With the use of various chemical based products or techniques, you can get a healthy looking hair, but the damage which comes with it, is sometimes irreversible.

girl touching her locks

Often people go in for hair treatments like hair smoothing to get an instant sleek and smooth hair texture that’s likely to remain maintained for 3-6 months. But the damage that walks in after the smoothing begins to fade away can actually be a nightmare for you. While keratin treatments like these aim at giving you straight and smooth hair, we can attain the latter with minimal efforts at home.

Hair care is not a piece of cake. It involves a lot of effort, research and consistency. But doesn’t good hair deserve it all? Absolutely yes. With a little switching and regularity, and a pinch of knowledge, you’re good to follow your hair care regime. 

As we all know hair conditioners are totally a life saver. The magical potion you apply in hair to flatten your frizz and attain a comparatively smooth ends is obviously a part of your hair wash day. What if I say there are more magical conditioners available out there that’ll deeply nourish your hair, even more than the regular conditioners? I know you’re too desperate to know, and they are leave-in conditioners and hair masks.


What Are Leave-In Conditioners?

leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are more of an advanced form of regular rinse out conditioners. While the regular conditioners are designed to be used on freshly washed hair.

Leave-in conditioners are designed to be used on damp hair, without the need of rinsing them out. The leave conditioners are totally lightweight and free of thick oils that might weigh your hair down.


How To Use A Leave-In Conditioner?


Honestly speaking, there can never be a choice made between the two. Rinse-out conditioners are designed to curb the frizziness to a small extent. They’re applied only on the hair strands and not on the roots. So they act like a fragile protectant to your hair, giving you a little smoothness. Also, they’re designed for your regular use, after you have successfully washed your hair. Since shampoos can dry out your hair, the conditioners walk in and rehydrate your hair and help tame frizz. 

When it comes to Leave-in conditioners, they’re designed to make your hair look healthy by actually nourishing them. You can use them between hair wash schedules to cut down the damage caused by hair styling, pollution and exposure.


What Are Hair Masks?

It would be safe to say that hair masks are an amalgamation of rinse out and leave in conditioner. Hair masks are designed to treat your brittle hair. They aren’t heat protectants or products to ease out your everyday hair styling. It is a product that contains highly hydrating and enriching oils and butter that condition your hair and make them stronger and shinier. 

The concept of hair masks are similar to that of a face mask. You don’t add them in your everyday skincare regime. Instead they’re used once a week to rejuvenate your face. Similarly, the enriching ingredients in your hair mask help rejuvenate your hair by providing it the much needed moisture.


How to use hair masks?

Hair masks are products that are basically applied post hair wash on damp hair and are ideally kept for about 15 minutes. But if you think your hair needs more care, apply it before your hair wash. You can either leave it for 15-20 minutes or even overnight, the choice is completely yours. For better results, choose to wrap your hair while the mask gets to it’s work at night. 


How does it work?

While the conditioner is used on your hair length and helps smooth out the cuticles, the hair masks are created to apply from root to tips. The moisturising ingredients of the mask penetrate deep and repair damaged hair from the roots.

Add this in your hair care schedule and use it once or twice a week, depending on the quality of your hair. But using it more than that is not advisable.


Heard of PURC Magic Treatment Mask?

magical treatment mask

Since I’ve given you a brief insight into rinse out conditioners, leave-in conditioners and hair masks, it’s time to even tell you about a magical hair mask.

Since various hair masks and conditioners are completely chemical based, I feel it’s better to let people know about completely vegan and environmentally friendly products, one of them being PURC Magical Treatment Hair Mask.

Coming to it’s content, it’s made up of fresh and natural ingredients like keratin, argan oil, shea butter oil and plant extracts. Coming to Keratin, it is the most essential ingredient. 

Keratin is the building protein element of our hair and imparts strength along with elasticity to the hair strands. Apart from that, Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, essential nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is also rich in oleic fatty acids and linoleic that help in retaining moisture. The antioxidants present in argan oil promote cell production and the vitamins in argan oil promote healthy scalp. So all in all, argan oil is one of the best agents to aid your hair growth and strengthen them at the same time. 

PURC magical treatment mask

PURC Organics Magical Hair Mask

PURC Magical Treatment Hair Mask is formulated from exquisite natural ingredients that aims at illuminating dry and lifeless looking hair. It is free from sulfate, silicones, parabens, harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance. It is suitable for all hair types so you can keep away your worries aside. It is best suited for dry and damaged hair as it moisturizes your scalp and smooths your hair, reducing friction.


PURC Organics Leave-In Conditioner 

blow drier

While we’re done discussing the magical hair mask that can be used around once or twice a week, let me also tell you about a deep nourishing leave-in conditioner that you can use according to your wishes.

Sometimes, a bad hair day can eventually get you in a bad mood, but then, the PURC Organics Leave-In Conditioner can totally be your saviour.

We often need to style our hair before we step out of the house. But with continuous styling, comes the damage. While continuous heat styling can make your hair rough, even straightening or curling won’t be able to smooth it down.

So in this case, you can use the PURC Organics Leave-In Conditioners. You can use it to make your hair more manageable, and give it a healthy look full of irresistible volume.

The Leave-In Conditioner doesn’t need to be washed off. You need to leave it on your hair like a normal heat protectant or a serum, and go on with your styling. It has a creamy and non-greasy texture that makes it easy to apply and spread. It makes your hair frizz free and more convenient for you to manage.

leave-in hair mask

PURC Organics Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner

ask offers a plethora of hair benefits. It is enriched with completely natural ingredients such as Keratin and Argan Oil that curbs down the lifeless hair. While the vitamin E in argan oil prevents dry hair and treats hair loss, keratin strengthens the hair and provides volume, both at the same time. 


How does the nourishing leave-in hair conditioner work?

The leave-in conditioner is formulated to penetrate deep in your scalp providing it with the required nutrition. Argan oil present in the conditioner improves the blood circulation, thus enhancing the quality of your hair. Full of natural ingredients, the conditioner works wonders. It calms your scalp and successfully reverses the damage caused to your hair due to prolonged exposure to heat and pollution. With regular usage, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your hair. 

So I hope you look after your hair properly and choose the products that might help you attain naturally healthy looking hair.

10 Everyday Products You Did Not Know Contain Animal Ingredients

In the guise of complex chemical compounds on product labels, we consume many ingredients derived from animal exploitation. These products can sneak into your everyday routine without your awareness.

From blood, bones, and guts, to the organs – everything is extracted from dead or living cats, dogs, cattle, bugs, etc. These products are used in various manufacturing processes. 

While this seems unethical, major corporations do not care for such natural substitutes and leave it on us consumers to make such conscious changes. Animal-derived ingredients can easily be avoided by switching to easily-available alternatives. 

We’ve listed surprising everyday items like; crayons, toothpaste, perfumes, etc, and some substitutes in detail below.

1. Perfume and Cologne: Contains Animal Ingredients

perfume: animal ingredient

Hidden under the broad category of ‘fragrances’ on the label, perfumes include:

  1. Musk extracted from secretions from the genitals of otters, beavers, cats, and musk-deers
  2. Castoreum, present in vanilla-scented perfumes, from beaver genitals
  3. Ambergris from whale sperm secretions
  4. Hyraceum from Badger’s urine and feces fossils

Try to opt for naturally derived perfumes and essential oils to make this practice a disincentive and also to avoid these icky ingredients.

Before purchasing ‘luxury fragrance’, think about the trauma that those animals went through to make you smell better. Yes, it is disturbing. It only takes a second to change your habits for the greater good.

2. Toothpaste

italian organic herbs

Your toothpaste contains glycerin, a colorless and odorless liquid derived from animal (cattle) fats and bones.

Glycerin prevents the toothpaste from drying out.Most product labels do not mention the source of their glycerin.

Besides, animal-based glycerin toothpaste could be harsh on your teeth and even cause tooth decay. Try switching to a natural substitute on your next purchase.

Consider the bigger picture, what’s the point if your toothpaste is doing more harm than good? Is it justified to have animals killed for a bit of shine on our pearls? Veganism is virtuous.

3. Shampoo & Conditioners

shampoo bars

Animal by-products have forever been used in the hair care and cosmetic industry. Traditionally used in small quantities as a natural remedy, animal fats and other products are now sourced from factories that process dead animals from restaurants and farms.

According to organizations like PETA, shampoos and conditioners include various animal-derived ingredients such as: 

  • Panthenol 
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamin B 
  • Glycerin 
  • Gelatine 
  • Stearic Acids 
  • Keratin
  • Cetyl Alcohol to name a few. 

As there is no way of telling whether these ingredients are sourced artificially, via plants, or animals; choosing vegan and cruelty-free shampoo bars on your next shopping list should be a wise choice.

4. Fabric Softeners

white fabric

Most fabric softeners list Di-hydrogenated Tallow Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride in their ingredients which is the jargon for ammonium mixed with animal fat procured from cattle – mainly, sheep, and horses.

The substance is obtained by boiling animal carcasses obtained from farms, labs, slaughterhouses, roadkill, and shelters. This component is also present in certain detergents. It covers the surface of the fabric with a layer of fats to make it softer.

Fabric softeners are loaded with many more potentially harmful chemicals and fragrances that may even trigger allergies. As the risks far outweigh the benefits, it’s best to chuck softeners out of regular use in your household. But if you still wish to, choose from a range of natural alternatives.

The awareness about using vegan products is spreading but is not acknowledged enough. It starts from home and what can be more basic than incorporating goodness while doing laundry?

5. Tires

In the vast majority, tires are manufactured with the use of Stearic Acid, a saturated fatty acid derived from cats, dogs, and cattle. This chemical substance promotes flexibility, strength, and grip in rubber and is used in many other rubber products besides tires.

Certain brands such as Michelin tires have started to offer vegan alternatives made from plant-based stearic acid. Their method uses vegetable fats and oils such as palm oil.

On the roads, ‘the more is NOT merrier’. Each vehicle has an average of 4 tires, and each of them has a history of animal killing. So next time when you change your wheels make sure they’re ‘clean’.

6. Candy


Think before you indulge in gummies. What they’re made of might not seem as sweet as they taste. Gummies use gelatin which is mostly derived from the skin and bones of cows and pigs. They may also be full of animal-based food dyes such as carmine (red dye) that is extracted from crushed bugs!

It doesn’t end there. Candies with a shiny hard exterior are covered in Confectioner’s glaze or edible shellac that is produced with the excretion of female lac bugs. No thanks! We’d much rather munch on some nutty and vegan candies. Make vegan candies your holy grail, they don’t have dark secrets to unveil!

7. Plastic Bags

plastic bag

As if this non-biodegradable product wasn’t already adding to a pile of threatening garbage, plastic bags contain something known as slip agents. The slip agent allows the product to reduce its friction and give a smooth and transparent finish to it. 

Unfortunately, it is made from chicken feathers and stearic acid from beef fat giving you yet another reason to abandon these filthy things. Switch to a sustainable and eco-friendly option such as reusable jute bags!

The hatred for these poly-bags is rising by the minute, yet we refuse to give them up. What a ‘toxic’ relationship. Along with your garbage, throw these nasty pieces and welcome things that do not suffocate nature.

8. Sugar


Refined sugar in all its forms, white or brown, goes through the process of ‘char filtration’ i.e., charcoal made out of burnt bones of cows. It allows the sugar to be decolorized to get that crystal white color. However, brown sugar and confectioner’s sugar also include some level of processing with char – making them non-vegan.

Some certified vegan brands offer sugar that involves alternative refining techniques through ions or granular carbon. You can also use unrefined sugar that retains the nutrients of sugarcane – making it healthier.

9. Crayons


Have you noticed the distinct scent that crayons give off? Turns out it’s the smell of processed animal fats that’s been giving you a whiff of childhood nostalgia. This could just break a gazillion heart-warming memories of our childhoods.

Stearic acid, a compound extracted from cow or pig fat is a major component of crayons. Some brands now offer crayons made with natural substitutes such as beeswax or soy.

Let us try not to put our next generation through this heart-break. We are sure they’ll thank you along with mother nature.

10. Wine and Beer


Who knew drink contains something right out of a fish bladder? Wine and beer use a compound called Isinglass in filtering and clarifying the alcohol during the brewing process. This compound is procured from the bladder of fish to filter out yeast extracts from the drinks. 

Wine and beer manufacturing may also use gelatin, casein, chitin, and dyes made out of insects. While these substances aren’t a direct ingredient of the final product, they can be a point of concern.

PETA maintains a list of vegan and cruelty-free companies that include some great alcohol brands.

Our intent is not to instill fear or disgust in the use of these products, but to help us make mindful choices of brands that follow a cruelty-free protocol. Even if you’re not vegan, avoiding these ingredients would help you make cleaner and holistic choices.

Our generation has been celebrating vegan and clean choices for a long time. It is time to bring a revolutionary change by our actions too. These small steps may not show significant results overnight, but we are sure that you will live a wholesome life knowing that you are giving back to a world that made you ‘YOU’.

Everything You Need To Know About Conditioner Bars


Everything You Need To Know About Conditioner Bars 2Everything You Need To Know About Conditioner Bars purcorganics coconut bar
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Coconut Conditioner Bar

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When it comes to skincare or hair care products, people often stick to something they’ve been using for quite a long time. Immediate switching and experimenting are two terms and actions all of us usually refrain from. When we have reliable products in use, why make situations more chaotic? But often we’re unable to realize that there are various products out in the world that are worth giving a try. Because most of the time people leave a lot of sustainable and gentle products that can genuinely be a life saver for them. One of them being conditioner bars.

Gone are the days when soaps were solid bars and shampoos and conditioners were gel based bottled stuff. Because in the modern world, soaps come in the form of bathing gels and conditioners come in the form of conditioning bars. Solid conditioner cleansers are way more of an innovative idea to repair your locks. They’re less wasteful as they successfully aim at removing the use of plastic bottles that end up going to the landfill. Since they’re solid bars, their shelf life and term of use is however increased if you compare it with your normal liquid conditioners.

conditioner bars

While I’ve given you a slight insight on how conditioner bars are actually environment friendly, let me tell you about whether it actually works wonders or not. So honestly, solid conditioner bars don’t literally work like your normal liquid conditioners. The usage and effects of the two products are in total contradiction. While the liquid conditioners contain chemicals, they are bound to give you an instant smoothness as soon as you step out of your shower. But as conditioner bars are made with 100% natural products and contain natural oils and ingredients, your hair might take some time to adapt to the changes you’ve made.

How to use your conditioner bars

For conditioning your hair, gently rub the solid bar directly on your hair as you would use a normal soap bar on your hair. You need to concentrate the bars on your ends, since they’re old hair and need the most care. After that, leave the product on your hair for at least 2-3 minutes, just like your normal conditioners. Tenderly, run your fingers through your hair and you’ll notice them being de-tangled easily. If you ever notice that your hair doesn’t seem soft and smooth, it might be because you didn’t leave the products for enough time on your hair.

So don’t forget to keep it for a few minutes, before you rinse it off.If you’ve heard about PURC Organics, then you probably know how we are focused on creating vegan and environment friendly products for our customers. Be it skincare or hair care, we’ve got it all sorted. When it comes to conditioner bars, we’ve got three variants. Namely, Coconut, Bio seaweed and Lavender. PURC Organics products are totally cruelty free, ethically sourced, vegan and completely handmade with love.

Our solid conditioner bars are made with fresh organic fruits, essential oils, cocoa seed butter oil and a lot of care. PURC Organics products are silicone free, paraben free and sulfate free. Our finished products are not tested on animals and we purchase all our ingredients only from the suppliers who do not test on animals. Our conditioner bars are absolutely cruelty free, organic and vegan that promotes hair growth, nourishes scalp and makes your hair healthy.

PURC Coconut Conditioner Bars

conditioner bars

The coconut conditioner bars are made with natural ingredients and use extra virgin coconut oil. The solid bar is also rich in lauric acid which easily penetrates inside the hair shaft. It contains coconut oil which provides intense nourishment to your scalp, increases the blood circulation and there promotes hair growth and health. Set at a neutral pH, the solid bar doesn’t dry out your scalp. With extra virgin coconut oil, the solid bar also has cocoa seed butter that nourishes your hair, prevents frizziness and gives you a gift of smooth hair.


PURC Lavender Conditioner Bar

The lavender conditioner bars are packed with the goodness of lavender and the nourishment of cocoa seed butter. The conditioning bar has herbs, it doesn’t irritate your scalp in any manner and therefore feels very gentle. Since we all know that the benefits of lavender cannot be ever neglected. It is considered as a magical herb and has innumerable beauty and health benefits.

lavender conditioner bars

PURC Bio Seaweed Conditioner Bar

Created with the enriching bio seed oil and cocoa seed butter, this conditioner bar can prove to be the ultimate solution for all your hair problems. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and essential amino acids, the bio seed oil makes your hair silkier and stronger.

Known for it’s skin, health and hair care benefits, bio seed oil is loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and nutritive elements. It’s best suited for treating dandruff problems as it helps in deep cleansing of the scalp without irritating it, and having a cooling effect on it. The Bio Seaweed replenishes and detoxifies the moisture in the hair and keeps it frizz and damage free. It moisturizes your hair stand and boosts growth and smoothness to give you that dreamy texture you’ve always wanted.

seaweed conditioner bars

Wide Range Of Shampoo Bars and combo packs

Well well, PURC Organics doesn’t only have different variants of conditioning bars. We’ve also got something you’d need to deeply cleanse your scalp, and what’s better than a solid shampoo bar right? Of Course there’s something way better than this. A hair care combo of shampoo and conditioner bars together. PURC Organics has got a wide range of shampoo bars to choose from. Be it Almond Coconut, Basin White, Coconut, Island Silk, Pink grapefruit or Yellow grapefruit, we’ve got it all sorted out. But we don’t stop here. We’ve also got Lavender Shampoo, Cinnamon Shampoo, Ginger Shampoo, Jasmine Shampoo, Mint Shampoo and Polygonum Shampoo.

Since we’ve got three variants of conditioning bars, there are combination packs of the two available. You can easily get the shampoo as well as the conditioner of the same variant or even different variant for proper hair care and damage control. So feel free to combine different natural shampoos and conditioners to fit your type of hair care. Be it a combination of Mint Shampoo and Bio Seaweed conditioner or maybe Hair nut shampoo with coconut conditioner, the choice is entirely yours!

As the shampoo and conditioner bars are solid, they’re likely to stick by your side for a longer period of time. No hassles of opening up the slippery conditioner bottles in the middle of the shower of tapping it all down and still getting nothing, lol. It is even travel friendly and would just take a tiny space into your toiletries. Toss it into a small zip-lock bag and you’re all ready to go and the best part? It won’t ever leak.


  • 2/3 cup olive oil
  • 2/3 cup coconut oil
  • 2/3 cup sweet almond oil
  • 3/4 cup distilled cold water
  • 1/4 cup 100% sodium hydroxide
  • 2 tablespoons of essential oils of your choice

Process To Make Shampoo Bar

Have everything ready before you start. Some of the steps have to be carried out quickly.

1. Mix the first three oils in a large glass or stainless steel bowl. If any oil is in solid presentation, melt it before measuring the amount you need.

2. Measure the water in a glass or stainless steel container. Be sure to use a heat-resistant container when making the mixture, since the exothermic reaction when sodium hydroxide is added can cause heat of around 93°C.

3. Measure the amount of sodium hydroxide, and make sure you have exactly one quarter cup. Have a spoon ready and stir with it while slowly pouring sodium hydroxide into the water. You have to add sodium hydroxide to water, NEVER backwards.

Continue stirring until mixture begins to become clear. Avoid fumes while doing it. Allow the mixture to cool to approximately 50°C.

4. Heat the oil mixture and when it is at 23°C and slowly pour the sodium hydroxide mixed with the water into the oils, mix everything.

5. For the next 5 minutes, do not stop mixing by hand. This will allow as many oil molecules to come in contact with as much sodium hydroxide as possible. After 5 minutes, use a hand mixer to mix, being careful not to introduce air. Mix until the mixture is thick.

6. When it has reached the thickness, you can add an extra tablespoon of another oil. This extra oil will add additional moisture to your homemade shampoo bar. You can also add optional essential oils at this point. Stir well to mix them.

7. Pour the soap mixture into molds and cover with plastic. After 24 hours, place them on parchment paper or on a baking rack. Leave them in a dry place and rotate them once a week approximately (which is not necessary if you use a baking rack).

The homemade and organic solid shampoo can be used after curing for 4 weeks and the bars will be softer the longer they are allowed to cure.

5 Ted Talks That Will Inspire You To Live Sustainably

We all try hard but somewhere, every individual leaf behind a large carbon footprint that negatively affects the earth. The good news is, in recent times, world leaders have united, the focus has shifted towards clean consumerism and every citizen is doing their part. At times, amidst all our effort, it might feel that our little contribution is insignificant. To make you realize how significant the efforts of one person is, TED Talks are the most informative and inspiring.

But you need to realize every iota of your contribution counts and when you add this to the contribution of others, it makes a large impact. After all, electricity was discovered by one individual, and look, how it changed the world. If you want some motivation to keep yourself contributing to the environment or you wish to start your green journey.

5 TED Talks that will make you want to live sustainably. 

1) Why We Need to Think Differently About Sustainability?- Leyla Acaroglu

Founder and director of Eco Innovators, Leyla Acaroglu became aware of the Ozone Hole and the effect of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon) through her mother. In her  TED talk, she teaches how the good intention of running vehicles on petroleum can cause bigger problems. Acaroglu educates her audience about the impact of Biofuels and how the Government, the European Union, and bigger organizations play their part in preserving nature. She also introduces her audience to the concept of System Thinking and how she never wanted too many decisions that could harm our planet.

Out of the many inspiring messages and lessons she teaches in her speech, one of my personal favorites goes as follows- “Sustainability is about self-preservation. It’s about understanding and it’s about doing more with less.” If you wish to know the basics of sustainability and the need for it, you should give her a watch.

2) Sustainability Through A Circular Economy- Maayke Damen

ted talks about sustainability

The energetic founder of EME(Excess Materials Exchange), Maayke Damen has found a system to utilize raw materials and reuse them to build functioning machines. In her TED talk, she describes how she felt ridiculous when she had to throw her coffee machine just because a part of it wasn’t replaceable. She perfectly gives the example of a tree to describe the zero-waste concept and teaches her audience about the circular economy. 

Maayke sheds light on the fact that every year, we throw away a baffling amount of waste. The favorite part of her speech is where she says-” I decide, even though I am one element in the system, and it’s a huge system of take-make-waste production, I decide, I want to change that.” Witty and filled with snippets of information, this TED talk is going to open your mind.

3) Going Green- Tips for a Zero Waste Lifestyle- Haley Higdon

Winner of U of T’s Green Ribbon Award, Haley Higdon is an environmentalist and works at an elementary school associated with the U of T.  She talks about how she was always aware of sustainable living, dresses herself up as a Recycle Bin on Halloween, and even challenged her professor who was wasting paper

She reminds her audience of the 36 days long Toronto Garbage Strike in the year 2009 and how she was compelled to analyze the baffling pulsar of waste people generate. Since the event, she went into active research and was resolute in bringing a positive change in her life as well as her society. This TED talk is perfect for those who want to know more about zero-waste living and wish to inculcate it in their everyday lifestyle.

4) Why I Live A Zero-Waste Life?- Lauren Singer

A graduate in Environmental Studies, Lauren Singer is the founder of an amazing cleaning products company, The Simply Co. She is also the author of The Zero Waste Blog and creates such a tiny amount of trash that it can fit in a jar. In this TED talk, Lauren talks of how she was labeled as crazy, a liar, and was mocked by her friends for choosing this Zero-waste lifestyle

She tells her story about quitting plastic and how she derived her inspiration from an online blog. Lauren points out the tiniest things that contain plastic and how we all have inculcated the material in our daily lives. Though the idea of zero-waste sounds daunting, she breaks down the steps she followed to come this far. If there is one video you should watch from this list, this should be it. Lauren’s journey is too inspiring to not fall in awe of!

5) The Investment Logic For Sustainability- Chris McKnett

Ever wondered why nurturing sustainable brands is pivotal in building a cleaner future? Chris McKnett clearly outlines the adverse effects of daily human activities on the planet and tells about the economic risks that the world will face at large. Referring to sustainability and the role of corporate Governance, Chris says,” I think it’s reckless to ignore these things because doing so can jeopardize future and long term returns.”

In eye-opening statistics, McKnett shows how companies with the best sustainable and climate change practices outperformed 500 global companies that did not address any such issues. McKNett gives the audience a tangible quantity and stock values by which they can understand sustainable development in a quantifiable manner. This TED talk makes the green economy a reality rather than an abstract idea. Go ahead and watch it.

The Takeaway

Sustainability is a long and gradual process but it’s worth the effort. If there’s any time you think sustainability is too hard for you, always remember it’s better to contribute something than nothing. The world knows you are trying your best and every positive change does make a difference. I hope you have found these recommendations helpful and got the motivation you need to live a more sustainable life.

Bamboo Charcoal For Hair

Did you know bamboo charcoal can cure and prevent hangovers? Sounds weird but there’s a scientific reason behind it. Bamboo charcoal can adsorb certain toxins from the liver and detoxify your body. Similarly, it can also remove deep-seated impurities, excess sebum from your skin and hair. 

Bamboo charcoal has long since been used to cure poisoning in Ayurveda and this ingredient is back in trend in the beauty industry. Is bamboo charcoal effective for your skin? Does it help to solve hair problems? How often should you use the ingredient? 

Bamboo Charcoal

If you want to investigate more into this black sponge, keep reading!

How Does Bamboo Charcoal Work?

It is crushed to a fine powder and then treated with carbon dioxide to ‘activate’ it. This activated powder has a large surface area that adsorbs dirt or sebum from your skin and scalp. 

The charcoal also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne, dandruff, and microbial growth. Due to its deep cleansing property, bamboo charcoal is believed to detoxify not only your skin but your hair as well. 

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal For Your Skin

Bamboo charcoal is highly beneficial for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Applying bamboo charcoal for about 10 minutes can get rid of whiteheads, blackheads and also remove debris from clogged pores. Since it is a natural ingredient, it cleans your skin without having any adverse effects. 

However, making DIY skincare with it will not have the same efficacy as well-formulated products. Hence, it is wiser to buy products that contain activated bamboo charcoal as their main ingredient.

Bamboo Charcoal

You will often find charcoal in wash-off products like face wash, soaps, scrubs, and face masks. Unfortunately, most of the products do not contain sufficient concentration of the ingredient. But there are some hidden gems as well. You can opt for any of the following products for great results-

Bamboo Charcoal For Your Hair

Probably more than your skin, your hair goes through a tough journey of fighting frizz, pollution, chemicals, and heat. As a consequence, it ends up getting damaged by the end of the day. Bamboo charcoal helps to thoroughly remove the dirt and grime from your hair while controlling oil production. Owing to its antibacterial properties, it reduces dandruff, flaking of the scalp, and soothes scalp irritation.  It improves blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles for growth. Moreover, activated charcoal adds luster to your hair and makes it frizz-free. 

Itis a great ingredient for shampoo bars, hair masks, and hair conditioners. To get value for your money, you can try the following-

For best results, apply your charcoal hair mask or shampoo thrice a week after using hair oil. If you don’t go outside too much, you can limit the use of activated charcoal to two times a week.

Other Uses

Bamboo charcoal is a versatile ingredient. If you are innovative, you can use it in multiple ways. For instance, charcoal naturally whitens your teeth, treats gingivitis, and prevents bad breath. That’s the reason you will find a hundred kinds of toothpaste with activated charcoal in it.

Moreover, you can use it as a body scrub that will physically exfoliate and remove dirt from your body. It works best to remove dead skin cells from your soles and rough parts of the body. Not surprisingly, activated charcoal can reduce skin conditions like keratosis pilaris, where certain areas of your body develop bumps due to excess keratin synthesis

Bamboo Charcoal

How Is Bamboo Charcoal Different From Bentonite Clay?

If you are an ingredient nerd, you might have already spotted the similarities between Bamboo charcoal and Bentonite clay. Though both of them deeply cleanse your skin and hair, there are a few differences between the two ingredients.

First, of course, the sources of these two ingredients are entirely different. Bamboo charcoal, as evident, is derived from bamboo plants whereas Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash

It adsorbs every impurity like a sponge but bentonite clay adds back minerals like calcium, sodium while removing dirt from your skin. 

Also, the texture of these two ingredients is different. The charcoal has a more grainy texture while bentonite clay feels like fine powder on application

Bamboo Charcoal

Precautions While Using Bamboo Charcoal

It is safe to use but it is extremely drying on the skin. This makes it unsuitable for people with normal to dry skin. It can make your skin feel tight if you don’t follow up with a moisturizer. The key lesson is no matter how oily your skin is, you should apply a nourishing cream after using any product with bamboo charcoal. 

The Takeaway

Bamboo charcoal is rightly a beneficial ingredient that can be incorporated into your self-care routine. It should ideally be used three times a week to see visible improvement in your skin, hair, and body. Go ahead and drool over this superstar!

How To Use Matcha Green Tea For Skin & Hair Care

The depleting levels of collagen while aging has been a headache for the skincare freaks. Matcha has been a Massiah and saved the skincare experts a futile trip to the labs. It is everything that you look for when you start worrying about your skin.

What Is Matcha?


You won’t be surprised when you hear Japanese in the best of skincare. Matcha is a Japanese green tea that is finely powdered after drying. 

Benefits Of Matcha:

Once you start counting the benefits, you won’t be able to stop. Have a look…

  1. High in antioxidants
  2. Protects the liver
  3. Boosts brain function
  4. Prevents cancer
  5. Promotes heart health
  6. Help lose weight
  7. Prevents type II diabetes
  8. Boosts collagen, etc

Phew, aren’t you tired of reading already?

While the world sings laurels about Matcha, we shall focus on the collagen part. The skin and hair need collagen for their health. Matcha is packed with collagen-building amino acids. Hard to ignore such a rich ingredient.

Your Skin Savior

Finely ground matcha makes sure you use the entire leaf instead of a teabag. It is pure and toxin-free, which translates as the best ingredient to apply to your bare skin. 

It could be used as a face mask or you could apply matcha infused products. It is a personal choice but the results remain impeccable. 

Let us discuss the wonders Matcha will bring into your life:

  • Fights Acne And Clears Blemishes

Are you tired of your sensitive skin burning up every time you spot a pimple or apply a simple moisturizer? This green tea puts an end to your worries.

Matcha powder has many anti-inflammatory properties, especially EGCG, that reduce the redness associated with chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. 

  • Fights Aging

Name one person who does not want the skin of a 22-year-old even at 50. Good luck with that. Achieve your youthful-looking skin with this miraculous blessing of God.

The catechins in green tea work to trap and deactivate free radicals in the skin, which slows down signs of aging.

  • Prevents Cancer

Talking about what can matcha not do would be an easier task!

Consuming this very often makes sure to treat the stem cells of cancer. It contains the highest level of EGCG in any substance.

EGCG repairs the damaged DNA after UV exposure (hence preventing damaged DNA from becoming cancerous). It also stimulates T cells for immunity. 

How To Use Matcha For The Derm?

Both, consuming Matcha and its topical application have proven to show promising results.

While consuming it heals your organs, topical application has made skin shine through the dimensions. 

  • Oral Consumption

Matcha breaks the stereotype of bad-tasting green tea. It tastes pretty good if you ask. Opt for the best quality tea powder for the best quality results. 

Power Oats– Just adding a spoonful of matcha powder to your nutty oatmeal in the morning will make a world of difference.

Matcha Lemonade– take a spoonful of powder, add ice, and fill your glass with your classic lemonade.

green tea

  For more recipes, check out-  

  • Surface Application

Face mask recipe-

  • A spoonful of Matcha powder
  • Greek yogurt (or water for oily skin) 

Mix and apply fresh on the skin. 


Matcha For Your Locks

Your hair requires collagen for keratin and hair growth. To keep your locks lustrous and bouncy, Matcha becomes a sort of a necessity. 

Like skin, Matcha can be used as a mask. Consuming tea is considered the best to treat your hair issues. 

So, what does this tea do to your hair?

  • Reduces Inflammation 

It keeps the scalp calm and collected. It reduces irritability and itchiness which may lead to excessive scratching of hair. This leads to hair loss (and you don’t want that)

  • Promotes Hair Growth 

The nutrition provided by vitamin E is unmatched. It aids in the circulation of blood which is useful in promoting healthy hair growth. It nourishes your hair strands and gives the appearance of as good as new. 

How To Use Matcha For Your Hair?

Although oral consumption proves to be the best for flawless results. The Matcha green tea mixed with milk (of your choice) or made into lemonade. Make sure to not add excess sugar to your beverages, it will nullify the purpose of drinking ‘healthy’.

Oral Consumption: Green tea / Latte

Matcha Latte– take a spoonful of powder and mix it with your preferred milk. Tada!

matcha latee

Matcha Chia Pudding– Combine chia seed, milk, 1 tsp matcha powder, and 1 to 2 tsp maple syrup. Blend or shake the mixture in a closed container until combined. Refrigerate overnight.

  • Hair mask

Mixing your matcha powder with coconut oil, shea butter, or olive oil is the most excellent and easiest DIY for hair. 

You can store the mixture in a jar and apply it religiously for results. 


‘You look healthy’– might be a better compliment than ‘gorgeous’ or ‘beautiful’. 

Are you convinced that Matcha might be the best thing to happen to you, or should we elucidate? The aforementioned benefits might be a drop in the ocean of assets.

From head to toe, it cleanses your body inside out. The skin radiates from within, your energy levels boost up. It takes care of your free radicals since it is packed with antioxidants. What else do you need? Get your hands on the best matcha right away.

Bio Seaweed/Marine Algae Benefits On Hair & Health

Seaweed and Marine algae in cosmetics? Gross right? Believe it or not, it has proved to be a potent ingredient and has unmatched benefits. Thanks to modern technology and advanced out of the box thinking.


Algae can be broadly classified as macroalgae and microalgae. Both these groups have a unique composition and are used to address different skin or hair concerns.

You might have heard of Agar, which has long been used in gel-based beauty products. It is derived from algae too. Recent findings show that algae have unique molecules that act as hydrating, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-hair fall, and sun-shielding agents. 

It is an interesting ingredient. Read further to know more about the uses and their benefits.

Hair Benefits of Bio Seaweed

Marine algae are rich in:

  • Amino acids
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Brown algae contain a substance called fucoxanthin which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

These nutrients nourish your hair and increase blood circulation.

hair braided

Microalgae protect against UV radiation, heat from hair styling tools, and hair dye chemicals. Owing to their protective function, marine algae are a great addition to hair conditioners, Shampoo Bars, and Hair masks.

Due to their slimy nature, Bio Seaweed also provides a luster and softens your hair texture. This ingredient is a boon for those with curly, frizzy hair and is great for repairing split ends. 

Benefits For Your Skin

When you forget that you’re applying algae on your face is when you truly realize the benefits it offers you. Practically an all-in-one substance to tackle all your skin problems.

The best highlight of marine algae is that it boosts collagen production and retains hyaluronic acid in the skin. This helps in plumping up the face, reduction in the size of open pores, and a youthful appearance.

Uh, youthful face? Yes! Don’t you want to look young at 50? So applying algae isn’t that big of a deal after all.

Bioseaweed primarily acts by inhibiting enzymes that accelerate the aging of the skin. Complex carbohydrates present in microalgae provide a boost of moisturization to the skin and also helps in repairing the damaged skin barrier.

picture depicting aging

Aqueous extracts from Red and Brown Algae can reduce hyperpigmentation by reducing the melanin synthesis of the skin. They work wonders in fading away acne scars and also prevent breakouts. 

Red algae extracts are very hydrating and soothe sensitive skin. The extracts of red algae contain a mild form of vitamin A, which can act as Bio-Retinol without the usual side effects. 

Comparison With Retinol

1. What Is Retinol

It is a vitamin A derivative found in many foods. It is also used as a dietary supplement for vitamin A deficiency.

2. Forms Of Retinol

There are different concentrations and forms of retinol used to treat different concerns. Most over the counter retinol products contain concentrations between 0.0015-0.3%. In prescription retinol ointments, the concentration is higher.

3. Benefits Of Retinol

Retinol is the most extensively studied anti-aging and anti-acne ingredient that has shown remarkable results over the decades. In one of the many studies, it was observed that Retinol and Retinoic acid reduced wrinkles over 12 weeks. 

4. Marine Algae vs. Retinol

Bio-Retinols like Bio Seaweed and Bakuchiol have not undergone thorough research and experiment. However, seaweeds have been found to have bioactive compounds that stimulate the production of certain age-reversing molecules in the skin. 

Bio Seaweed extracts prevent cell death and aging. It does not cause any dryness or irritation unlike retinol and will suit many different skin types.

girl with moisturising pack on face

Moreover, marine algae have added benefits of hydration and moisturization, which makes them a one-stop solution for an array of skin issues.


It is crucial to be careful while playing with anti-aging ingredients. Bio-Seaweed should never be mixed with any form of Retinol as it can lead to severe skin irritation and reduced efficacy.

This is because Bio-Seaweed has potent enzymes that can react with a retinol product. If you use any product with Bio-Seaweed, skip layering retinol with it. 

Side Effects

Marine algae do not have any defined side effects. But one can be allergic to the ingredient. Hence, you need to do a patch test on your jawline or neck to see if it triggers any reaction. If you don’t see any irritation in 24 hours, that product shall suit your skin. 


Marine algae can be easily produced and are a sustainable ingredient. It has great potential in the market and for all the right reasons.

You can try bonafide algae products from OSEA Clean Seaweed Skincare and PURC Organics to get the best, dewy skin.

Bakuchiol – Better Than Retinol

Given the benefits of anti-aging ingredients, Bakuchiol is quite an in trend these days. It is a natural anti-aging agent whose efficacy has been compared to retinol. 

To start with, Bakuchiol is found in the plant Psoralea corylifolia, and is completely different from retinol in its structure. However, both they both act in a similar manner and affect DNA changes in almost the same way. 

How Does Bakuchiol Work?


Similar to retinol, Bakuchiol has more functions than just an anti-aging ingredient. Some of its functions are listed below-

  • Treats Acne: It is known to have anti-acne and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it can effectively reduce and prevent acne. 
  • Fades Dark Spots: This super ingredient can fade away acne scars and hyperpigmentation around your mouth area. If you have any dark spots left behind from a wound, it can treat that as well. 
  • Boosts Collagen Production: With time, our skin becomes saggy due to the loss of collagen. It sends signals for increasing collagen production and keeps the skin plump. 
  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles: It reduces blemishes and fine lines, especially around the eye, the mouth, and cheek area. This effect is in part due to the increased collagen production, 

It acts at a molecular level by changing the expression of certain genes. Hence, with continued use of this ingredient, you shall get a permanent youthful and even skin. 

How Is It Better Than Retinol?

For decades, Retinol has been the highest standard for anti-aging treatment. But the problem is, Retinol has some undesirable side effects too. It causes dryness, flaking of the skin, and at times, redness and irritation. This makes retinol unsuitable for those with sensitive and normally dry skin.

anti aging

It does not have either of these side effects and is well tolerated by most skin types. In fact, this ingredient soothes and calms irritated skin while showing excellent results. 

Moreover, Retinol and its derivatives like Tretinoin are not safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding. They are known to cause certain birth defects and should be continued only after the risk period is over. Bakuchiol, on the other hand, can be safely used during pregnancy without causing any harm to the fetus. 

Retinol also induces photosensitivity, which makes the skin more vulnerable to damage and hyperpigmentation. With Bakuchiol, there is no photosensitivity at all. This makes it perfect for those who are skeptical to start Retinol and yet want to reap its benefits.

Studies & Research

Although Bakuchiol was first extracted in 1966, it was first introduced into beauty products in 2007. As a result, there is not much thorough research on this ingredient. 

Bakuchiol cream

In 2018, the British Academy of Dermatology performed a double-blind study with 44 participants over a period of 12 weeks. This experiment administered 0.5% Bakuchiol twice daily to one group and 0.5% Retinol once every day to the other. At the end of 12 weeks, all the participants were tested by a dermatologist who wasn’t aware of which group was given which ingredient.

Both the groups showed improvements in fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and blemishes. However, the group that used retinol noted the usual side effects of flakiness and dryness. 

This study proved that Bakuchiol could show similar results to Retinol but the dosage required was twice as much.

Another study in 2014 showed that Bakuchiol boosted collagen production in an artificial model resembling the human skin. 

These two are the only widely performed studies on Bakuchiol and much research needs to be done. However, this Bio-Retinol shows some promising results and has started to gain popularity in the market. 

How To Use

Bakuchiol should always be used on a clean face and preferably, at night. After cleansing your face and neck, you can use either serum or moisturizer containing it. If you are using a Bakuchiol serum, use it before you go in with your regular moisturizer. 

women applying Bakuchiol

If you want to layer multiple actives, you can use layer Bakuchiol on top of your AHA/BHA toner. However, you need not use every product that has Bakuchiol. This might be too much for your skin to handle, especially, if you are just beginning with this active ingredient. 

There are quite a few products that have well-formulated and tested products. Some of the best recommendations include-


Our collagen production decreases by 1% every year after the age of 20. You can start using Bakuchiol from the age of 22 and continue it for as long as you like. 

It has great potential and can be an effective alternative to Retinol. If your skin needs the extra oomph and care, this natural ingredient can be your best friend.

4 Uses Of Shea Butter – Your Best Friend During Winters

Numerous problems could be resolved with just one ingredient- Shea Butter. Winter is the most awaited season and also the most concerning season of the year.

Your skin gets dry, your scalp starts flaking, and your body loses its natural sheen. Shea butter comes to the rescue!

shea butter

It is the most multifaceted and affordable moisturizer you can lay your hands on in the market. Read on to find out how Shea butter can help you slay the winter.

1. Get A Spectacular Countenance

Shea butter mainly consists of multiple fatty acids. It is rich in-

  • Oleic acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • Palmitic acid
  • Stearic acid 
shea butter

These ingredients are easily absorbed and used for strengthening the skin barrier. It has plant-like waxy materials that are anti-inflammatory. This makes it perfect for treating conditions like alopecia and hypersensitivity reactions

Studies show that this can help boost collagen production that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy cheeks. Say goodbye to aging!

How can we not mention the richness of vitamin E while raving about Shea butter? The old ladies have been singing hymns about the miracles of vitamin E on the skin. The suppleness, the bounce, and the sheen will surely make heads turn.

How To Use Shea Butter On The Face?

If you have dry skin, you can directly apply the butter on your face and call it a day.

If you have oily skin, you can mix half a teaspoon of Shea butter with your regular moisturizer (you want that control over the oiliness).

At night our body undergoes repair and regeneration. Lather your body with this butter before bed and wake up to the most beautiful skin you’ve ever seen.

 1. Care For Your Lush Lips


Don’t you just hate the sight of the skin falling off of other people’s lips? Just make sure yours remains hydrated and soft. Shea butter can solve your problem for once and all.

Due to the presence of rich emollients, it moisturizes your lips and keeps them sealed for at least eight hours. 

The skin on your lips is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face. It demands special requirements. Shea butter does not have any added preservatives, fragrances, or harsh chemicals.

It also has an SPF of 3-5, which provides natural sun protection, hence prevents hyperpigmentation. Applying it twice a day should work just fine.

How To Use Shea Butter On The Lips?

Did someone say DIY lip moisturizer? That’s right, mix a few drops of beetroot juice or lip tint and viola! Go ahead, flaunt your super supple pink lips.

2. A Hydrated Body

The itchiness, flakiness, and dryness; we’ve all been through the hassle. Your skin needs its food, which is this nut butter. Your skincare is truly incomplete without this ingredient.

girl applying shea butter on skin

Due to the presence of triterpenes, Shea butter not only moisturizes but reduces body acne (did we all unanimously say, ‘wow’?) There is a major roar for this product amidst the skincare blaze, now you why.

This is a pregnant lady’s best friend. All the stretch marks and hyperpigmentation is taken care of by this magical substance.

How To Use Shea Butter On Body?

To lock the moisture in your body, you can apply Shea butter after your bath. When the skin is damp, the pores are open, which helps the skincare products penetrate better.

If you have extremely dry skin, you could use soaps and body washes rich in Shea butter. You might also use it as a treatment for your cracked heels and nail cuticles.  

3. Protect Your Luxuriant, Glossy Hair

Tired of your dandruff? Settle the matter for once and for all. Opt for Shea butter. It prevents flaking of the scalp that is very common during the colder months.

An excellent ingredient to soften and strengthen your hair. Stearic acid and oleic acid in Shea butter go deep into your scalp and improve blood circulation (which stimulates hair follicles for hair growth).


How To Use Shea Butter On Hair?

You can use Shea butter with a carrier oil and apply it as a hair mask. It is best to leave the hair mask for thirty minutes before washing it off. 

Pair your hair care ingredients with shea butter for an elevated sense of organization (the moisturization is just a cherry on top, isn’t it)!

The Endnote

This ingredient is truly a blessing to mankind. Without exaggeration, it is the key to almost every skin dehydration issue. From head to toe, it really is your ‘SKINCARE’.

It works best when used in its raw and unrefined form. It has an ivory color and a nutty aroma that marks its authenticity. If you don’t want to spend too much on buying winter products, Shea butter is the way to go!

Relationship Between Ginseng & Your Scalp

Amidst the sea of different ingredients available, Ginseng has been proven to show visible results in improving hair loss, dandruff, and restoring hair strength and scalp.

Hair problems can have a bunch of different reasons, but fixing them almost seems impossible. While it is normal to lose 50-100 hair strands a day, anything more than this might affect the quality and health of your hair.


Ginseng is basically the root of the plants belonging to the genus Panax. Although there are different varieties of Ginseng available, the Korean Red Ginseng has shown the most effective results. 

How Ginseng Works?

Ginseng primarily contains two potent compounds- Ginsenosides and Gintonin.

Ginsenosides mainly reduce oxidative stress by degrading free radicals. Also, they activate enzymes that are responsible for anti-inflammatory effects on the scalp. This is the reason why Ginseng works best in people with Alopecia or Psoriasis without having any side effects.


Gintonin protects against atopic dermatitis (a condition that makes your skin red and itchy). It also acts by preventing the formation of  Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in men, which is one of the principal reasons for balding.  

Benefits Of Ginseng for Scalp and Hair growth

Ginseng has a plethora of benefits in improving hair growth and treating severe medical conditions.

before and after using ginseng
  1. The root restores the proper growth cycle and prolongs the Anagen phase of the hair follicles. This ensures faster hair growth with very little hair fall.
  2. It reduces dandruff. It sweeps it away and prevents it from occurring again.
  3. Gets rid of hair lice in about two washes.
  4. Due to the potency of Ginsenosides, it increases the blood circulation to the scalp and helps in better utilization of other nutrients. 
  5. Recent studies show that Sun Ginseng, one of the many varieties of the root, provides protection against UV-B rays and pollution. It acts by preventing the accumulation of free radicals and forming a protective barrier for your hair.
  6. If you have a highly sensitive scalp, Ginseng will help to soothe the inflammation and redness. Gintonin in Ginseng inhibits the action of autotaxin, which is a sensitizing compound that initiates inflammatory reactions. 
  7. Ginseng is suggested to be a natural alternative for a synthetic drug used for hair thinning. Several studies show that Ginseng helped in reversing Androgenic alopecia by strengthening hair follicles and increasing hair density. 
  8. Ginseng is not only a potential antidote for hair loss but also aids in relieving stress from your hair. It is one of the best ingredients that you can include in your hair care regime.

Formulations Of Ginseng In Hair Care Products

Ginseng has been prevalent in the Korean tradition for decades. This root has been used in DIY hair masks and also as a treatment for psoriasis. In modern hair care formulations, Ginseng is usually used at  2-3% concentration for visible results.

While it is great to have Ginseng in your shampoo, it is best to include this root in the form of a Hair Mask or a Leave-In Conditioner. This gives Ginseng time to penetrate deep into your scalp and deliver the maximum efficacy. 

Though there are several brands launching Ginseng products every other day, it is necessary to find an organic formulation.

Ginseng roots have to be processed, steamed, and extracted several times in order to get the purest form. As a consequence, genuine Ginseng products cost more than the usual products. Brands like Natural First and PURC Organics have some great Ginseng formulations which deliver the results they promise. 

Side Effects


Ginseng is normally well-tolerated by most individuals but might show side effects if not used correctly.

Oral supplements have a higher concentration of Ginseng and are likely to cause adverse effects like diarrhea, insomnia, and nervousness. However, topical applications do not cause any such effects since the concentration of Ginseng is well regulated. 

Some individuals might be allergic to the root and might have itching or tingling sensation on their scalp. In order to avoid such issues, it is important to do a patch test before deciding to use any product. 

The Endnote

Ginseng is a powerhouse of nutrients and is one of the most well researched natural ingredients. With the right formulation and regular use, it can give you the best hair of your life.

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